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GameDetectives is an online community primarily dedicated to solving and documenting gaming-related ARGs and similar puzzles.


The community was originally called Steam Sale Detectives and existed as a subreddit dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the Steam Winter Sale 2015 as a potential ARG. This proved very popular and a Discord chat server was created for real-time investigation discussion.

The community grew to over 14,000 subscribers in a very short time and, shortly after the sale concluded, it was decided that a name change would take place, along with an expansion of scope in order to encompass ARGs and mysteries independent of the original Steam sale. A new subreddit was created to accommodate this.

Since that time, a smaller but dedicated community has solidified. The community primarily inhabits both the subreddit and Discord server which, as well as tackling the latest ARGs, also supports various auxiliary chat topics (including general gaming, programming, technology and more).