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This page will continue to be added to as new tools emerge.

This page is an index of helpful tools used to solve the puzzles typically found in ARGs, including ciphers, audio encoding, and steganography.

ARG Training


ae27ff is a series of 37 puzzles that use the typical techniques of most ARGs. They get more difficult the higher you go. Made by Discord user crashdemons.


A daily series of puzzles over advent, with varying difficulty. Created by the GameDetectives admins.


A series of puzzles designed to introduce people to ARG solving. They range from easy to very hard. Levels can be gained through active participation on the official forum.

Watching You

Originally forming part of an ARG, the site now houses two series of puzzles - the originals, and a cancelled Advent version. Made by Discord users in Team Look In The Bushes.

Text-based Tools


Includes tools to decipher B64, MD5, and other reled hashes.


Converts ASCII to hex and vice versa, as well as to other number-based encryption methods.


Has tools to decipher many common encryption methods, including Caesar and Vigenere ciphers.


An MIT site that decrypts many encryption methods, including Enigma and hex.

The Black Chamber

A compendium of different text-based ciphers.


Allows you to decode many variations of MD5 and Sha ciphers.


A multibase data translator made by the creator of ae27ff, crashdemons.

Shift/XOR Report

Made by the creator of ae27ff, allows the visualization of all possible 256 byte shifts.


Made by the creator of ae27ff, allows for the xoring of two large files together.


Made by the creator of ae27ff, allows for the xoring of two relatively small files together.

HTTP Referrer Extension

An extension for Firefox to help find HTTP referrers.


Hex editor/viewer. A very useful alternative to Notepad.


A cipher decryption program. However, it doesn't always work, so use at your own discretion.

Cheat Engine

While it is commonly used for cheating in games, it is a very helpful memory viewer and editor.

Enigma Machine Emulator

A fully working emulator of the German Enigma encryption machine.


A tool that will guess what site a link identifier could belong to given the length. Made by Discord user A4.

Audio Analysis

DTMF Decoders


Allow for the decryption of Duel Tone Multi-Frequency audio files.


A program that can encrypt/decrypt many different kinds of audio encryption. However, it is not user friendly.


A free audio editing software. Can create spectrograms of audio.


A program that deciphers SSTV encryption on audio tracks.

Image Analysis

A tool that gives a visual representation of binary files.

Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer

Allows you to view the metadata of images.


Image metadata and Error Level Analysis.


A website that visualizes .raw files.


Hosted by the creator of ae27ff; allows for the viewing of jpeg headers, abnormalities, and outgress output.


Allows to compare the differences of two images, and unlock steganography with passwords.


A free photo editor. A great alternative to Photoshop.


A web-based 3D-modeling program.