April Fools

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April Fools ARG
Completed on 04-01-2016
April Fools icon.png
A funny joke, it's just a prank.
Type Investigation
Creator Game Detectives Admins
Discovered 04-01-2016
Completed 04-01-2016

The April Fools ARG was a prank by the Game Detectives moderators on 2016-04-01 that appeared to be the much-promised "inhouse" ARG. It wasn't.

April 1, 2016


This ARG began in a channel named #arg-inhouse for how it once behaved. The command beno inhousearg led to a QR code. This code led to http://benolot.xyz/inhousearg. The password was a legendary user's name (Opl). This led to sneaky.png, with a poem about Opl. Opl was known for a command that reminded him when to eat. The command Shiina remind 10m f lead to http://benolot.xyz/f/. A .RAR file was downloaded from the site, with the password being Opl. The file f.png was then discovered, revealing this ARG was actually fake.


The Reward


Thanks for playing everyone!

It was only an april fools joke! We may run an Inhouse-ARG Sometime in the future (it's currently 4-5 months behind schedule). While you were solving it, we wrote some limericks we thought you'd enjoy.

there once was a mod named svard
who was constantly always on guard
when asked why this was,
he said "it's becuase
the bans i hand out make me hard."

- crash

crash wrote a poem about Svard,
Proving himself quite the bard
The mods were all moved,
Svardskampe approved
And the fake ARG was prepard

- imnotgoats

there once was a coder named beno
whose programming skills were no bueno
she asked pica for help,
who then just said "welp,
i'm gonna jump in a volcano"

- crash

Dr. Dino liked laughing at words
Found humour in all that he heard
Tried to find a domain
That included his name
But they had all been taken by nerds

- imnotgoats

Picapi was feeling absurd
So stepped into a discourse he heard
He listened quite far
Changed his own avatar
And returned as an antarctic bird

- imnotgoats

there once was a writer named goats
who ardently wrote up his notes
describing sex tables
but he wasn't able
to give any good anecdotes

- crash

wyh always felt quite a rift
As his time zone was not quite a gift
He tried to keep up
But overfloweth the cup
Cuz he was stuck on perpetual night-shift

- imnotgoats

there once was a mod named sarcastic
the last part of his name was fantastic
he was not here for this
and we will always miss
the mr. sarcastic fantastic

- crash

Sarcastic logged off too early
Couldn't join in the fake ARG
The other mods felt quite bad
And wished that he had
But he didn't, so Sarc, we're sorry


goats isnt brave, hes a bit of a coward
he toldus  a story of how he sexually flowered
he regrets what he sent
said he asked for a friend
and thats how we learned that his real name is howard

- Dr. Dino

(Goats name isn't Howard btw, it's an internal mod meme)

And just remember... ITS JUST A PRANK BRO!