Arc Symphony

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Arc Symphony
Active since 2017-05-13
Arc Symphony cover.gif
Arc Symphony was a PS1 game by Aether Interactive that has suddenly popped up in 2017.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Investigation|Investigation]]
Creator Unknown
Discovered 2017-05-13

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Since 2017-05-12, a large amount of indie developers began tweeting about "Arc Symphony", a PS1 game that never existed. Most of the tweeters were linked with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.


An apparent fansite for the game exists and contains details about the game.

The contact page contains links to ways to contact Sophia Park and Penelope Evans, both of whom also have games linked in the site's sidebar, ostensibly as affiliate sites. Sophia Park is believed to be behind the ARG, as she has retweeted most tweets about Arc Symphony and appears to know more about it than others, often linking the fansite.

One page on the site claims there is a MUD for the game's fans, but what is supposed to be a Telnet console is currently a countdown to 2017-05-15T16:00:00 GMT (the timezone listed is GMT -4).

Box art

Most of the tweeters have a physical copy of the game. The front and back of the case have been seen, but it is unknown what the inside looks like, nor whether there is an actual disc.

Transcription of the back

When the Great Flood threatened to destroy all life on Earth, the Arc Symphony ascended to the sky. Now, play as young Kingsguard Satoshi Davis, and with the help of your friends Dallas Flamestrike, Laney, Emilio, and many others, protect your home from EVIL, and dsicover (sic) your true self.

The Shard of Chronos will lend you power by the Divine Wisdom of the Goddess Aethuria. 

List of tweets

Here is a list of all known tweets about Arc Symphony, in chronological order:


Sophia Park: