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Several archives of tweets and other links & files associated with the Black Mesa ARG.


An archive of tweets sent out on or after April 8th, 2016 by Twitter accounts related to the Black Mesa ARG, listed with descriptions, date-of-post, and decoded versions of any encoded messages.


April 8th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:31AM PST signalinterrupted
9:42AM PST prepareforunforseenconsequences

April 10th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
8:24PM PST QGNvbnhhY3Q= Base64 @conxact

April 13th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:11AM PST Black Mesa promises to always provide employees and their families with an appropriate living space, if certain conditions are met.

April 14th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
10:54PM PST All tweets from the Administrator will be signed with '~W.B.'

April 19th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
6:42AM PST We would like to dispel any rumors of a dangerous project taking place in may. We are committed to safe, and innovative science.
7:12AM PST Please refrain from using the microwave in Sector C if the food inside does not belong to you.
7:37AM PST Rumors surrounding a 'man in a blue suit' are also false. Please do not believe everything you hear.
9:47AM PST I would like to remind all employees in Sector C that the experiment on May 16th is to be performed with extreme caution. ~W.B.

April 20th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:25AM PST We have recently discovered evidence for the existence of the ability to manipulate time itself. More research is necessary.

April 21st 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:17AM PST We have been developing a hand-held portal creating device. It has two modes, currently, and is relatively safe so far.

April 22nd 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:24AM PST Black Mesa will no longer tolerate baseless accusations of a lack of safety in our facility.

April 25th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:13AM PST Black Mesa will be sending a satellite into orbit on May 20th.
7:12PM PST It has come to our attention that a twitter account has led other users to believe outlandish things, none of which are true.
7:20PM PST While we have made great strides in teleportation, extraterrestrials have not been the result.
7:20PM PST I'll see if I can get them shut down. ~W.B.

April 26th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
12:11PM PST Reminder to all employees: The holographic systems are to be used for scientific purposes only, and may only be moved with permission given by the administrator.
5:31PM PST Would anybody be interested if I did an AMA on Reddit? ~W.B.
6:39PM PST Alright, I guess I'm doing it. My username is BlackMesaAdminWB. ~W.B.
6:55PM PST I'm not certain of where to host it yet. More details soon. ~W.B.
8:18PM PST The AMA will be held within the next two weeks, on /r/BlackMesaPR. I will continue to answer questions both before and after the AMA. ~W.B.

April 30th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
11:03PM PST Should we tweet about our current projects more often?

May 5th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:38PM PST There will be a system reset on the seventh, spreading across all of the facility from 7 A.M. to 7:20 A.M.

May 9th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
9:27PM PST A reminder to all employees that 'racquetball' is not permitted in any non-recreational area of the facility. lm

May 11th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
12:03PM PST We are aware of the situation at Aperture. Our condolences to the families of anybody involved.

May 14th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
9:45AM PST Reminder to all security guards that the Blue Shift begins tomorrow.
9:48AM PST We have developed a new weapon for use by the United States military. It is known as the Gluon Gun.
2:38PM PST System update is now in progress.
6:08PM PST System update complete.
7:54PM PST Biological contaminant det-----...A...W...S...N...E...A...R...
8:00PM PST Signal interruption detecxxxxxxxxxxx
8:17PM PST xxxxxxxxxxxxessagefromIsxxxxxxxxxeinexxxxxxxxxdonoxxxxxestsampxxxxxg388xxxxxxxxxxysixtexxxxxxxeaseresponxxxxxxxx
8:20PM PST xxxxxxxxxxxxxgnal control restored.
8:21PM PST Our apologies for the recent tweets. This will not happen again. lm
8:38PM PST We have made an attempt to identify the person or people who have been interrupting our social media. lm

May 15th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
2:29PM PST Today has been a very busy day for us. Our apologies. lm
4:36PM PST xxxxxxxreyoxxxxxxxxxrecixxxxxngusxxxxxxxxxonottxxxxxxxxxmpletomoxxxxxxxxxx

May 16th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:35AM PST Please bear with us, we are experiencing a few system crashes this morning. lm
7:58AM PST Fire detected in Sector C.
7:58AM PST Emergency in Sector C.
7:59AM PST Power failure in Sector C.
7:59AM PST Biological contaminant in Sector C.
7:59AM PST Biological contaminant in Sector A.
8:01AM PST Biological containment systems engaged.
8:01AM PST All employees: evacuate the facility
8:04AM PST Fire detected in level 1, 2, and 3 dormitories.
8:06AM PST Cancelling satellite launch
8:08AM PST Emergency. Please evacuate the facility immediately.
8:09AM PST Biological contaminant detected in silo 2.
10:25AM PST The Black Mesa Research Facility is now under military command.
10:34AM PST if anybody can receive this message please direct freeman toward the silo
11:53AM PST they're sending in assassins now
12:42PM PST more military helicopters
12:43PM PST those things in the sky are taking them down
6:46PM PST freeman if you can see this please hurry
6:49PM PST i think theyve found us
7:10PM PST We don't have much time left
8:53PM PST Satellite launch successful.

May 17th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
6:14AM PST Where is he...
7:25AM PST Something's wrong with the core...
12:35PM PST Freeman's just outside.
12:36PM PST there's something at the bottom of the facility
2:12PM PST We're ready to send him in.
2:15PM PST The Portal's collapsing. A soldier's coming in
4:50PM PST He's done it...
6:13PM PST The facility is gone. Im sure this will be all that's left of it... They used a hydrogen bomb...
8:20PM PST I still have access so far. I don't know what we'll do... Those things are still coming. Breen's gone. lm
8:37PM PST The UN's holding a meeting. They're trying to figure out what to do to stop this. lm
8:46PM PST And Breen's here. They want to make peace with them. lm
8:48PM PST Wait, there's someone here. I think he's from the facility as well. lm
8:50PM PST Wait, there's something else coming from the portals. lm
8:51PM PST It's emitting some sort of energy. lm
8:52PM PST And it's retreating... lm
8:54PM PST Breen's basically the spokesperson for humanity now... lm
8:54PM PST I don't like this. lm

May 18th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
7:33AM PST Good morning. ~W.B.
7:50AM PST We have recently recieved an odd signal from one of the portals. ~W.B.
7:14PM PST There has been very little progress. We have decided to fight back if they attack first... ~W.B.

May 19th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
1:02PM PST We are expecting an attack.

May 20th 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
2:03PM PST Good morning.
2:16PM PST There's something coming through the portal again... ~W.B.
2:30PM PST Hold on, we're having trouble with our connection at the moment. ~W.B.
2:39PM PST It's shutting down the power... There's more of them. ~W.B.
2:46PM PST They're doing something, someone's lifting into the air.
2:51PM PST It's tongue or something is moving...
2:51PM PST Oh god no... It killed him.
2:52PM PST People are running, soldiers are attacking
2:54PM PST Those things are falling from the sky now, three legs
2:55PM PST they're destroying the damn city
2:55PM PST i have know idea what to do
2:57PM PST they're preparing to launch a hydrogen bomb
3:01PM PST they've fired it through one of the portals
3:02PM PST but they aren't slowing down
3:02PM PST those ships are carrying something else
3:02PM PST and dropping it
3:02PM PST somethings inside
3:02PM PST it's opening
3:02PM PST another ship its a different kind
3:03PM PST smaller things with three legs
3:03PM PST the soldiers are just disappearing
3:04PM PST vaporizing
3:04PM PST some of those things are dying
3:06PM PST and those things are almost talking to eachother
3:06PM PST more are coming faster than we can kill them
3:06PM PST the military is arming another bomb
3:07PM PST we can't stop them
3:07PM PST every nation is firing everything they have
3:07PM PST it isnt enough
3:09PM PST something is interrupting our connection
4:05PM PST One year ago today, our benefactors helped to set us on the path for something greater for all of mankind. ~W.B.
11:33PM PST Our benefactors have given us jobs, food, water, shelter... Nobody is without these basic needs, for the first time in history. ~W.B.

May 21st 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
6:23PM PST We owe everything to our benefactors... The safety, comfort and freedom that we enjoy today would be impossible without them. ~W.B.

May 22nd 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
10:53PM PST Attention citizens: A fugitive has been spotted in City 23. Male, Caucasian, wearing a gas mask, carrying a weapon.

May 23rd 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
12:21AM PST The fugitive has been successfully terminated.

June 3rd 2016

Time Message Description Decoded
12:28PM PST Our benefactors have provided us with food, water, shelter, entertainment, all and more that we had before. ~W.B.
12:29PM PST But still, some seek to destroy our new way of life... ~W.B.