Call of Duty: WWII

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Call of Duty: World at War 2
A little trail in a promotional image might lead to something wonderful...
Type Official
Creator Sledgehammer Games
Discovered 2017-04-27

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This page compiles all known information and steps from the mysterious set of clues and puzzles that accompanied the reveal of Sledgehammer's Call of Duty: World War II.


The Helmet

On 26 Apr 2017, a Call of Duty promotional image posted by Sledgehammer had a hidden segment of text on the helmet of the zombie. The tweets for the reveal trailer also had a hidden message- they spelled out []

The page linked had an Enigma machine.


Inputting IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA, the text found on the zombie's helmet, led to 3 images:

Zombies-desktop-01.png Zombies-desktop-02.png Zombies-desktop-03.png

However, when accessed via a mobile device, the following image is available:


The code ORM - YMF - 212514 - 12123 - 131 can be clearly seen of the left side of the image.

Additionally, the bottom of the enigma machine shows the following coordinates: 51.0344 N 2.3768 E. These lead to Dunkirk, France.

This page will be updated as the investigation develops