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This page describes a major event in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Tweet Sent from Div66 Twitter:

Update on DAWNBLOOM - Q98A66 has a hostage situation. Medical will help prep Agents via Discord. Note we can only negotiate after 9pm EST.
— The Black Watchmen (@division66) February 26, 2017

Note: Chat logs in this page have been lightly edited and re-ordered in order to maintain readability and flow of information.

Order of Events

2:36-3:55 PM EST - Information from Medical

Medical: Hello Agents, Medical standing in for Liaison due to a serious situation, that after much discussion we have taken the option of consulting the Agents who have been in a dialogue so far or at least have access to the wiki which details events.
Medical: Since Thursday evening 2/23/17, Subject Diagnostic's failing health suddenly went into a period of rapid recovery, but the subject lost awareness of his senses. He was clearly trying to find out where he was, but we lacked any way to cause any sensory response.
Medical: As of Friday 2/24/17 after 8pm he began speaking as though someone was carrying a conversation with him, and by midnight he had become hysterical to the point we tried to sedate him. The sedative had no effect, and he reached a point of hysteria that we brought Specialist and Agent Tursk out of concern for Demonic or Rift Entity activity.
Medical: We had come to the conclusion that a non-terrestial force was attempting to jockey or hijack control of Diagnostic's physical form, and displace or subvert his non-physical property. Specialist against better judgement engaged the presence, and has opened a line of communication. A complication is that only near midnight are both Subject Specialist and Diagnostic now awake. We have moved both bodies to Rift Site Timber B, a secure facility where we are studying a small but seemingly natural rift event we have a margin of control over.
Medical: The situation: Specialist, as of 02:00 2/26/2017 has relayed that the entity involved is threatening to kill Diagnostic unless we present to it Liaison's corpse, Specialist has clarified that it means the dead corpse and not the currently living Liaison. Specialist notes also that he is uncertain why the entity desires this, but that our living Liaison may suffer for it if we cooperate. Trafficking with Demons and all that. We have placed the Subject Diagnostic in a contained chamber we can Flush into a rift event which will either consume them both or disrupt the entity's hold.
Medical: Tonight we make our choice, but we believe, well Tursk and I believe that it may be possible to negotiate through Specialist in a manner the forces the Demonic Entity to release the Subject at no concession. Specialist agrees it is possible, but would rather not risk the danger of such negotiations given that they go both ways.
Medical: A final note.
Medical: It is possible that any act which forcibly ejects the presence or kills Diagnostic will cause a backlash which may harm Specialist while they are connected.
Medical: As of this morning, the physical health of Diagnostic has begun to return to dangerous or fatal conditions similar to radiation exposure sickness.
Medical: As of Friday 2/24/17 after 8pm he began speaking as though someone was carrying a conversation with him, and by midnight he had become hysterical to the point we tried to sedate him. The sedative had no effect, and he reached a point of hysteria that we brought Specialist and Agent Tursk out of concern for Demonic or Rift Entity activity
Adriana: What is brain making of all this?
Medical: Specialist is certain the best option is to flush the entity into the rift event despite the risk posed to himself and Diagnostic
Steve: Who is Tursk?
Medical: Tursk is an agent focusing on the study of Demons, I may be mispelling his alias as I call him a different name in normal circumstances
Adriana: And we are sure its a demon not an Inner or Extra-Terrestrial?
Medical: Our experts in that area are in an argument, it may be a Demon acting to trick us but it does not have any of the behavior or intention demonic forces typically express. It is worth noting that Diagnostic was also host to what Specialist believes to be a particularly rare and powerful entity on the full moon. We are thus in a dangerous game of not being able to rely on information we gain about the entity due to the fear of Demonic Subversion
Adriana: [Medical] on a different subject did you manage to find any similarities in the sludge found in the tunnel and the black shards that Diagnostic got hit with?
Medical: I am not cleared to share that currently
Medical: We have revealed properties that allow me to say only that we are discussing two creatures who are alike
Adriana: Ok. Do you have any information on the worms that Diagnostic is infected with?  Could be C. Elegans or Platynereis dumerilii or have any of their properties.  Do you think that epigenetics are involved?
Medical: @Adriana I am wary of discussing sensitive information, but I am interested in perhaps lightly touching the topic
Medical: The worms are complex tumor like growth that defy normal biological function but respond to limitations of the Subject's body. Are Prions the root cause? No. To my analysis it is as though normal cells created by the host, suddenly and with no good way of observing, become replaced by mimic cells who function exactly like the facade they put up, but when removed from the body and exposed to tests designed to detect rift energy they reacted. We think that unseen to us there is ambient rift energy all around us, a fifth force, which has lunar reaction. The changes Diagnostic's body goes through are directly connected to what force or possibly frequency of rift energy he is exposed to. When cut off from the rift event that is causing mimic cells to replace normal cells a curious thing happens. The mimic cells are replaced slowly with Normal Cells that have been exposed to heavy particle damage. If cut off from the event he will die, but he is at it's mercy. We believe different frequencies of rift energy will cause different biological events to take place.
Medical: We of course cannot control or focus rift energy to test this, because that science is beyond us
codex: What about the blue light incident?
Medical: We lack data on that, but it is possible we changed a biological feature of Diagnostic which in turn changed how rift energy was behaving inside him. We may have interrupted or accelerated a process on the cellular level.
Bruteforce123: Just for clarification Medical, and I know how silly it sounds, is this our Diagnostic or was this Mosin Wolf?
Medical: I am unclear about what you are refering to?
Bruteforce123: Before the Turkey mountain incident occured Specialist called Diagnostic "Bitch Corivias" but since that incident he's called him Mosin Wolf. We figured because of this its a different Diagnostic in our presense
Bruteforce123: I guess best way is just ask Specialist, if you are able to, if this is Mosin Wolf or not
Medical: I can't say, as what you are describing involves events not fully understood, and Specialist won't be awake until closer to midnight. I believe after nine we will see activity.
Bruteforce123: Fair enough, we are just as confused as you more then likely of the events
Bruteforce123: Also when you say "flush Diagnostic into a rift event" what is this rift event per say? Assuming you can even share any information regarding that
Medical: I cannot share anything, but I am sure Specialist will violate every possible ounce of caution and tell you tonight.
LionOfComarre: I'm assuming it's the "natural rift event" at Rift Site Timber B they have "some degree of control over"?
Medical: Yes it is that event which we are currently in the facility housing
LionOfComarre: Why not save some time then?
Medical: He won't be found at fault, I will, that simple.
Medical: I must go now
Medical: We have to prepare for possible events
Medical: I'll be on as soon as possible

9:01-9:16 PM EST - Information from Control

Control: Hello Agents
Control: Sorry for being out of touch
Control: We are moving Diagnostic and Brain inside a secure rail closer to the Rift Event, they are still asleep
Control: Brain is outside of a very secure sealed vessel, a kind of monorail
Control: Diagnostic is inside the sealed vessel
Control: Something is inside him
Control: Something without a body of his own
Control: or hers
Control: I am told they have gender usually
codex: Quick Q: Where's Liaison?
Control: Nearby, safe, secure
Control: We consider the entity's knowledge of him suspect, perhaps he is also being effected?
Control: Brain we can always trust, this is what he does
Control: I am quite certain Brain will taking over once he wakens
SilverSword: Should we be trying to find a way to banish this entity?
Control: He will not be handeling this situation, our only concern is the safe return of Diagnostic
Control: @SilverSword Yes, but we must take care with the vessel
Control: Most exorcism are hard on the body
Control: Diagnostic is not healthy enough to suffer physical strain
Control: He could die which would harm Brain
codex: yeah, we intervened last time he was this unhealthy. We're aware of how bad his condition likely is at this point.
Control: Exactly
Control: Are there more questions?
Control: If not I will leave and return when Brain awakens
Control: I will return, shortly I believe, but with spirits and demons there is no science
Control: Goodbye Agents

10:49 PM EST Onwards - Brain and the Demon

Brain repeatedly entered into the sealed chamber to interact with the demon and attempt to learn information about it. It appeared to understand how Brain communicated with it (in the 'Mind's Theatre' as he called it) and would ocassionaly leverage that in order to overwhelm his mind and force him to leave (for example by counting impossibly rapidly, etc). This led Brain to believe this demon had been specifically bred or trained to do what it was doing now with Diagnostic. Brain described the entity itself as a dark shadow holding out a 'puppet' in the form of a pig to interact with Brain in the Mind's Theatre. By obscuring itself in this way, it made it difficult for Brain to determine any information about the demon itself. On initial contact with the demon, Brain did recall hearing 'jangling' noises-- later we determined this was the sound of spoons rattling together.

Several attempts were made to try and open a line of communication with the entity but it seemed uninterested in anything other than taunting Brain. Upon entry into the sealed chamber at one point in the night, Brain realized that he couldn't sense the pig 'puppet' the demon had been using. He determined the demon had changed its 'puppet' to an attempted duplicate of Brain, but "because there's only one" of Brain, he couldn't percieve it. This was troublesome because it meant that he couldn't get answers to any questions that he asked it in that period, but we did get some additional information in this time period. Brain followed what he described as a "memory leak" that showed him an image of a car crash in sleet conditions and the night sky overhead. It's possible this crash was during the leadup to the Hotel incident and Turkey Hill.

An attempt was made to flush out the demon by applying the 'blue light' treatment used in the Hospital incident. Diagnostic was visibly distressed about the treatment, but ultimately it gave no response. The idea of doing this was to awaken the 'Ocean' form and allow it to 'push out' or possibly consume the pig-demon riding Diagnostic.

The supernatural entity riding Diagnostic was determined to be a native speaker of the Hmong language. With that knowledge, Agents were able to challenge it to a game-- if we won, it would tell us its name, and if it won we would give it Virgin Sacrifice's body. The game was an ancient Ming Dynasty sport similar to golf, that we understood to be minigolf. The Agency built a 9 hole minigolf course with 9 holes for Liaison and Diagnostic-with-a-pig-demon to play against each other, and they used guns as putters. Control had sent away both Medical and Tursk at this point. Liaison won against Diagnostic 8-1 (they were not playing stroke, they were playing match, thus the difference in scoring against traditional golf).

Follow Up

Brain seems to think he can use the Sol Invictus prayer as a way to find Bud, using the Glasswick technique. (at a later date)

Liaison is currently transporting Brain and Diagnostic to 212. Control and Medical have gone elsewhere. Brain is sedated, and Diagnostic is unconscious but expected to return tomorrow. The plan is to go to Money Pond and receive Signal 6, although we weren't able to broadcast a response to Signal 5. We are unsure if the pig-demon is still inside of Diagnostic.

When discussing things with Brain during the night, it was determined/clarified that Diagnostic has two other entities of sorts within him at this time. The first is the 'ocean', the form that was awakened by the blue light treatment applied in the hospital. An attempt at awakening the Ocean during the event utilizing actinic lights again did not succeed for unknown reasons. Another, deeper entity has been nicknamed the 'Sleeper' (until a better name is given). This is the cause of the events in the Hotel incident, where Diagnostic underwent a transformation and seemed to emulate a kick drive.