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This page describes a major event in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Between midnight and 1am EST, Diagnostic, nicknamed MosinWolf, send mails to some agents requiring help :

From : Mosin Wolf <[email protected]>
Subject: Quick - Update - Kinda Urgent
Hey guys,

So I'm naked in the woods. Freezing out. Liaison is in a tree, he is not doing good. Unconscious. The hard drive is handcuffed to him. It's hooked to a car battery. No idea how long its got left. There are tracks I don't know where they go. Flashes of a hotel come to me. Skins hot. I'm generating steam. Woods as far as I can see but the NYC skyline is just on the edge of the horizon.

He has the collar. Its blown to shit. He needs the medical attention. Don't tell mom.
I need advisement ASAP.


The e-mail was sent from "Mosin Wolf", which at the time, agents thought was just an alias to avoid alerting other members of Q98. Upon noticing the e-mail, agents contacted him via a Google Hangouts discussion. Shortly after, Diagnostic created a Discord server to allow easier access to voice communications between him and the agents.

Order of Events

Before reading the whole e-mail, the content was forwarded to the #ops_dawn_bloom channel, alerting Control and Medical of the current situation. Diagnostic was not informed of that, as he explicitly asked in the mail not to tell "mom", which is guessed to refer to Control. Diagnostic described to the agents that Liaison was handcuffed to the whistling drive, which was being powered by a car battery. During exchanges, the whistling was audible on voice comms. He also worried that if the battery died, the drive would explode, killing anyone in its vicinity. Diagnostic estimated the battery would last 2 hours longer. Diagnostic described New York being to his south, and being surrounded by valleys. Agents first guessed he was at Bear Mountain State Park. Control immediately signaled a ground team to head there, while agents kept working on figuring a more precise location.

Medical suggested tracking the phone used by Diagnostic, but as neither him nor Liaison was supposed to have a phone, agents had no relevant information to provide as to which phone to track. In the meantime, research was made on how to free the unconscious Liaison of the drive. The handcuffs were uncommon: black, 3 layered cuffs without any markings, and linked by a translucent tube. Diagnostic tried to forcefully remove them, but esteemed it was impossible to do so without tearing Liaison's hand from his arm. As such, a safe-time was agreed upon by the agents: if Liaison was not freed 15 minutes before the estimated time of the explosion, breaking his hand would be used as a last resort. Searching around, Diagnostic told the agents he was near a trail mark indicating "Yorktown". At this moment, Control's ground team reported they circled Bear Mountain twice, without sign of Liaison or Diagnostic. They were thus rerouted towards Turkey Mountain.

Diagnostic found a shotgun and a shell in Liaison's bag, tried to aim at the handcuff's tube, but the gun wouldn't fire, as Tactical had previously removed the firing pin. As the safe time was depleted at this point, agents told Diagnostic he had to break Liaison's hand, and get as far from the drive as possible. Diagnostic responded that the frost bite on Liaison's hand was too severe to fit the cuff over his hand, even with the thumb broken. Agents directed him to remove Liaison's hand, which he did (with no small amount of distress). He muted his voice comms during the process, then reactivated his microphone to tell agents he succeeded. He continued to speak, not directly to the agents on the Discord but more to Liaison about how he had wanted to protect him. Shortly after, Control's ground team located them. As Diagnostic was still carrying the shotgun, agents were able to hear a member of the ground team shouting "Put down the gun!", to which Diagnostic replied "Stay away from me!" before disconnecting.

A report came by a few hours later by Medical, announcing that Liaison died after losing too much blood, and that he would be performing an autopsy when he arrived onsite.


A few hours later, Liaison connected to the Discord, telling the agents that the body from Turkey Mountain was agent Prisvalde's. Obviously this led to no small amount of confusion for agents and Liaison. He left abruptly, presumably to figure out what was going on and what he was meant to say to us. He returned a short while later, and confirmed that the body on Turkey Mountain was undoubtedly Liaison's (that is, his).