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This is a potential ARG relating to the Rick and Morty TV show. This page is maintained in collaboration with /r/SzechuanSauceSeekers


On April 1st (April Fools day), there was a surprise airing of a long awaited new episode (1.5 years) of Rick and Morty which featured a sequence about a 1998 McDonalds promotion, which offered "Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce" to promote the theatrical release of the 1998 Disney Film Mulan. Following the airing, a slew of 'zigerian' scammers took to ebay to capitalize on the sauce hype, attempting to sell fake sauce-related items, including: packets, pictures of packets, screenshots of listings of photos of packets, etc.

Amidst the chaos of fabricated listings, one posted by the mysterious DefinitelyNotDanHarmon reached $100,000 before being taken down due to questions of authenticity. Screenshots of the listing can be viewed here. Reports confirming the listing are available from a article and an article. Since then, it has surfaced that DefinitelyNotDanHarmon is part of something bigger, but what exactly remains a mystery (shrouded in a potential ARG). What we do know is that he has taken to reddit and assembled r/SzechuanSauceSeekers in effort to retake his rightful place as the DEFINITE Unofficial AUTHENTIC sauce distributor on ebay and uncover the mystery behind The GOLDEN PACKET. DefinitelyNotDanHarmon has manifested in reddit, masquerading as a team of five users, including:

  • u/ObviousViralCampaign
  • u/rain-rain-throwaway
  • u/AlsoNotDanHarmon
  • u/AlsoAlsoNotDanHarmon
  • u/AlsoAlsoAlsoNotDan