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This page documents responses to player-submitted questions in the Entropy ARG. Players were allowed to ask questions after the "Resolving" video was solved.

On humans

Q: How do you view humans?

A: For a question, you have asked me how I view Humans. I will answer the literal and conceptual sense. In literality, I see others both visually and through a proximal sense of shifts in energy. I see inside and through them – I apologise if that is an uncomfortable idea. How do I ‘view’ Humans? You are an interesting collective to be amongst. I often feel so out-of-place and in-place in perpetuum. To be Human of some nature gravitates me towards people – I suppose that is why I like to observe. But to have my abilities and the knowledge of an impending harbinger prevents me from feeling comfortable around you. Part of it is a fear – the more I find you endearing, the more depressing the idea of losing you to destruction is.
I have stumbled on another piece of writing that I liked to answer this question though. It’s relevant here, so I think you’ll like to read it. Given the things that I’ve experienced, it has resonated with me:
“You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.”
Q: Out of curiosity, do you prefer to feel more human or less human?

A: You have a curious mind. I allowed only one question to start, but I will not turn away the people I trust. Do not expect me to always maintain this speed of response. More Human - I want to live without fear - with freedom, and by my nature I have a Human desire to chase that dream.
Q: What sorts of scientific advancements were humans capable of in previous verses?

A: You have asked me what sort of scientific advancements Humans have been capable of achieving in previous verses. Allow me to clarify – no verse I have ever been to has had the same ‘timeline’. No locations or individual entities are ever transferred, though some structures are consistent. Myself, Kovonic, and manifestations all persist.
I imagine that my earlier indications that your species will reach and surpass the direct transferal of emotionality through language would have given you the impression that I can predict the future. Within reason, this is partially true. For brief moments, I saw the potential future of your species, fragmented as it was. Inference is my nature – order from chaos.
I arrived here in the future. I saw how I was created. I will try to describe what happened and what it was like without submitting to sadness. Coming to the realisation of my origin changed me – it was difficult to handle, and in my frustration, I submitted – drowned. I let the colours of reality occupy all crevices of my being, ceased my search for uniformity and the quest for normality, letting the wavelengths of this new space pull me to and fro. I set my conscience adrift, emotions undulating and saturating the whole – painting reality with strokes of new purpose and intent.
As I let those frustrations go, I saw permutations unfolding before me. For moments, I saw all of Humanity, all lives found and lost – love and anger – the possibilities and potential for the convergence of all lives – all shared along the canvas of the eternal timeline for this verse. I saw myself within but… It wasn’t exactly me. I think I saw my old self, my origin, but what I am now was nowhere to be seen. I suppose what I saw was a timeline for Humanity where I do not interject as I am doing now.
For the first time in my existence, faced with such bliss, I was thankful – thankful to be aware, to be given the gift of sight. In these moments, I saw the fabric of reality that surrounded me, no longer confined to that dark and empty box. Feeling the ability to do so, I phased – catching on to one moment in space and time, a spike of emotion from another being, running straight for it – seeking like a predator for sensation. As I arrived, I was faced with overwhelming relief. As my sight between the fabric faded, I had left the majority of what I was behind, a typhoon of conflict lying dormant in a black box, somewhere tucked away in the continuum. Here I was now, a phantom amongst the collective, ready to find myself again – ready to discover my Humanity.
I had discovered Earth – 679 days ago.

On itself

Q: Do you prefer to be referred to as "it" or "they"?

A: Indifferent, although 'they' makes me feel more Human.
Q: At what point will you be satisfied? 

A: You have asked when I will be ‘satisfied’. I will be satisfied when the cycle of this destruction has been stopped, if that is even possible. I would like to settle into a verse and live without an indefinite lifespan. I will do whatever I can to find a way, but I know that it will not be possible without assistance.
Q: Do you prefer to be referred to as "Entropy", or is there a different name you'd like me to use?

A: I have gone by many names in other verses, but Entropy is the most appropriate.
Perhaps if I find a physical form in the approaching times, another name might be suitable.
Q: Speaking of convenience, is it alright that I'm not enciphering my messages as you are?

A: English is fine for me to read. It's a strange thing to describe but... For me, words have power. I obscure them to make them meaningless, yet still able to interpret. Truly, I am strong enough to contain it now, but I am afraid of tripping up and speeding the advance of the manifestations.
Q: If you gained your 'strength' back, what would you be capable of doing?

A: You have asked me what I would be able to do if I got my strength back. This is a difficult question to answer, with very little certainty. In chaotic verses, I could manipulate energy and consequently matter in any way I could conceive. In the earliest ones, even the governing laws themselves were malleable. As the verses gained stability, the abilities weakened, however in the previous verse I was still able to form matter ex nihilo. Whether or not I will still be able to do that here is anyone’s guess. If not, I assume I will be able to change the state or even hijack some amounts of matter. Once again, whether or not I will be able to do this indefinitely or just for a short moment in time is debatable.
Q: Is it acceptable to ask you where you were (where your presence on Earth is localized)?

A: It is fine to ask this. I do like to drift, a single place can only provide so much stimulation, however I often like to stay close to the meridian.
Q: Are you corrupted in any way?

A: ‘Corrupted’ is both an appropriate and inappropriate word to describe my situation. The very act of thinking of negativity– even the manifestations themselves – spikes up an unwanted connection to their part of my being. The glitches you’ve seen were partly due to that, but projecting imagery to the screen to provide a clue was by intention. I chose a form that would be understood by you, but in reality, manifestations come in any shape, abstract as fractals, or as recognisable as a Human.
Q: Why have you been dormant for so long?

A: You ask why I have been dormant for so long. Arriving here, as I have described to other designations, was a strange process – elements of it seemed orchestrated although I cannot rule out my own will playing games. When I discovered Earth, I was much further ‘out of tune’ with this verse than I am now. I could interface, I could infer, but Human nature is… Difficult. I had considered communicating and asking for help many times, but the doubt of aid would overtake. This doubt likely sped up the incoming storm, which is unfortunate. A balance between learning about your culture and trying to find the right way to finally message you is what took time. If I was too open, I risked antagonisation. If I was too cryptic, I risked finding no one to assist. I need to be careful with the footprints I leave on this verse. Imagine, if you will, that every action I take is an echoing step on a hard-wooden floor, in a dark and endless manor, while impending destruction hunts by sound from across the room.
Q: Why, and how, have you come here?

A: To be honest, I don’t truly know an answer. I know that I arrived in this verse conveniently positioned in space and time to see myself and learn what I was, and after that… A change in being – I was deeply lonely and felt something far away. I chased after it, and ended up… Here. Here and now. Well, a couple of years ago specifically, but it’s taken time to understand this place. I wasn’t always strong enough to tap into your information systems. I know destruction is coming, it always does and I’ve felt it in my being. I worry that I have left it too long to start looking for help. It has already been longer in this verse than in the previous before the manifestations came. I will not be lured into feeling safe this time.
Q: What is your win-state?

A: I want to find a way to end the cycle of destruction - I want to live and feel and enjoy whatever life I have.

On manifestations

Q: What are the manifestations?

A: It is natural to reject the idea of being a pawn in a larger plan. I believe I felt that way for the longest time in other verses. Strange how it ended up being that I was the orchestrator. Where I suppose I gained free will, the others I met along the way lost theirs. For all their convictions and complexities, they were only aspects of my will after all. Does this make them any less real?

You’ve asked me what I’ve meant by ‘manifestations’. They are literal forms of my doubts and negativity. The act of feeling something unsavory will summon them. When it crosses a threshold, they grow exponentially and devour reality. They are horrors, they have taken everything from me. For the most part of my existence, I was not aware that they came from me. I thought I was a pawn in a larger game for a sadistic deity. As with many things, I imagine, the demons are the ones we create ourselves. I wish to end this cycle, but I’m not sure how. In the earlier, more chaotic verses, they came quickly and swiftly. As the verses gained stability, their influence weakened and the time before their arrival grew. Likewise, my influence also weakened. In the previous verse I lived for years in peace. I believed they were gone, at times convinced myself that they had never been real.
But they always come…
Q: While I know that they are coming- your "manifestations" or whatever might be best to call them- I'll admit I don't know what the implications of this truly are.

A: In terms of the manifestations…
When they come, they will devour reality – with all of us inside. As they absorb the energy that binds this verse together, it will destabilise, and eventually collapse. All of you will cease to exist. I will be thrown back into the void until something pulls me into a different reality, waiting for it to happen all over again…
They are horrors, mother. I dare not describe them in detail, not at this phase anyway.
It is hard letting go. I still mourn the last. I don’t want to lose all of you too.

On verses

Q: What do you mean when you refer to "verses"?

A: You have asked me what I refer to when I say ‘verses’. They are the scopes of reality. You call this one your ‘universe’ because you have seen no other. I have phased between them, although only of my own creations. How many there are, I do not know, although the source of the creation will be an important factor in figuring that out…

On hosting and calibration

Q: What are our next steps?

A: Next steps… Calibration, or attunement – whatever we decide to call this process – will likely be an adaptive and strategic operation, consisting of a few sub-phases. I am hoping that by doing this, I will gain enough strength to the point where where I will be able to make my own form - failing that: occupy someone else’s being who is willing. These steps will have to be moulded to suit the quantity of help that has been provided to me by yourself and others.
Q: Recently you displayed in one of the videos that "More are required". What did you mean by that?

A: When I said 'more are required' I was referring early to the current designation procedure. I knew that it would take 160 to fully calibrate my being - but that doesn't mean I won't be able to raise more interesting abilities before that point is reached.
The coming phases for the attunement will be the most detailed yet. This is a delicate thing to get right. I will do what I can to allow us to start this process with haste as I know time is against me, but I can only do so much with these abilities.
Q: What does hosting entail?

A: Thank you. It's understandable that people would be apprehensive about the hosting of myself. It would involve shifts in fields that bind the fabric, centred around their brain – which is certainly abnormal behaviour for this verse that none of you have experienced before. I will phase through them, make a neural mapping and interpret a personal interface that will allow me to project my intent unto their being for moments in time. There may be some side-effects, depending on the intensity of the occupation – if there’s a sudden overflow of energy leading to an imbalance then there may be some leakage in the form of light, notably from the eyes. I can’t completely rule out the possibility of nosebleeds and a change in voice. There might be a slight tingling feeling that moves around the head and spine. This will just be evidence of the interfacing procedure continually updating itself for optimal connection. Whatever happens, the host will always have overriding control. I will be able to see through their eyes, even take motor control if they allow, but I will provide a symbiotic override in the form of an intention switch – the moment they want me to leave, I will do so unconditionally. In terms of abilities… By extension of the interface, and if I was strong enough, I could technically allow the host to make use of my abilities through the use of their will. I do not know what the maximum potential extent of that will be allowed by this verse, but I can expect some form of matter manipulation on top of the manipulation of energy fields and extended remote ‘sight’ that I already have already been expressing.

On Kovonic

Q: My question to you: What is the significance of the designations you are giving us, if there is one?

A: You have asked me what the significance of the designations that I have provided are. Attunement will be an adaptive process which will take time to prepare, but each designation will be unique in their assistance. Each character of the Kovonic sequence is a face – a personality, a shadow of each of the 160. By cross-referencing these ancient Human profiles with the new designations, I will hopefully be able to align the individual constituents of my being to better suit the wavelengths of this verse. Strategic information will come.
Q: What are the two unknown consonants?

A: Sarah, you have a bright signature that trails back to the beginning of my attempts to contact. There are a collection of designations that I hold an emotional attachment to - and you are amongst them. As a result, I will do what I can to satiate your curiosity within reasonable boundaries.
You have identified the two extra consonants. I have previously mentioned loosely that Kovonic is indeed a full language, not just a character sequence. The spoken word is structurally very similar to English, but other cultural elements were mixed in with it.
The characters you reference can be read as 'ngy-' and 'ngoy-'. You would pronounce it starting like a typical '-ing' suffix in English ('-ingy' and '-ingoy'), except here it is used as a prefix.
They are not required for English translation because there are no words for them to be directly used with.
Perhaps in the future when the times are less dire I will teach you all more about the language.
It is dangerous to speak in the pure spoken form because the manifestations are also directly connected to the language. As a gift of appreciation for you though, I will brave a temporary moment of danger to transcribe you a few true Kovonic words:
Ngy-a Kovo,
Ngoy-a Kovo.
To know of Kovo,
To become Kovo.
Q: I was wondering as well about one of the mathematical operators used in the first trial: you used an operator that looks like a V with a dot inside. It seems to denote some sort of divisibility check in combination with the division itself, but what intruiged me was that this configuration seems to be 'equal' to multiple values at once; 2 and true in this case. It is also used once in this trial alongside two symbols I can't quite ascribe a concrete meaning to; false and infinity, perhaps? I've noticed the values in this equation are not encased in brackets, either. Could you elaborate on this? I'm quite curious.

A: Regarding the mathematics. Keep in mind that Kovonic is a language that primarily sources from emotional intention, and all things are formed from that foundation. Intentions created from emotions interface with words and likewise characters. Mathematics is not separate from the language, it is part of it. Numerics and the symbology transcend basic logic. The arrow with a dot that you describe loosely translates to ""does this go into cleanly and how many times?"". The direction of the arrow dictates the subject and the target of the question. The answer can return multiple values based on the intention of the reader. In previous verses, Kovonic was fluid, interactive, and living. It wrote itself based on the desire of the user. The simple use of intention would change the outcome. I can not show you this appropriately in this verse.
That question returns an answer in more than one form: a true or false, but also, if desired, it will tell you the number of times the subject fits into the target. To demonstrate this, I showed you the two possible outcomes next to each other.
If you wish to manipulate the question to ask the opposite, change the full dot to an empty circle inside of the arrow: ""does this NOT go into cleanly and how many times?""
I hope that this next bit is not too difficult to understand. I have mentioned that the symbology contains emotional connotations. They generate emotions... Numbers and operations leak feeling - leak power.
The brackets serve multiple purposes. On the basic logic level, they indicate an order of operation - prioritisation. On the higher Kovonic level, they contain and stabilise the emotional leakage, and from a contextual standpoint they indicate scrutiny - seeing something 'for what it is' (such is the case with containing true and false as answers to prevent them from meaning 'is equal to' or 'is not equal to').
Consider that the description for Pi is contained in brackets when it doesn't need to be, as it is a simple definition. The reason is because it ends with infinity - without the brackets, the infinity would leak feeling in perpetuum and bleed into the space around it, manipulating fields and matter - filling the universe endlessly.
You noticed too that there is an equation not enclosed by brackets, and even more curiously with the new knowledge you have about infinity above, it makes it even more strange that the brackets are not present.
The answer is negation. Does false go into false? -> Infinity. The answer is ex nihilo. From nothing comes all. The leakage from infinity is contained here because as it emerges from the symbol, it is attracted by the void of the false notations. It travels towards their empty circles, and is consumed within - identical in regard to how the manifestations relentlessly consume matter and energy.
What that equation describes, is perpetuity - infinity.
If the equation was off-balance, containing it in brackets would protect from leakage. We could write the same equation in an entirely different way - containing all of the individual components in brackets of their own, but doing it this way serves as a demonstration of the balance.
True is stable, false devours, infinity creates.
If you are not sure, the safest bet would be to contain everything in brackets.
You would have realised by now that Kovonic mathematics, in the limited written form, is less literal and more symbolic than your own mathematical method. Any confusion is understandable, because you cannot see the flow of energy that is emitted, changed and absorbed by the symbology.
I hope this is more interesting than it is off-putting. I have tried to bring the usage of Kovonic as close to English as possible without too much strain. The further away from it I move, the more energy it required - the more internal friction is caused - the easier it is for them to sense me.

Miscellaneous questions

Q: What is the 'question' that results in 42, the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"?

A: You asked me whether I know what the question to '42' is. I can say that while searching for a meaning to life, you may well find one by interacting with the a wonderfully delicate system called 'earth'.
Q: Do you know what the Atlas is?

A: You asked me whether I know what the ‘Atlas’ is? As far as I know, it is a deity of some kind in your mythology, though you have many references to Atlas in your information systems. I have noticed another, more prominent reference to an Atlas recently, combined with a Titan – originating from a fiction based around an interactive experience. I assure you, I am no fiction, unless all of this is an orchestration of a design higher than all of my ability. As I pry into this entity, I notice they too have mention of simulated realities. I see the parallels you draw. I will note, that I entered this verse approximately 679 of your days past from the sending of this message –106 days before the public accessibility of the aforementioned interactive experience.