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Active since 2018-06-30
Signs from the hugely popular Fortnite are appearing in the real world.
Type Investigation
Creator Epic Games
Discovered 2018-06-30

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The Fortnite ARG was an ARG created by Epic Games that appeared to be to promote Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale game developed and published by Epic Games. The ARG revolves around the rocket launch that created many portals around the map. The The 5th season of Fortnite: Battle Royale will begin on 2018-07-12.

Rocket Launch

Spectrogram of Audio #1
Spectrogram of Audio #2

Throughout June 2018, it had been teased that the rocket would eventually be launched by the character known as The Visitor, a skin that could be unlocked by doing the weekly challenges in the game. On 2018-06-29, it was stated that one time event would take place the next day at 6:30 PM UTC. A video of the rocket launch can be found by clicking here. During the rocket launch, audio was played while the rocket was in the sky, in the game files, the same audio was found in two different files, Audio #1 and Audio #2. Once the audio was shown under a spectrogram, information was found.

Audio #1 showed the skulls that were present on the TV screens around the map prior to the rocket launch event. Audio #2 shows two sets of numbers that decode to four different coordinates on the game's map. Decoding the left set of numbers as ASCII values, and the right set of numbers as binary, you get the following translation:

066 - B, 0b0110 - 6
072 - H, 0b1001 - 9
073 - I, 0b1000 - 8
073 - I, 0b1001 - 9

The coordinates B6, H9, I8, I9, are all speculated to be locations related to a leaked game mode that will take place at the end of Season 4.

Soon after the rocket had caused the large rift that had appeared in the sky, smaller rifts had started to appear in different locations around the map, taking or spawning new items. The current list of locations where rifts had appeared are listed below:

Lonely Lodge (J4) - Taking the Lonely Lodge sign
Motel (D2) - Taking the Motel sign
Tomato Town (G4) - Taking the tomato on the building
Retail Row (H6) - Taking the NOMS sign
Greasy Grove (C7/B7) - Taking the Durr Burger on the building
Mountain East of Snobby Shores (B6) - Placed an anchor

It had been speculated that these rifts were teasing new locations for Season 5.

Durr Burger

Durr Burger
Police Car

On 2018-07-06, the Twitter account @selashiloni had tweeted out about finding a Durr Burger in a California desert at the address, 15160 E Ave S, Llano, CA 93544. The account had tweeted multiple videos of the burger, and a police car that was designed after the police car located in the game. That afternoon, another Twitter account, @A2K_Kilo had stated that they had traveled to the location and had received a card from an Agent at the site.

Fortnite AgentCard1.jpg Fortnite AgentCard2.jpg

The audio that plays when the number on the card is called can be found here. Currently, nothing has been found in the audio.