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Active since 2017-04-19
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Welcome To ARG Academy.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Independent|Independent]]
Creator Unknown
Discovered 2017-04-19

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Websites and accounts
Website http://levels.your-host.xyz
Twitter account @UnlockYourLevel
YouTube channel LEVELS
Facebook page LEVELS

LEVELS is a hub for introducing people to ARGs and to teach the community new techniques for ARG-solving, as well as offering puzzles ranging from beginner to absurdly difficult for all levels (pun intended) of players. It recognizes itself as an "ARG school," a title that seems to describe it perfectly. Users register with a username and password and are given access to the hub of LEVELS.

The Beginning

After registering for the puzzle, users are given a page welcoming them to the LEVELS challenge. 36a094796b.png

NOTE: the username displayed on the right will be your own personal username and will have no points to begin. The image displayed is of the author's LEVELS welcoming page.

The main sidebar contains 5 useful links- The Game Room, The Hallway, Discussion Forum, Contact Us, and FAQ.

Astute users will notice the hole on the bottom right of the page. Clicking it leads to a series of dialogue from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland accompanied by an animation that leads you to the hallway.

The Game Room

The Game Room is a good place for newer players to start. It has an ever-increasing number of cards to be clicked, each with their own puzzle. These puzzles tend to be simpler and are very useful for learning and practicing basic techniques.

The Hallway

The Hallway is a puzzle hub for intermediate solvers. It consists of an ever-increasing number of doors that can be clicked on. Behind each door is a puzzle. These puzzles tend to use more advanced techniques ad require more thought and effort than the puzzles of The Game Room.

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is the heart of the LEVELS community. It is a place for users to communicate, get hints for puzzles, and discuss LEVELS. It is of note that a separate ProBoards account is needed- however, this account is free and requires very little to set up. Anyone willing to spend more than a few minutes with LEVELS is encouraged to create an account.


The FAQ page answers the common questions asked about LEVELS. It contains history about LEVELS and its earlier version,information about the LEVELS team, and other useful information regarding the site and its contents. New users should read this page for a better understanding of LEVELS.

This page is a work in progress. More details will be added as more is discovered about LEVELS and its contents.