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[EN] [http://kotaku.com/blizzard-reveals-sombra-finally-1788575224 Kotaku - Blizzard Reveals Sombra, Finally]
[EN] [http://kotaku.com/blizzard-reveals-sombra-finally-1788575224 Kotaku - Blizzard Reveals Sombra, Finally]
=== xth Jan. 2017 ===
[EN] [https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_R-VkQ0R3cYUVwVTVKQkRKZHc/view - Overwatches Latest Publicty Stunt Was A Total Hack Job - The Fans Have Every Right Feel Sobered By Sombra.]
= Frog Fractions 2 ARG =
= Frog Fractions 2 ARG =

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Press Page
A scan from the polish magazine CD-Action referencing the eye sigil.

This is a list of all press mentions GameDetectives & SteamSaleDetectives have gotten; if you find an article (in any language), please PM a wiki editor!

If you are writing about GD, please contact Josef Goats on discord or /u/imnotgoats on reddit.


these articles are about GD and not directly about a particular ARG

26nd Aug. 2016

[DE] Spiegel Online – Geheimnisse in Games: Wie Online-Detektive Videospiele sezieren

05th Dec. 2016

[EN] Waypoint – Alternate Reality Game Experts Built An Advent Calendar To Help You Understand How ARGs Work

18th Mar. 2017

[EN] Meet the community dedicated to solving the internet's most arcane alternate-reality games [Full article behind pay-wall subscription]

Winter ARG

23rd Dec. 2015

[EN] Kotaku - There Might Be More To The Winter Steam Sale Than Meets The Eye

30th Dec. 2015

[EN] Destructoid - This sure seems like a new Valve ARG

31st Dec. 2015

[EN] PCGamer - Something strange is happening in the Steam Winter Sale

[EN] Independent - Steam Sale detectives are ‘on the right track’

[EN] Polygon - Steam’s Winter Sale is hiding something, and the internet’s on the case

[EN] OKgames - The Steam Christmas Sale Is More Than It Seems

[EN] The Know YouTube - Valve’s Secret ARG

[EN] Vortez - Steam Winter Sale ARG Uncovered, Everyone Still Confused

[DE] PCGames - Steam: Mysteriöses Geheimnis im Winter Sale - Nutzer entdecken Hinweise

1st Jan. 2016

[EN] CinemaBlend - Something Weird Is Going On Withing The Steam Winter Sale

[EN] TotalGamingNetwork - Lambda Symbol Possibly Revealed In Apparent Valve Winter Sale ARG

[EN] LambdaGeneration - Could This Really Be Half-Life 3? Everything We Know So Far About the Steam Holiday Sale ARG

[EN] IGN - There’s A Mystery Waiting To Unlocked In Steam’s Winter Sale

[RU] Kanobu - Reddit снова ищет Half-Life 3

[DE] Giga - Mysteriöse Nachrichten im Steam-Sale aufgetaucht!

[DE] PCGamesHardware - Steam: Rätselraten im Winter-Sale - Half-Life Symbol gefunden

2nd Jan. 2016

[EN] OKgames - What Do We Know?

[EN] GameRant - What is Steam’s Winter Sale Hiding?

[CZ] Grunex - Tajemství zimních slev na steamu - ARG od Valve?

Eye Sigil ARG

25th Jan. 2016

[EN] PCGamer - There is an indie ARG on the loose

[EN] VG24/7 - Is this a Steam AR game to promote The Witness?

[EN] Kotaku - For Years, A Few Steam Games Seem To Have Been Hiding A Larger Secret

[DE] Gameplane - The Witness – ARG, eine Sigille und Rätsel über Rätsel

26th Jan 2016

[EN] MXDWN - The Game Is Afoot! Steam Games Hiding A Secret

14th Feb 2016

[EN] DVSGaming - Crypts to Trains: The ARG That Connects 9 Random Games

31th July 2016

[EN] Vox Ludicus - There is a new ARG, encompassing 15 indie games on Steam.

16th Aug 2016

[EN] Kotaku - The "Eye Sigil" Conspiracy Is Indie Games' Most Arcane Mystery

17th Aug 2016

[EN], [DE], [IT] Vice Gaming - These Mysterious Symbols Have Been in 19 Video Games and No One Knows Why

19th Aug 2016

[EN] Fraghero - A mysterious symbol has been found in 19 unrelated videogames and no one knows why

[EN] Mygaming - The greatest unsolved mystery in video games

[CN] 触乐网 - 两年来,这张神秘图片出现在19个不同的游戏中

20th Sep 2016

[PL] CD-Action - "Więźniowie labiryntu", issue#261 (11/2016), page 82

15th Nov 2016

[EN] Waypoint — Those Mysterious Symbols Hidden In 24 Games Have Crossed Over With 'Frog Fractions 2'

[EN] Kotaku — Indie Games’ Most Cryptic Mystery Apparently Just A Frog Fractions Teaser

Sombra ARG

3rd Aug. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Overwatch Fans Find New Clues About The Mysterious Hero Sombra

[EN] Polygon - Overwatch fans are trying to crack the latest mystery about Sombra

[EN] PCGamesN - Overwatch's Sombra ARG continues with new clues, but no solutions

[EN] Team-Dignitas - Who is Sombra? All facts and clues about Sombra


[EN] FollowNews - Overwatch Fans Find New Clues About The Mysterious Hero Sombra

4th Aug. 2016

[EN] PCGamer - Overwatch Summer Games trailer hides a mysterious secret

[SK] Sector - Nové Overwatch video obsahuje ďalšie tajomstvá

[EN] Techinsider - 'Overwatch' players are going to insane lengths to solve a mystery that Blizzard's teased for months

[EN] Gamerant - Overwatch Players Uncover More ‘Sombra’ Clues

[HU] Gamestar - Overwatch - újabb nyomok utalnak a még be nem jelentett hősre

5th Aug. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Days Later, Overwatch Fans Can't Figure Out The 'Sky Code' Mystery

[NL] Gamersnet - Cryptische speurtocht naar Overwatch' nieuwe heldin Sombra gaat bizar diep

[ES] Alfa Beta Jeuga - Overwatch: El enigma de Sombra sigue ofreciendo nuevos detalles

[EN] IGN (Video) - Sombra: Overwatch's Secret New Hero - Overwatch HQ

7th Aug. 2016

[EN] Gamespresso - Summary of the state of sombra's ARG in Overwatch

8th Aug. 2016

[EN/CN] Zhentoo - Overwatch new hero Secret Dorado hidden mystery

[EN] TechNewsToday - Overwatch: Sombra Continues to Elude Detectives

9th Aug. 2016

[EN] Polygon - Overwatch’s Sombra mystery grows deeper as latest clue debunks popular fan theory

12th Aug. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Overwatch Fans' Sombra Investigation Reaps A Skull Code

14th Aug. 2016

[EN] Gamerant - Skull Code is Latest Clue in Overwatch’s Sombra Investigation

16th Aug. 2016

[EN] Christian Today - 'Overwatch' DLC update: Skull Code the latest clue for Sombra investigation

[EN] Yibada - 'Overwatch' DLC update: New clues on Sombra's inclusion to the roster revealed

23rd Aug. 2016

[EN] Tech News Today - Overwatch: All We Know About the Sombra ARG

24th Aug. 2016

[EN] Gamerant - Overwatch Forums Glitch Out, Reveals Hidden Message From Sombra

[EN] Gamerant - New Website Counts Down To Next Clue For Overwatch’s Sombra

[EN] Polygon - Overwatch's Sombra mystery appears to be coming to a close

[EN] VG247 - Overwatch forums glitch out, reveal a message from the mysterious Sombra

[EN] Tech News Today - Sombra Hacks Into Overwatch Forums

[EN] IGN - Overwatch Mystery Character Sombra Could Be Revealed Today

25th Aug. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Overwatch Players Are Getting Sick Of The Sombra ARG

[EN] IGN - Overwatch Made the Internet Lose its Mind Last Night, And I Had a Front-Row Seat

[EN] Tech News Today - Overwatch: Countdown to Sombra

30th Aug. 2016

[EN] PC Gamer - Overwatch's Sombra riddle begins to irritate the players trying to solve it

3rd Oct. 2016

[EN] Mobile & Apps - Sombra To Be Revealed At Blizzcon? Halloween Event Confirmed In Data Leak

4th Oct. 2016

[EN] iTechPost - Overwatch Update: Are We Finally Getting Sombra?

11th Oct. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Overwatch Fans Hacked Actual People In An Attempt To Find Sombra

17th Oct. 2016

[EN] TelKom Gaming - Will Sombra Hack Her Way Into BlizzCon 2016?

18th Oct. 2016

[EN] OverwatchTips - Everything You NEED To Know (Sombra ARG)

26th Oct. 2016

[EN] Min Network - Everything we know about Blizzard's rumored Nov. 1 release

28th Oct. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Imagining Horror Stories Of A Never-Ending Overwatch ARG

4th Nov. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - Blizzard Reveals Sombra, Finally

xth Jan. 2017

[EN] - Overwatches Latest Publicty Stunt Was A Total Hack Job - The Fans Have Every Right Feel Sobered By Sombra.

Frog Fractions 2 ARG

31th Oct. 2016

[EN] The Quarterly Review — The Vanishing Secrets of Video Games

26-27th Dec. 2016

[EN] Kotaku - The Two-Year Mystery Is Over: This Is Frog Fractions 2

[EN] Waypoint - Inside the Development of Gaming's Biggest Mystery, 'Frog Fractions 2'

[EN] Giant Bomb - The Jig Is Up: Let's Talk Frog Fractions 2 With Jim Crawford

[EN] Polygon - The jig is up: Behind the years-long reveal of Frog Fractions 2

[EN] Kotaku - How Frog Fractions 2 Stayed A Secret For Two Years