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Intel +<p id="Intel-popup"><span id="IntelimagePlaceholder">File:Intelsoft.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [https://www.intel.com/ Intel Corporation]<br>Discovered on: 16 March 2017<br><br>A race to earn wonderful prizes</p>  +
Kill Your Internet +<p id="Kill Your Internet-popup"><span id="Kill Your InternetimagePlaceholder">File:BBS_logo.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [[Camouflaj]]<br>Discovered on: 18 March 2016<br><br>Kill Your Internet - an ARG that took place in the world of République.</p>  +
Killing Floor 2 +<p id="Killing Floor 2-popup"><span id="Killing Floor 2imagePlaceholder">File:kf2logo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.tripwireinteractive.com/ Tripwire Interactive]<br>Discovered on: 21 April 2017<br><br>A set of Killing Floor 2 Puzzles - also known as "From a Friend".</p>  +
LEVELS +<p id="LEVELS-popup"><span id="LEVELSimagePlaceholder">File:Levels icon.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: Unknown<br>Discovered on: 19 April 2017<br><br>Inexperienced does not mean incapable.</p>  +
Layton World +<p id="Layton World-popup"><span id="Layton WorldimagePlaceholder">File:Lady_Layton.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.level5ia.com/ Level-5]<br>Discovered on: 20 June 2017<br><br>Layton World: A puzzle trail with over 50 different puzzles scattered across the world between June 20th and September 21st, that is based on the new upcoming Professor Layton game!</p>  +
Lesser Petroleum +<p id="Lesser Petroleum-popup"><span id="Lesser PetroleumimagePlaceholder">File:Lesser-petroleum-logo.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Solved'''<br>Created By: [http://rockbitegames.com Rockbite Games]<br>Discovered on: 8 October 2018<br><br>A promotional ARG that led to a game called Sandship.</p>  +
Local 58 +<p id="Local 58-popup"><span id="Local 58imagePlaceholder">File:Local58.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: [https://krisstraub.com/ Kris Straub]<br>Discovered on: 13 September 2021<br><br>The Local 58 ARG is currently ongoing.</p>  +
Long-Forgotten Hippogryph +<p id="Long-Forgotten Hippogryph-popup"><span id="Long-Forgotten HippogryphimagePlaceholder">File:LFH Mount.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.blizzard.com/ Blizzard Entertainment]<br>Discovered on: 1 September 2016<br><br>The '''Long-Forgotten Hippogryph''' is a secret mount hidden in World of Warcraft, obtained by locating 5 Ephemeral Crystals.</p>  +
Lost Memories +<p id="Lost Memories-popup"><span id="Lost MemoriesimagePlaceholder">File:LM_Logo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Discontinued'''<br>Created By: Unknown<br>Discovered on: 25 October 2016<br><br>A multi-media ARG filled to the brim with codes, characters, and lore.</p>  +
Lucid Nightmare +<p id="Lucid Nightmare-popup"><span id="Lucid NightmareimagePlaceholder">File:LN Logo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.blizzard.com/ Blizzard Entertainment]<br>Discovered on: 30 August 2017<br><br>'''Lucid Nightmare''' is a secret mount hidden in [https://worldofwarcraft.com World of Warcraft], which is unlocked by solving a variety of puzzles.</p>  +
Meta:Press +<p id="Meta:Press-popup"><span id="Meta:PressimagePlaceholder">File:GD_Newspaper.jpg</span><br><br>Status: ''''''<br>Created By: <br>Discovered on: <br><br>GD barges into headlines often, it's users dazzling the media and public with impressive displays of logic.</p>  +
Meta:Style Guide +<p id="Meta:Style Guide-popup"><span id="Meta:Style GuideimagePlaceholder">File:Example.png, File:NewExample3.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: [[Valve]]<br>Discovered on: 31 January 1970<br><br>This it the description of an arg, I somehow forgot about it</p>  +
MonteCrypto +<p id="MonteCrypto-popup"><span id="MonteCryptoimagePlaceholder">File:mcLogo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [https://concretegames.itch.io/ Concrete Games]<br>Discovered on: 20 February 2018<br><br>24 enigmas leading to a prize of 1 BTC.</p>  +
Mr. Robot ARG +<p id="Mr. Robot ARG-popup"><span id="Mr. Robot ARGimagePlaceholder">File:Mr-robot.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: [http://www.nbcuniversal.com/ NBC Universal]<br>Discovered on: 28 September 2017<br><br>An ARG set in the universe of Mr. Robot.</p>  +
Mystery of the Emblem +<p id="Mystery of the Emblem-popup"><span id="Mystery of the EmblemimagePlaceholder">File:Mystery of the Emblem icon.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [[whizzer0]]<br>Discovered on: 26 March 2016<br><br>All is not well in a recreation of Fire Emblem.</p>  +
Necromancy For Beginners +<p id="Necromancy For Beginners-popup"><span id="Necromancy For BeginnersimagePlaceholder">File:Chrono_Cauldron.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://chrono.gg/ Chrono.gg]<br>Discovered on: 24 November 2017<br><br>Chrono.gg's second ARG. Involving potion brewing.</p>  +
Nessy +<p id="Nessy-popup"><span id="NessyimagePlaceholder">Image:Nessy doll.PNG</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.respawn.com/ Respawn Entertainment]<br>Discovered on: 12 February 2019<br><br></p>  +
Oddworld: Soulstorm +<p id="Oddworld: Soulstorm-popup"><span id="Oddworld: SoulstormimagePlaceholder">File:Oddworld_ABETHUMB_8291.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: [http://www.oddworld.com/ Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc]<br>Discovered on: 22 December 2016<br><br>Oddworld: Soulstorm - An ARG centered around lore from the Oddworld universe linked to the currently unreleased game [http://www.oddworld.com/soulstorm/ Oddworld: Soulstorm]</p>  +
Oxenfree +<p id="Oxenfree-popup"><span id="OxenfreeimagePlaceholder">File:Oxenfree_logo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://nightschoolstudio.com/oxenfree/ Night School Studio]<br>Discovered on: 15 January 2016<br><br>The Oxenfree ARG had an emphasis on radio frequencies and morse code.</p>  +
PUBG Lore +<p id="PUBG Lore-popup"><span id="PUBG LoreimagePlaceholder">File:NewExample3.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.aliceandsmith.com/ Alice & Smith] & [https://www.pubg.com/ PUBG]<br>Discovered on: 7 October 2020<br><br>https://lore.pubg.com/</p>  +
Petscop +<p id="Petscop-popup"><span id="PetscopimagePlaceholder">File:PetscopLogo.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Active'''<br>Created By: "Tony" ([https://twitter.com/pressedyes?lang=en @pressedyes] on Twitter)<br>Discovered on: 12 March 2017<br><br>The Petscop ARG involves a playthrough of an obscure, unreleased PS1 game.</p>  +
Project 11 +<p id="Project 11-popup"><span id="Project 11imagePlaceholder">File:Project_11.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [[Project 11 (puppetmaster)|Project 11]]<br>Discovered on: 2 June 2016<br><br>A mysterious ARG which turned out to be a Half-Life 3 hoax</p>  +
RainbowLeaks +<p id="RainbowLeaks-popup"><span id="RainbowLeaksimagePlaceholder">File:RainbowLeaks_Logo.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [https://www.ubisoft.com/ Ubisoft]<br>Discovered on: 20 November 2017<br><br>A website called RainbowLeaks, linked to Rainbow Six: Siege.</p>  +
Rasputin ARG +<p id="Rasputin ARG-popup"><span id="Rasputin ARGimagePlaceholder">File:RasputinPuzzleARG.png</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [http://www.bungie.net/ Bungie Entertainment]<br>Discovered on: 8 May 2018<br><br>The Rasputin Chamber Puzzle ARG - an ARG involving an in-game Rasputin and out of game items.</p>  +
Ready Player One +<p id="Ready Player One-popup"><span id="Ready Player OneimagePlaceholder">File: Rp1 logo.jpg</span><br><br>Status: '''Completed'''<br>Created By: [https://www.warnerbros.com/ Warner Bros.]<br>Discovered on: 10 December 2017<br><br>An ARG linked to the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline's book ''Ready Player One''</p>  +