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Release Date: 2/24/2016

Status: Sigil found, Piece not found

Video: Incomplete

Synopsis: Slide the Shakes is an indie, puzzle game where you slide milkshakes and try to hit a target area. Developed by Prettygreat.

Jabba1701 on TouchArcade discovered discovered the Sigil on the game's 88th level. u/TobiasPak brought it to our attention.

You can find the Sigil at Level 88, when you load your shake at full speed.

The green bars are morse code, which spell out "ARCHUSB".

How to find the sigil

1. Reach level 88 in Slide the Shakes

2. Max out the power meter, as a result the screen will zoom out to show you more of the scene.

3. The sigil can be seen on the bottom right side of the screen.