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[[Main Page]] > [[List of Investigations]] > [[{{{arg|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}]] > [[{{{arg|{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}}]]
<noinclude>{{ {{TNTN|documentation}} }}
A simple template to denote that the page belongs to an ARG and add the navigation header.
Usage: <nowiki>{{ArgHeaderSub|arg=Eye Sigil ARG}}</nowiki>
Produces: {{ArgHeaderSub|arg=Eye Sigil ARG}}

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Main Page > List of Investigations > ArgHeaderSub

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This is the {{ArgHeaderSub}} or ARG Header Subpage meta-template.

It is a simple template to add a navigation bar at the header of a main, child ARG sub-page.


Main Page > List of Investigations > ArgHeaderSub

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