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This template is used to create an arg infobox.
Type {{argbox}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
| float      = left
| name       = Valve ARG
| image      = File:Example.png
| imagewidth = 150
| creator    = Valve
| status     = Completed
| discovered = 01-01-1970
| completed  = 01-01-1971
| timeline   = [[Valve]]

Results in...

Valve ARG
Completed on 01-01-1971
Creator Valve
Discovered 01-01-1970
Completed 01-01-1971
Timeline Valve


Parameter Description Default Accepted Values Type Status
float box is aligned to the the left or the right. right left or right String Optional
clear content is delayed until just the right or left column is complete. right left or right String Optional
name the name of the arg infobox Title of the current page String Optional
image the thumb of the arg infobox Image:Example.png any valid link from local source or external String Optional
imagewidth width of the thumb image of the arg info box 250 any valid integer Int Optional
creator creator of the arg String Optional
status status of the arg On Going, On Hold, Completed or Abandoned String Optional
discovered time of the arg discovery Date Optional
completed time of the arg completion Date Optional
timeline timeline of the arg Reference Optional