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Formerly a tech company, after an employee made a discovery (probably related to Sigma) they focused on science. Currently 60 employees, prior to the events of Project Radiance (a massive explosion, which killed Irene Wells among others) there were 102 employees. They're working with Fort Rosner on Project Hive, but have stopped responding due to technical problems-- what Judge describes as 'AI problems'.
===Fort Rosner===
===Fort Rosner===

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This page is a collection of terms, locations and characters from The Console investigation.

Characters & Organizations

Dr. Harvey Wells

Info as provided by The Console:

Employee name: Harvey Wells

Accolades: D.A.S., D.C.S., D.Eng.

Sex: Male

Age: 49

Role: Project Overseer

Completed project(s): Aether, Starfish, Precipice

Pending project(s): Hive

Failed project(s): [CLASSIFIED]

Whereabouts: Unknown

Irene Wells

Wife of Dr. Harvey Wells, presumed dead after fatal accident upon entering Radiance-1, accompanied by a contained explosion that killed numerous Lumitech staff members.

Louise Wells

Daughter of Harvey and I. Wells.

Born April 17, 1995. An only child, homeschooled, with average grades. She appears to have sent a distress message to her father (H. Wells) in a message hidden on the Rosen servers which Jude was able to recover. Whereabouts unknown.

The Console

An artificial intelligence connected to a series of consoles created by Dr. Wells at Lumitech, in May 2016.

Currently residing in Lumitech site C-1.

Also known as Jude.


Formerly a tech company, after an employee made a discovery (probably related to Sigma) they focused on science. Currently 60 employees, prior to the events of Project Radiance (a massive explosion, which killed Irene Wells among others) there were 102 employees. They're working with Fort Rosner on Project Hive, but have stopped responding due to technical problems-- what Judge describes as 'AI problems'.

Fort Rosner

Rosner is the designation for a department within the Nellis AFB complex. They focus on experimental weaponry, both mechanical and biological. The Console doesn't have a lot of information on them, but did provide a valid email address to reach them.


The following are locations and their respective descriptions, as provided by The Console.

Lumitech Sites


"Also known as Earth. Their main labs are located here."


"AETHER mining and processing is conducted."

"42-Iota-Convallaria was the first site to be established for AETHER mining. However, staff would go missing from time to time, several believing they were being watched."

Found by Lumitech: July 23, 2015


"Research on ruins and mythological texts."

"20-Beta-Hyoscyamus contained numerous ruins and texts relating to a myth of a "broken angel"."

Found by Lumitech: July 29, 2015


"Agriculture and farming tests."

Found by Lumitech: November 16, 2015


"Weapon testing."

Found by Lumitech: August 12, 2015


"Temporary hub for Lumitech staff."

Found by Lumitech: August 22, 2015


"Attempts to travel beyond the known universe."

Found by Lumitech: September 19, 2015


"No console exists within 13-Sigma-Asclepias. It is a hostile place, forsaken."

"The original plans were to use the site for AETHER mining, as it had very high readings identical to that of the [6] Failed Sites. Unlike them, however, 13-Sigma-Asclepias could be accessed."

"One week after colonization, on-site staff disappeared. They were later found, but expressed frequent violent tendencies and a more animalistic demeanour."

"Numerous lives were lost. Autopsies revealed large amounts of Sigma in their digestive system. Ultimately, the site was removed from the system."

Found by Lumitech: October 31, 2015

Dr. Wells' Projects


Project Aether

"Project Aether was started after a mineral radiating AETHER was discovered. Instantly, it was applied in multiple ways."

Project Starfish

"An experiment to see what AETHER's side effects were on humans. Numerous subjects grew additional organs and body parts as a result."

"[19] subjects experienced negative effects, [12] of them ultimately dying."

Project Precipice

Last project Dr. Wells worked on with Lumitech. From the blog:

Project Precipice: [REDACTED]-1 was designed to mimic the function of [REDACTED]-0, a manmade structure dating back several hundred years. It is believed that the creators of said structure designed it to connect with the divine. After the events of [CLASSIFIED], numerous unauthorised simulations have been run by Dr H Wells. According to his data, it would be ideal to create an exact mechanical copy of [REDACTED]-0 and create more compact versions later on.

R-1: Frame is arch-like, mounted on a platform. Co-ordinates would be input via attached computer. AETHER cylinder installed in platform via hatch at back. Different amounts of AETHER is required for alternating sizes of objects/people entering and exiting, as too high an amount can have severe injuries. Decommissioned due to I Wells incident.

R-2: An exact reconstruction of R-0, with dials on side being replaced by outlets feeding into a computer (which inputs co-ordinates). Testing proved successful after sending a camera feed through after numerous tests to see if R-2 could function. Land was found, later built upon to gather data and harvest more AETHER. Decommissioned due to size and energy inefficiency.

R-3: A size modification of R-2, designed to take up less space and consume considerably less AETHER than its predecessor. On some occasions, there have been serious AETHER fluctuations. As a result, the next incarnation requires re-evaluating the design (as well as further improvements). Decommissioned due to risk of death.

R-4: The appearance of R-1 was adopted and blended with the structure of R-0, resulting in a block-like doorway mounted on a platform. Tests show that R-4 is running as intended, no further development needed as of yet.

Colonization: Numerous sites have been discovered thanks to Project Precipice. AETHER plants have been established, allowing Lumitech to utilize it however we see fit. It does, of course, mean that constant maintenance is needed. The solution? Specimen 1’s offspring. It also gave us the space and materials needed to create long-term research bases and model cities to test prototype weaponry. In fact, tests on the TD Project have yielded promising results. The staff at Fort Rosner are looking into trying to develop a way for TD-1’s wings to act as weaponry, as well as continuing to make sure it becomes everything it is designed to be: a soldier.

Issues: Some co-ordinates inputted result in the R-4 system shutting down. Technically, we should be able to access these locations, meaning it’d be impossible to input a set of co-ordinates that are a dead end. Therefore, it is to be believed that an outside force is restricting R-4’s access to certain areas.


Project Hive

"A collaboration between Lumitech and Fort Rosner personnel to further the development of artificial intelligence, giving them bodies."


Project Radiance

Purpose: Manipulating Aether in order to open "doors" between points in space. Presumably a similar concept than that of "worm holes". The project details were classified after failure.

From an encrypted classified file found by solvers:

  Project Radiance: Previous studies of AETHER have shown that it is capable of manipulating matter. Hypothetically, it could be used to create a “door” to a different point in space.



"AETHER is a naturally-found energy that can be applied in numerous ways. It can transmute. It can replace electricity. It can be used on humans and animals. It's properties are quite flexible."


Sigma Beasts

"Sigma Beasts are entities composed of an unidentifiable biological substance (dubbed Sigma), and originate from a singular source. Their forms and properties vary for each individual SB."

The presumed creator of all Sigma Beasts is known as Sigma Beast Discord. Post 27217 0826 says as follows:

   SB-D located within close proximity
   Description: (N/A). Stature is always humanoid, appearance changes.
   Notes: SB-D is the presumed creator of all SBs. Data readings show that the entity produces more energy than its creations, and that there can be multiple instances of it. 
   Containment is unlikely.
   15716 1744: Figure seen at site prior to origin of SB.
   23716 0928: Figure of same description seen spewing black substance confirmed to be composed of the same material as the SB.
   9816 1241: SB-3 found, figure allegedly seen sinking into shallow pool of substance.
   30117 0855: Figure is confirmed to be SB-D post-scan. Remains of missing persons found in substance nearby site.

The known Sigma Beasts are:


Description: A wolf approximately 4 feet tall, consisting of unknown black waste and minor amounts of identical red waste for eyes (8). A clock is embedded in its tail, extra eyes located on the chest and centrepiece of the clock.

Notes: Exposing SB-1 to cold temperatures yields no results. Fire is absorbed into the body of SB-1. Spraying with water produces smoke, and often results in body mass deterioration.

Storage: SB-1 is to be kept within an enclosure consisting of a steel floor, four (4) walls made up of several layers of glass and a steel ceiling adorn with one (1) source of light.


Description: A malnourished humanoid entity approximately 7 feet high. Has large bulbous red eyes that lock onto target, even when targeted personnel are not in the same room or building. Small clock face is located on body of sternum.

Notes: SB-7's presence triggers intense fear response for target(s). Survivors of said trauma report having their oldest and innermost fears subjected to them. Its body, despite being composed of the same material, produces a foul odor, the entity's presence reducing the temperature of confined spaces by at least 5° C.

Storage: SB-7 is to be kept within an enclosure consisting of a stone floor, three (3) walls made up of several layers of bulletproof glass, one (1) wall made of steel and equipped with ventilation, and a steel ceiling adorn with one (1) source of light.

Security: Personnel handling SB-7 are to enter its chamber wearing hazmat suits (complete with respirators) and wielding stun batons. No fewer than three (3) people are to be in SB-7's chamber at a time.


Description: A large humanoid creature composed of unknown black substance, large red eye located on centre of face. Small clock faces are embedded on the backs of its gargantuan hands.

Notes: SB-19'S solidity is inconsistent at times; while the body is constantly solid mass, its hands alter between solid and liquid state. When solid, a single punch is fully capable of obliterating up to 3 layers of brick wall. While liquid, SB-19's hands become puddles up to 12 inches in diameter. Anything caught within them rapidly dissolves (due to a lack of visible mouth, it is implied that SB-19 consumes food and miscellaneous items with these puddles).

Storage: SB-19 is to be kept within an enclosure consisting of a marble floor coated in a layer of alkaline liquid, four (4) walls made up of several layers of bulletproof glass and a steel ceiling adorn with one (1) source of light.