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===The Console===
===The Console===
A computer program resembling artificial intelligence created by Dr. Wells at Lumitech, in May 2016.
An artificial intelligence connected to a series of consoles created by Dr. Wells at Lumitech, in May 2016.
Currently residing in Lumitech site C-1.
Currently residing in Lumitech site C-1.

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This page is a collection of terms, locations and characters from The Console investigation.

Characters & Organizations

Dr. Harvey Wells

Info as provided by The Console:

Employee name: Harvey Wells

Accolades: D.A.S., D.C.S., D.Eng.

Sex: Male

Age: 49

Role: Project Overseer

Completed project(s): Aether, Starfish, Precipice

Pending project(s): Hive

Failed project(s): [CLASSIFIED]

I. Wells

Wife of Dr. Harvey Wells, presumed dead after fatal accident upon entering Radiance-1, accompanied by a contained explosion that killed numerous Lumitech staff members.

The Console

An artificial intelligence connected to a series of consoles created by Dr. Wells at Lumitech, in May 2016.

Currently residing in Lumitech site C-1.


Fort Rosner


The following are locations and their respective descriptions, as provided by The Console.

Lumitech Sites


"Also known as Earth. Their main labs are located here."


"AETHER mining and processing is conducted."

"42-Iota-Convallaria was the first site to be established for AETHER mining. However, staff would go missing from time to time, several believing they were being watched."

Found by Lumitech: July 23, 2015


"Research on ruins and mythological texts."

"20-Beta-Hyoscyamus contained numerous ruins and texts relating to a myth of a "broken angel"."

Found by Lumitech: July 29, 2015


"Agriculture and farming tests."

Found by Lumitech: November 16, 2015


"Weapon testing."

Found by Lumitech: August 12, 2015


"Temporary hub for Lumitech staff."

Found by Lumitech: August 22, 2015


"Attempts to travel beyond the known universe."

Found by Lumitech: September 19, 2015


"No console exists within 13-Sigma-Asclepias. It is a hostile place, forsaken."

"The original plans were to use the site for AETHER mining, as it had very high readings identical to that of the [6] Failed Sites. Unlike them, however, 13-Sigma-Asclepias could be accessed."

"One week after colonization, on-site staff disappeared. They were later found, but expressed frequent violent tendencies and a more animalistic demeanour."

"Numerous lives were lost. Autopsies revealed large amounts of Sigma in their digestive system. Ultimately, the site was removed from the system."

Found by Lumitech: October 31, 2015

Dr. Wells' Projects


Project Aether

"Project Aether was started after a mineral radiating AETHER was discovered. Instantly, it was applied in multiple ways."

Project Starfish

"An experiment to see what AETHER's side effects were on humans. Numerous subjects grew additional organs and body parts as a result."

"[19] subjects experienced negative effects, [12] of them ultimately dying."

Project Precipice

Last project Dr. Wells work on with Lumitech.


Project Hive

"A collaboration between Lumitech and Fort Rosner personnel to further the development of artificial intelligence, giving them bodies."


Project Radiance

Purpose: Manipulating Aether in order to open "doors" between points in space. Presumably a similar concept than that of "worm holes". The project details were classified after failure.

From an encrypted classified file found by solvers:

  Project Radiance: Previous studies of AETHER have shown that it is capable of manipulating matter. Hypothetically, it could be used to create a “door” to a different point in space.




Sigma Beasts