Waking Titan

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Waking Titan
Active since 2017-05-28
A website with sixty radio stations and a date.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Investigation|Investigation]]
Creator Unknown
Discovered 2017-05-28

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Initial Announcement

On March 27th, 2017, Twitter user @argn tweeted a link to a website with sixty locations, of which four were active at the time. The locations, when clicked on, reveal the location's name and its status. The active locations also reveal a link to a livestream of a local radio of that location. The location activation rate is estimated to be five locations per day. The website also displays a date, June 8th, and states that the first clue is being initialized. A list of active locations and their corresponding radio stations can be found here.

Another website was found by searching for 'wakingtitan.com', based on the title of the 404 page on the original site. The website prompts for a username and password, which will most likely be given after the 8th of June.

In addition, the original website was sent to a Unfiction moderator, and was described as:

It's the countdown to a new, large-scale ARG launching this summer, starting with 16 radio stations across the world. It's being produced by veteran puppet masters and includes NPCs, actors, live events and much more... 

bW9zY293 Station

On June 6th, 2017 the location icon for Moscow came online with the location name and link apparently corrupted. Rather than the location name of 'Moscow' and a link to a local radio station, it initialized with the location name 'bW9zY293' and a link to a pastebin. The pastebin was short, only three lines:

[email protected]
You have until Jun. 3rd - 18:00 UTC