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Herein lies an index of known characters, beloved may they be:

Dramatis Personae

Atlas Foundation

Elizabeth Leighton - CEO

MAJ Sophie Dubois - Supplied Elizabeth Leighton with a progress assessment with respect to "Project-WT"

Loop16 - The 16th iteration of an artificial intelligence designed by the Atlas foundation. See also: Emily Warren


Ivan Greshnev - CEO / Founder

Mikhail Regison - CTO / Co-Founder

Gerry Mishrason - CFO / Head of Marketing

Caroline Anderson-Smith - Creative Director

Patricia Gorevsky - Project Manager

Jeremy Elways - IT Director

Paris O'Keefe - Head of Sales

Rickley G. Brown - Website Design

Multiverse Technologies

Gunther Mann - CEO / Founder

Minna Bell - Chief Researcher: Bio-radiation

Annabelle Brassington - Chief Researcher: Computationalism

Nickolaus Oberst - Chief Researcher: Magnetic Fields

Justinian Ahlberg - Particle Collider Specialist

Sabrina Dane - Nuclear Physicist


Alan Steinhardt, Steinhardt industries

Vasili Pavlov, FTL Industries

Mikhail Regison, Echo CTO / Co-founder


Julian J. Wong - Help Desk


Yi Sexton, Inventor

Nikolina Sauvage, Data manager at Abstract Concepts

Tobiah Selby, Developer at Tobiah Selby Development


Hanne Cruickshanks

Esme Savidge

Austen Spence

Possible Non-Player Characters

Emily Warren - Ham radio enthusiast and moderator of the ETARC forums.

Non-Fictional References

Carl Sagan quoted as saying "WE ARE A WAY FOR THE COSMOS TO KNOW ITSELF"