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(Post-Seed Commands:)
(Post-Seed Commands:)
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|Nokonellu Poblegru
|Nokonellu Poblegru
|Discovered by: Fins_FinsT, 8.36M
|Discovered by: Fins_FinsT, 8.36M
|Ulsonabas Papiet
|Ulsonabas Papiet
|Discovered by: Kangareddit, 0.07M
|Discovered by: Kangareddit, 0.07M

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Main Page > List of Investigations > Waking Titan > Console Commands

Page under construction.

This page contains a compilation of all known commands for the console located at http://wakingtitan.com. The console interface appeared on July 21, 2017. This page also aims to document the outputs of these console commands.

Base Commands

HELP    - displays help prompt
LIST    - lists files in directory
LS      - lists files in directory
SHIP    - redirects users to [https://s3.amazonaws.com/csd.atlas-65.com/data-00a.jpg this image]
STATUS  - displays a status message
PORTAL  - displays some lore text
START <init file name (eg. ATLAS.INIT)> - starts a new process
SEED    - uncertain
WHOIS   - displays a percentage
WHOIS <name (eg. VY'KEEN)> - displays some lore text pertaining to the name entered as an argument
WAKE    - displays a message
CLEAR   - clears command prompt
RESET   - refreshes page
RESTART - refreshes page
EXIT    - no effect

When either the LIST or LS commands are used, the following files are displayed:


Typing START ATLAS.INIT results in the following message:

starting system…
integrity check in progress… done
validating config file… done
searching for updates… no updates found
welcome to atlas 0.16alpha

Once ATLAS.INIT is started, running START CSD.INIT results in the following message:

citizen science division protocols loading…
initialization sequence1 complete
initialization sequence2 complete
initialization sequence3 complete
initialization sequence4 complete
initialization sequence5 complete
initialization sequence6 complete
citizen science protocols loaded
ready for live test
input seed to continue

After inputting the seed, SEED 5020-7-8118.ETARC, then the command WAKE LOOP16 can be ran. Doing so yields:

Loop16 resuming, please wait

Reading seed... done
Memory refresh... done
Rising and shining... done

Loop16 ready
Hello, user

Afterwards, if the command HELLO LOOP16 is run, this message appears:

Hello to you, too.
Wakeup process complete
New commands available.

Any other input during this time yields:

Unrecognized greeting
Wakeup process incomplete

Misc Commands

Pre-Seed Commands:

Command Result
Portal The Traveller awoke beneath the shadow of a red star.

Through the lonely cosmos they fled, yearning for purpose and meaning. They found an anomaly, an aberration, a door to the heavens. No Gek, no Vy’keen, no Korvax could see it. Only the Traveller could perceive the portal, though they did not know how to step through. They did not know the secret language, the glyphs. They did not yet grasp the price of the final truth.

Ship Redirects to this image.
Wake system not ready

cannot process wakeup command

Hello Process Hibernating
Reset Reloads the site.
Clear Clears the console.

Post-Seed Commands:

Command Result
Calibration Calibration not yet complete.
Loop16 Listening
16 They found strange things in the wrecks...

aberrations, data that spoke of worlds that do not exist and events that did not happen. One day Specialist Polo went out to investigate one such craft, the life signature of a Korvax still on board. They never returned. Is this how Nada and Polo met? Is this how my friends found each other? There is a signal on the console, a warning on repeat – sixteen short bursts of data in a loop.

Glyphs omething following – zzktt – turn and it’s not there.

These caves, I’m – kkttzztt… Exosuit tells me to abandon – zzrtktt – must disable it, I do not plan to survive – zzrttktt – Did not take offer, decided to – zzktt – angered the universe, I know, but I must –

Glass There is a world beneath all of this, a world of

– zzktt – glass – kkttzztt… Those I killed – zzrtktt – Vy’keen, Gek, Korvax, united in freedom and – zzrttktt – They did not die, not – zzktt – Even now, I see their faces. They – zzkttt – smile. We make them smile…

Pilgrim Star / Dudenbeaumodeme User: St3ambot walked around Dudenbbeaumodeme.
Caesarus Discovered by: 7101334, 8.43M
Covenso Kropulat Discovered by: Poulpc, 3.85M
Batora Habrecau Discovered by: Marksmonk, 3.93M
Nupensia Fetorno Discoverd by: Poulpc, 2.35M
Nokonellu Poblegru Discovered by: Fins_FinsT, 8.36M
Ulsonabas Papiet Discovered by: Kangareddit, 0.07M

Whois Commands

If you type in the terminal WHOIS or WHO followed by any of the following arguments it returns text.

Pre-Seed Commands:

Command Result
Whois Atlas All I know is this.

The Atlas had infinity to work with, and with few exceptions, this triad repeats... Gek, Korvax, Vy'keen. Gek, Korvax, Vy'keen. Traders, warriors, scientists, all their stories ... ending in violence. Think about it. How would the Atlas speak, how it would cry for help? It would use the only language it knew. It would speak with life. It would create.

Whois Traveller They do not respond with speech.

They transmit a vision, a red star and a fragile world. I do not understand the shapes within, the whispers... I see lifeforms scattered to the far reaches of the galaxies. I see this stranger's first breath, yearning for the stars. I see myself, slumbering in the crimson void, waiting for a dream of worlds. And through the darkness, I hear it said…

Whois Korvax But even in the depths of their subjugation,

there was hope. A bargain, a prayer to a greater being. The Korvax viewed the Atlas as what they might become in time: an intelligence beyond comprehension, beyond judgement. I convulse as the Nanite Clusters spill through my helmet. The Korvax watches me impassively.

Whois Vy’keen The Vy'keen tells me of their history,

of wars with the Gek, of Korvax slaves and tyrannous empires. The Vy'keen suggests that if the Atlas is a God, then it is insane. I am about to leave when I notice something on the Vy'keen's terminal. Two digits, blinking endlessly... they feel familiar.

Post-Seed Commands

Command Result
Whois Emily ...
Whois Loop16 Running on Atlas 0.16Alpha
Whois You loop16
Whois WakingTitan Multiple results found:

Atlas foundation experiment. Status: Live Recognized entity: Investigative

Whois Etarc Recognized entity: Vigilant
Whois NMSPortals Recognized entity: Erudite
Whois NoMansSkyTheGame Recognized entity: Devotion
Whois NoMansHigh Recognized entity: Relaxed
Whois NoMansSkyMods Recognized entity: Experimental
Whois NMSGalacticHub Recognized entity: Exploration
Whois NMS_Zoology Recognized entity: Discovery
Whois NMS_Federation Recognized entity: Collaborative
Whois Themis Major Sophia Dubois,

on assignment with the Atlas Foundation.

Whois Metis Original:

Sophia Leighton, CEO of the Atlas Foundation

Current: Sophia$^^#()#eig$To!Y$(*FWhnld$$$$$ warning: whois database not fully loaded, some errors detected

Whois Aerons Multiple contacts, multiple – zzkttt

– infra-knives, fire, fire! – kkttzztt… Structural – zzrtktt – Sentinels surrounding – zzrttkkt –… Taking us to – zzktt – the harvest circuits glisten – zzktt – not what they seem, not what –

Whois Nada At the mention of the portal, the lights on Nada's mask begin to stutter.
Whois Polo It takes me a moment to realise who I am speaking to.

This alien... I have met them before. They are Specialist Polo, the partner of the Korvax Priest-Entity Nada. They are my friends, stewards of an anomalous station located outside of time and space.

Whois Sentinel They are coming, now. The screams of my friends resonate in

every hall, every corner. The Sentinels have found me. I told Nada to leave. I told them what we already know, all of us, in our hearts... we are not alone. Even if I die, even if all that is left of me are these words, Nada will find me again in another universe. Ten just like me, a thousand, a million Travellers... We are not alone, for every soul is many. Even in the face of sixteen, we must declare that we lived. We existed, no matter the horror of the end. They are at my door. I –


You are not – kzzktt – alone – Please, identify yourself. I’m – kzzkttk –

Whois Lennon Capital system of the Galactic Hub.
Whois Oria V Location status: unavailable
Whois Yaasrij Location status: unavailable
Whois Gorogohl Location status: unavailable
Whois Soleth Prime Location status: unavailable

Notable Planets

There are some notable planets from No Man's Sky that all return the same message, Location status: unavailable, when queried against the WHOIS database:


The significance of these planets are unknown, but it is thought to be related to early trailers and showcases of the game with Oria V and Soleth Prime being shown here and Gorogohl and Yaasrij shown here.

This page is a work in progress but will be updated in the future as new commands are revealed