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Waking Titan - Phase 2
Active since 2017-05-28
Project WT logo.png
A website with 16 radio stations, which may be leading to something more.
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Official|Official]]
Creator Alice & Smith & Hello Games
Discovered 2017-05-28

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Note: This page will always have the most thorough and complete documentation of Phase 2 of the Waking Titan ARG. However, if you just want a fast, easy way to get up to speed, we suggest you take a look at the main Waking Titan page, which is much more concise.

Phase 2 began on 2017-07-21 and is currently ongoing.

Project-WT Update

On 2017-07-21 at around 20:39 UTC, http://www.project-wt.com/ updated to indicate that an unknown "calibration process" was occurring.

Citizen Scientist Emails

The assembled decoder ring
The fully-assembled image

On 2017-07-22 at about 00:48 UTC, Citizen Scientist emails began to be sent out. These emails contained links to another, optional survey, and a new website called "Bootsector." In order to access this website, you must decode your unique citizen scientist identifying code using the two parts of the code wheel provided. As more users joined, fragments of an image were revealed.

Over time, the image was revealed to be a corrupted picture of a notebook, outlining information about the http://wakingtitan.com console and listing a series of datasets.

The transcription of the notebook is as follows:

don't forget atlas THEN csd!!!
list wake status
ship hibernate seed
whois -> atlas ? needs loading time...
 316 - A - 114 ATLAS
 316 - 1 - 430.ETARC
1176 - 4 - 746.MYRIAD
1176 - 5 - 1922.MVERSE
5020 - 8 - 3098.ATLAS
?    - 7 -     
5020 - 9 - 13138.MYRIAD
31296 - 2 - 18158.MVERSE

loop16 hibernating as of July 5

The section labelled "Datasets" above had a missing entry. By using the existing entries (referred to as "seeds"), we were able to reconstruct the missing dataset based on patterns: 5020-7-8118.ETARC

Waking Titan Console Update

On 2017-07-21, at about 21:28 UTC, Waking Titan updated. The site has now changed to display a console. The functions and outputs of all commands are detailed in this page.

Typing START ATLAS.INIT results in the following message:

starting system…
integrity check in progress… done
validating config file… done
searching for updates… no updates found
welcome to atlas 0.16alpha

Once ATLAS.INIT is started, running START CSD.INIT results in the following message:

citizen science division protocols loading…
initialization sequence1 complete
initialization sequence2 complete
initialization sequence3 complete
initialization sequence4 complete
initialization sequence5 complete
initialization sequence6 complete
citizen science protocols loaded
ready for live test
input seed to continue

Typing the command SEED 5020-7-8118.ETARC into the command prompt at http://wakingtitan.com (after having run START ATLAS.INIT and START CSD.INIT) yields the following response:

checking seed…
seed validated
warning: process hibernating, unable to continue until wakeup

The command wake loop16 can then be run, which woke loop16 from the its hibernating state:

> wake loop16
loop16 resuming, please wait
reading seed… done
memory refresh…. done
rising and shining… done
loop16 ready
hello, user

After waking loop16, you can run the command hello loop16:

> hello loop16
hello to you, too
wakeup process complete
new commands available.
warning: calibration required before proceeding
preparing calibration instructions…

First Calibration

On July 23rd, at 6:51 PM UTC, an email was sent out to all players subscribed to the Citizen Science Division mailing list, with subject line Calibrating Waking Titan - Action Required.

Incomplete Dataset (Vigenere Ciphers)

The email contained the following passage:

During the boot sequence, we discovered an incomplete dataset. We’d like you to take on the task of reviewing the relevant information and completing the ongoing process.

This was followed by a link to a typeform, which contained 4 Vigenere ciphers of increasing difficulty. The keys to these Vigenere ciphers were determined using the code wheels in a variety of different ways. These are the ciphers:

First Cipher

  • Key: DA
  • Plaintext: But even in the depths of their subjugation, there was hope. . Korvax - ID hyperion
  • Solution Method: Start the inner code wheel pointer at zero and then you simply rotate the inner wheel left and right based on the number provided in the hint. -3 indicates rotating left 3 spaces (0 > F > E > D) and then from there rotating right 13 spaces as indicated by +13 to arrive at A.

1st Dataset solution.jpg

Second Cipher

  • Key: CF
  • Plaintext: ... if the Atlas is a God, then it is insane. . Vy'Keen - ID orion
  • Solution Method: The numbers from the hint indicate bearings in degrees. Start the inner wheel pointer at the normal start point at the top where its at 0 degrees. From there you simply rotate to the right 275 degrees for the 1st part of the key and then 355 degrees from the 0 position for the 2nd part for the key.

2nd Dataset Solution.jpg

Third Cipher

  • Key: Lead
  • Plaintext: ... refusing to forgive the past. Do not worry, all is well – all is at peace. The A(&! are different now . Gek - ID hastings
  • Solution Method: This one only requires the outside code wheel. Looking in the C position as indicated in the hint there's a smaller letter in the space (W) and if you follow the hint provided to each space there are additional small sets of characters (OS > PT > 80). Each of these smaller letters indicate a certain element from the periodic table (W = Tungsten, Os = Osmium, Pt = Platinum, 80 = Mercury (80 is the Atomic number) ). When following the pattern each element has one extra element before the other on the table so if we skip the element after Mercury (TI = Thallium) we end up at Lead which is the key.

3rd Dataset Solution.jpg

Fourth Cipher

  • Plaintext: INCOMING TRANSMISSION… SOURCE: UNKNOWN… You are not – kzzktt – alone – Please, identify yourself. I’m – kzzkttk – . Race Fourth - ID mercury.
  • Solution Method: The key is obtained by superimposing the golden spiral over the letter soup.


The first, second, and third ciphers mention the Korvax, Vy'Keen, and Gek - the three races that are currently in No Man's Sky. The mention of `Race Fourth` in the fourth cipher could very well be teasing a fourth race for No Man's Sky.

Percussion Instruments

The prompt displayed when viewing more information about the first calibration process

The email also contained the following passage:

In order to proceed, we'd like you to do something somewhat more complex: calibrating the simulation process you've started at wakingtitan.com. This is, again, a collaborative task. Consider it a getting-to-know-you mission; the computer is getting to know you as a community.

Participating is simple. To begin with, we need you to take and upload photographs of public resonant percussion instruments in your locality -- church bells or wind chimes, for example. We'll also need you to answer a few simple questions about the experience of taking the photograph.
The unfilled calibration bar for New York

This passage was followed by a link to http://project-wt.com, which had updated with the first calibration sequence becoming accessible. Players were able to upload pictures of public resonant percussion instruments, such as church bells or wind chimes, to the website. In the upload prompt, players were able to specify the city where the picture was taken. It is currently unclear what activates a city's icon, but after uploading enough pictures for a city a white icon appears on the map. Clicking on that city's icon revealed a progress bar, reflecting the number of pictures that had been taken in that city. After enough pictures had been taken in a particular city, the progress bar associated with the city was filled, and the white icon turned red.

The goal of this calibration process was to complete the progress bars of 40 cities, spread across at least 8 timezones.

Calibration Result - Sixth Glyph

Calibration Output with Chinese character for "dream"
The Butterfly Knot

On July 25th, at 22:41 UTC, an image was uploaded to the Google Drive. The image was a screenshot of the map on Project Waking Titan, but with the Chinese character for "dream" in the center. The 6th glyph was also unlocked around the same time, along a pdf with a message from Major Sophia Dubois to Elizabeth Leighton. This glyph prominently featured a butterfly knot in the background.

By combining the concepts of butterflies and dreams, players made the connection to The Butterfly Dream, which is a famous philosophical passage from the Taoist text Zhuangzi. Accordingly, the password for the sixth glyph was found to be ZHUANGZI.

Around 22:50 UTC, yet another image was uploaded to the Google Drive folder. While distorted, the image appears to be concept art of No Man's Sky's mysterious fourth race, whose name is still unknown.

The concept art for the fourth race

Azure Voyage

Status Command Update

On 2017-07-29 at around 02:00 UTC, the command STATUS on the Waking Titan console updated with the message Mission Azure Voyage loading..... Entering the command AZURE VOYAGE or AZURE into the command prompt redirected to a website titled Azure Voyage with a prompt requesting a code, reminiscent of the previous Bootsector puzzle.

Seventh Glyph

The background of the seventh glyph.

On 2017-07-29 at around 11:00 UTC, the seventh glyph on Waking Titan activated, alongside another PDF. The background of the glyph screen featured a series of coordinates in New York.

40.737162, -73.992247
40.740173, -73.990726
40.743273, -73.996154
40.748797, -73.992104
40.748183, -73.988904
40.755179, -73.982990
40.756959, -73.978372
40.758984, -73.977116

The coordinates can be seen on a map here.

If we interpret the coordinates as points in a journey, this is how that journey would look:

To travel from the first coordinate to the second, turn right and walk five blocks.
To travel from the second coordinate to the third, turn left and walk two blocks.
To travel from the third coordinate to the fourth, turn right and walk ten blocks.
To travel from the fourth coordinate to the fifth, turn right and walk one block.
To travel from the fifth coordinate to the sixth, turn left and walk twelve blocks.
To travel from the sixth coordinate to the seventh, turn right and walk one block.
To travel from the seventh coordinate to the eighth, turn left and walk seven blocks.

This gives us a code to use with the cipher wheels from the bootsector puzzle.

5R 2L 10R 1R 12L 1R 7L

Combining the cipher wheel code with the code at the bottom of the most recent PDF, we can decrypt it.

1DCCAB4 -> CAFE888

CAFE888 is the answer for the seventh glyph. The meaning of ‘CAFE888’ is not yet known. There is an ‘Orion Cafe’ on Roosevelt Island that has a street address of 888, but it is no longer in business.

New Mission - New York Live Drop

Survey results.

On 2017-07-29 at around 13:06 UTC, an email was sent with a new mission, Azure Voyage, which was previously discovered. The email contained results of a previous survey and a new code that needed decoding to be input into the Azure Voyage site.

Over time as the image was pieced together, the following text was visible:

DATE: July 29th
TIME: 16:??
PROTOCOL: Use passcode Atlas. Wear a bright color and hold a black book in your hand.

The image itself is of the Atlas Statue located in New York City.

This page is a work in progress, and will be updated as new developments emerge.