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Alexander's Dashboard

On June 20, 21:00 UTC, Emily posted Alexander's Reddit Patient Support Thread.

Alexander's full patient file can be found here.

The CSD compiled a Summarisation of Alexander.

Memory Block AX1

Clicking the first available Memory Block AX1 displayed the following:

Fair Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Alexander.

Dreamer current state : Confused.

Alexander’s an old man and have seen all kind of things in his life. Lots of possible discussions ahead of us.

Please note that establishing a personal connection is an important part of the process.

Memory Block AX2

Clicking the AX2 memory block displayed:

Thunderstorm Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Alexander.

Dreamer current state : Contemplative.

We’re lucky that Alexander was this receptive following our last encounter. Let’s keep going.

Please note that establishing a personal connection is an important part of the process.

Nudge Subroutine

On June 21st 2018, 20:19 UTC the loop16 command updated to return:

New Guidance Protocol initiated. Keyword: nudge

Entering nudge into the Uplink App displayed the following conversation:

Emily: Initiating Nudge Subroutine...
Emily: Hi! It seems like you need a hand...
Emily: What seems to be the problem?

Players could ask a limited number of questions that returned clues, which quickly helped players to determine the activation code for Memory Block AX2.

Community Event

On June 22 19:40 UTC, Alexander's Community Event node become active and his status was changed to CRITICAL.

At the same time, Atlas-loop16 updated his Reddit support thread:

Alexander’s mind seems to be experiencing some degradation based around his relationship with his wife. The Myriad archive team has been working on his case, and they’ve recovered a setlist of the songs that were played at their wedding. The list of songs can be accessed through the Dashboard with the command alexander_playlist. Music is a strong trigger for emotionally grounded memories. I’ve talked with the Myriad team, and we think that hearing this music again will help him to recover missing memories about his wife, which will increase his mind’s overall stability. To that end, I have a special task for you all!

What I need you to do is call in to a radio station that’s taking song requests, and ask them to play one of the songs for Alexander. Get them to say his name, if you can. Record the DJ introducing the songs, and the song itself, and put them all together into one big playlist for me. You did really good organizing someone to be the point of contact for Eun Ha’s collage, so you can probably do the same sort of thing this time.

I need the playlist by 11:59 PM UTC on Monday. Thank you all for your help, and good luck!

Entering search alexander_playlist into the Satcom Dashboard provided the song playlist.

On June 25, 15:45 UTC, Redditors posted the full playlist of songs.

At 23:59 UTC, the event ended with Emily posting an update to the Reddit:

UPDATE: Alexander was deeply moved by your musical memory collage. I might have gotten a little mushy, too. He seems to be stabilizing pretty well, hopefully he'll be able to talk to us again soon. Great work everyone!

Alexander's status immediately returned to "healthy", and within a few hours, the Community Event node was marked complete, with the following update:

Good news! Alexander responded positively to your audio collage and seems a bit less anxious when addressing the subject of his personal life. He'll be ready to talk again soon.

It also contained a link to the assembled playlist, called the Musical Memory Collage.

Memory Block AX3

On June 26, 18:40 UTC, Memory Block AX3 became active.

Clicking the memory block displayed:

Plane Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Alexander.

Dreamer current state: Calm.

Alexander seemed moved by the audio collage. Let’s keep going.

Additional Information

During the Element 6 and Extraction countdown, two slides of new information about Alexander were shown.


On July 20th, after a brief conversation with an agent from the Citizen Science Division, Alexander was safely extracted from the satellite.