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Claire's Dashboard

On June 21, 21:17 UTC, Emily posted Claire's Reddit Patient Support Thread.

Claire's patient file can be found here.

The CSD compiled a Summarisation of Claire.

Memory Block C1

Clicking the first available Memory Block C1 displayed:

Camping Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Claire.

Dreamers current state : Defensive.

Claire is very young. She seems feisty.

Please note that establishing a personal connection is an important part of the process.

Community Event

On June 22 19:40 UTC, Claire's Community Event node become active.

At the same time, Atlas-loop16 updated her Reddit support thread:

I need your help in encouraging Claire to be more friendly with us. She’s visibly upset about everything that has happened in her short life. The Myriad archive team visited Claire’s house and her mother let them search her room, it was full of comic books. Most of them were in near perfect condition, some were even signed by the artists that created them. One seems to have caught Myriad’s eye. It was a framed special edition written by Dave Gibbons. Based upon that information, I think we may be able to encourage her to be more open with us by sharing a common interest.

What I need you to do is to create your own comic books! Each of your comic books will be a huge help in earning Claire's trust. Here's some specifications:

It can be as many pages as you like

The theme of the comic should be “returning home”

Keep it G-rated

Submit it in a PDF format

You can work in a group if you prefer

I'm giving you all until 11:59 PM UTC on Monday to submit your comic books to me here on reddit.

Thank you so much for your help! I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

At 23:59 UTC the event ended with Emily posting an update to the Reddit.

UPDATE: I've given Claire your comics (by the way, they're awesome!) She's really flattered that so many people would take the time to make something for her, and she's agreed to talk with us again very soon. Right now, she's going to spend some time reading through your stories, and when she's ready to talk again I'll update it on the Dashboard. Thank you so much! This worked way better than I ever could have hoped.

Within a few hours, the Community Event node was marked complete, with the following update and a link to the Community Comics:

Claire seemed happy about the comics you made for her. She's going to read through them all, and might be ready to talk again soon. Thank you so much!

Memory Block C2

On June 27th 2018, 21:50 UTC, Claire's Memory Block C2 unlocked.

Clicking on the C2 memory block displayed:

Hospital Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Claire.

Dreamers current state: Receptive.

Claire loved your work with the comics. It will surely help us get to know her more.

Memory Block C3

Simultaneously to C2, Claire's Memory Block C3 unlocked.

Clicking on the C3 memory block displayed:

Outdoor Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Claire.

Dreamers current state: Calm.

Claire is opening up more and more. Let’s keep going.

Additional Information

During the Element 6 and Extraction countdown, two slides of new information about Claire were shown.


On July 20th, after a brief conversation with an agent from the Citizen Science Division, Claire was safely extracted from the satellite.