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Kwon Eun Ha

Eun's Dashboard

On June 15, 23:00 UTC, Emily posted Eun's Reddit Patient Support Thread.

Eun's patient file

The CSD compiled a Summarisation of Eun Ha.

Community Event

Emily's post described Eun's mental state as afraid and unresponsive. She asked the CSD to perform a number of tasks in an attempt to comfort Eun so that she might be responsive to Emily in the simulation. Emily also provided a dashboard command to retrieve Eun's Journal. CSD members were tasked with constructing a woven bracelet similar to the one mentioned in the Journal, and then take photos of the bracelet in various settings. The CSD was given 48 hours to post bracelet photos to the Reddit thread and then instructed to submit the top voted photograph.

Redditors ultimately decided to create a mosaic that included all player submissions with the most voted placed in the center. Soon after the mosaic was posted to Reddit, Emily replied with the expectation that Eun would soon become responsive. Soon after, Eun's E1 and E2 memory blocks were unlocked.

Memory Block E1

Clicking the E1 memory block displayed

Office simulation ready. Initializing connexion with Eun Ha.

Dreamer current state: Unsettled.

Finally, Eun Ha is ready to talk to us.

Memory Block E2

Clicking the E2 memory block displayed

Small room simulation ready. Initializing connexion with Eun Ha.

Dreamer current state: Fidgety.

Try to remain calm, it may help her.

Memory Block E3

On June 19, 23:30 UTC the E3 memory block became active. Clicking it displayed:

Outdoors Simulation ready. Initializing connection with Eun Ha.

Dreamer current state: Peaceful

We’re very close to gathering all we need on Eun Ha. Keep going.

Please note that establishing a personal connection is an important part of the process.

Additional Information

During the Element 6 and Extraction countdown, two slides of new information about Eun Ha were shown.


On July 20th, after a brief conversation with an agent from the Citizen Science Division, Eun Ha was safely extracted from the satellite.