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Phillip's Dashboard

On June 15, 22:00 UTC, Emily posted Phillip's Reddit Patient Support Thread.

Phillip's patient file

The CSD compiled a Summarisation of Phillip.

Memory Block P1

Clicking the first available green Memory Block P1 displayed

Interview simulation ready. Initializing connection with Phillip.
Dreamer’s current state : Nervous and agitated

Simulation: Interview Simnulator

Memory Block P2

4 hours after the first memory block was unlocked, Phillip's Memory Block P2 was activated. Emily initiated players with:

Park simulation ready. Initializing connection with Phillip.
Dreamer’s current state: Calmer than usual.
Try to remember how he reacted the first time around.

Phillip has kids. I’m going to load the Park simulation to see if it gets us somewhere.

Additional Information

During the Element 6 and Extraction countdown, two slides of new information about Phillip were shown.


On July 20th, at 19:18 UTC, the status command on Waking Titan changed to return:

Warning: Multiple Errors

Moments later, The dashboard showed that Phillip had died.