Watch Dogs 2

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A user on the watch_dogs subreddit got a bag ( when going to a fan expo in Toronto by "subscribing" to a fake offer from a fake agency called "Haum Canada", a company that sell a technology to have connected houses in Canada.

Behind the bag, there was a binary code. The translation of this code is a link to a twitter account ( A tweet in this account is a link to a video called "The key is in the Blume Logo" ( This video is long but by going to the right timestamps (1:38, 23:17, 28:27, 1:02:25, 1:03:00, 1:12:22, 1:16:25, 1:47:24, 1:53:05), you can see darts that go in the different parts of the BLUME logo.

If you go the website of Haum Canada ( and if you click on the parts of the BLUME logo in the same order of the darts, you get to this page ($/), that asks us to wait until 7th September. After waiting, the website changed to upon searching this website, you can see a link at the bottom which is 'rules and information', this describes how the page is a competition for canadian residents to submit fan art with a chance of winning a few set prizes. thus, the investigation was closed until any developments were made.