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This page is an archive of helpful tools and resources one might use in the course of solving puzzles typically found in ARGs, including encipher/deciphering, audio encoding, and steganography.

ARG Training


A series of challenges meant to teach to basic elements, techniques, and dynamics of ARGs, made in-house by the Game Detectives.


ae27ff is a series of puzzles that use the typical techniques of most ARGs. They get more difficult the higher you go. Made by Discord user crashdemons.


An annual Game Detectives tradition consisting of a series of puzzles unlocking each day over advent, with varying difficulty. Created by the GameDetectives admins.

Enigma Group

A puzzle site that has many categories of learning. They begin as really easy, but then ascend to a more difficult encounter.


A series of puzzles designed to introduce people to ARG solving. They range from easy to very hard. Levels can be gained through active participation on the official forum.

Last transmision

A short, interactive, slightly creepy story made by Discord user mai(#9088). Will put your basic puzzle solving skills to the test.

Watching You

Originally forming part of an ARG, the site now houses two series of puzzles - the originals, and a cancelled Advent version. Made by Discord users in Team Look In The Bushes.

Text-based Tools

Anagrams Word de-scrambler Word scrambler


Decodes ascii85 messages. (there's a version for encoding as well)


Converts ASCII to hex and vice versa, as well as to other number-based encryption methods.

Ave Maria Cipher

Ave Maria cipher.


Lots of encodings and encryptions.

Chaffing & Winnowing

Everything you need to know about Chaffing and winnowing.


Site with a lot of ciphers.


Has a lot of classical ciphers and more.


EMV tag search. TLV (Tag, Length, Value) byte strings into their constituent tags and sub-tags. Useful for analysing APDU traces, responses and so on. CAP calculator. Features many more features.


Features enciphering (enigma, navajo, vigenere), encoding (ASCII, Code39, Huffman), text analysis, etc.


Set of crypto-tools.


MULTIPLE methods of enciphering/encoding, uses more complicated methods and can have more processes going on at once.


Online conversion utilities.


Contains a list of mathematical problem calculations, encodings, encryptions, and many more.

HTTP Referer Extension




Extensions for Legacy Firefox, Quantum and Chrome to help modifying HTTP referers.

Iterative Anagram Solver

Decodes multi-word anagrams word by word.


List of a lot of ciphers. (It's in German, but common sense is enough. Test them out on the part where it says [ausprobieren]

Link Identifier

A tool that will guess what site a link identifier could belong to given the length. Made by Discord user A4.

Linux Command Line Encode / Decode

Use linux command line strings to encode and decode.


Allows you to decode many variations of MD5 and Sha ciphers.

Omniglot Conscripts

Has a list of alternate fonts that can be used for writing english.


PGP and GPG downloads.


Contains a detailed list of the Braille alphabet, including numbers and punctuation.

Polygraphic Substitution Systems

Breaking polygraphic substitution systems.


Word frequency analysis, can be really useful for substitution ciphers with no key.


Contains big list of ciphers.

SNOW Whitespace

Whitespace steganography.


Hides a message in what appears to be a harmless block of spam.

The Black Chamber

Has a set of text enciphering and encoding methods.

WeChall Encryption tools.

Features JPocketKnife, a conversion tool, JDicTac, a bruteforce for homemade ciphers and hashes, etc.


For text encryption, it features ROT-n, Hexadecimal, Binary, ASCII, Morse, Pattern Recognition, and separating byte data to 8 bit planes.


Multiple methods of encoding, including a personalized radix, or base, decoding. (Supports Base 2 - 36)

XOR / Byte Shift

Is used to show all 255 XOR and Byte Shift instances.

Audio Analysis


Useful program used for audio inspecting.


Software "soundcard" AX.25 packet modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder. It can be used stand-alone to observe APRS traffic, as a tracker, digipeater, APRStt gateway, or Internet Gateway (IGate).

  • NOTE: Not user-friendly!


Dual Tone Multi Frequency tones decoding.

fldigi (fldigi)

Can encrypt/decrypt a lot of audio encryption. Manual can be found here.

  • NOTE: Not user-friendly!

Ham Radio Directory Downloads

Includes 35 ham radio tools.

  • NOTE: It may not work on certain OS, and not all of them are user-friendly.

Kansas City Standard Cassette Audio Data

Can be used to encode/decode Kansas City Standard Cassette Audio Data.


Slow Scan Television Program. Alternative to RXSSTV.

OTP22 Signal Decoders

Directory for multiple methods of encryption used in otp22, ABISM tone decodings (Modified ASCII tones), NATO 5gram decoder, and another XOR program.


A program that deciphers SSTV encryption on audio tracks.


Creates spectographs of audio.


Has more radio recieving modes than fldigi, like Harris RF-3560 PSTN TIU,IRA-ARQ (ASCII-ARQ), etc. (only for decoding)

Wavepad FFT

Audio spectogram analysis.

Image Analysis


Gives a visual representation of binary files.


Can be used to upload ceefax images.


Used to find EXIF data and ID3 tags.


Allows to compare the differences of two images, and unlock steganography with passwords.


Free program. Alternative to photoshop. Can export and import raw files.


Allows for the viewing of jpeg headers, abnormalities, and outgress output.

Magic Eyes To solve magic eyes To make them.

Nonograms Used to make nonograms aaaaand to solve them.


Outguess steganography.

  • NOTE: Only works on mac. Try using a virtual machine for opening it.

Photo Forensics

Magnifier, clone detection, error level analysis, and more tools.


Online GIMP-style editor.


Punchcards simulator.

QR Codes and For making QR codes. and For reading QR codes.


Visualizes .raw files.


Web-based 3D modeling.

WeChall Tools

Features JColorSucker to grab pixel values from images.


For image steganography, wikibruse can submit delimited list of pixel bytes. Resulting file is a single plane greyscale PNG. (eg: 255,0,255,0,255,0,0,255,0 with width 3)

General Steganography / Tools

Hex Editors

  • Online hex editor.

  • Offline hex editor (has more utilities).

  • Another Offline hex editor but without needing to install it and has scripting.

HTTP referrers

Firefox extension to find HTTP referrers.


VERY useful program. Similar to Notepad but has many more utilities.


Made by the creator of ae27ff, allows for the xoring of two large files together.


Website used to run and debug code.


Made by the creator of ae27ff, allows for the xoring of two relatively small files together.