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Review Flag Settings
Accuracy Depth Readability
0 = Unapproved 0 = Unapproved 0 = Unapproved
1 = Inadequate 1 = Inadequate 1 = Inadequate
2 = Spot Checked 2 = Basic 2 = Acceptable
3 = Accurate 3 = Moderate 3 = Good
4 = Well Sourced 4 = High 4 = Concise
Marker settings
Reviewed 2 Spot Checked / 2 Basic / 2 Acceptable
Quality 3 Accurate / 3 Moderate / 3 Good
Pristine 4 Well Sourced / 4 High / 4 Concise

Article validation allows for Editors to rate revisions of articles and set those revisions as the default revision to show upon normal page view. These revisions will remain the same even if included templates are changed or images are overwritten.

We use FlaggedRevs to control revisions. We rate pages according to our Style Guide.

Revision control

Pages that are under revision control can have two different versions:

  • Stable revision is the most recent "quality" revision. Displayed by default to all users, whether logged in or not.
  • Current revision is the latest revision, whether reviewed and approved or not. Displayed by default to administrators, and visible via the "Draft" link to all logged-in users.
  • Reviewed means that an article has been looked at by an editor and approved. Such articles may still be incomplete, contain errors, or fail to adhere to the Style Guide.
  • Quality means that an article is Reviewed and has been checked for errors. Such articles may still be incomplete or updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Pristine means that an is Quality and is more-or-less complete and static.

Articles can be rated with the flags which are scaled from 0 to 3 as explained in table at the right.

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