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Bellular Hexatosis is a unity gamejam (AdventureJam at Game Jolt Jams) game created by Neotenomie and Porpentine on 18 Apr 2015. It was later released as a full game on itch.io on 06 Nov 2015.

The sigil was added on the itch.io release.


Right on the start of the game, before the title, the sigil is visible as a model behind the player. It is submerged upside down underwater.

Clicking it makes it rotate and become fully visible. Four "fingers" of the sigil light up with colours as they are clicked. After clicking them all, the sigil spins 180 degrees and a cheerful sound is played with confetti falling down.



Further in the game the player encounters four coloured mushrooms, specifically, in the Eyelands. Clicking them in the order the colours were lit on the sigil makes the piece apper.

The colours on the sigil are always assigned in order Orange — Blue — Green — Pink to the "fingers" as you click them, so the order they will be after the sigil spins around depends from the player (note the sigil spinning 180 degrees).

Bellular hexatosis piece.png

Full Walkthrough

  1. Turn around at start of game
  2. Click on the sigil underwater, then click the "fingers"
  3. Remember the order of the colours.
  4. Turn around and click the title.
  5. Go to the bedroom and speak with sister
  6. Go to the dock and click "Clouds"
  7. Proceed to the first platform and click the mushrooms in the order of colours.
  8. The puzzle piece will appear above the mushrooms.


Everything relating to the sigil model is called with the name "Passport" in the game resources and source:

  • The enumeration of colours is called Passports.
  • "Fingers" of the sigil relate to PassportDataThings.
  • event in the beginning of the game is called PassportStarter
  • event in the level with mushrooms (level8 in the game files) is called PassportBeater

Displayed below is the important part of the code of PassportBeater event. Note the use of the word "piece":

private void OnCompletedPassportJourney()
   Debug.Log((object) "show the piece!!!!");

The piece is stored as a vector data in MonoBehavior class TweenTimer. It's bound to the scene as a Unity GameObject with the name "Result" in the "level8" assets file.