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Bit Bit Blocks is a competetive mobile puzzle game developed by Greg Batha and released on iOS and Android 12 Nov 2015.

The sigil was added on release.


The sigil appears on a menu screen next to the version number of the game.

Bitbitblocks sigil.png


Hit the menu buttons repeatedly. It will start playing the melody for the Beethoven's Ode to Joy also known as Symphony No.9. Go back to the main screen and tap the 4 blocks. They expand to 8, and play notes when tapped. Play the Ode to Joy melody to obtain the piece.

Note that the piece is almost identical to Slide the Shakes one, except for a slight rotation. It's possible that StS one was provided as backup. It's also possible that we are wrong assuming it was in BBB from release, as this is not 100% confirmed.

Bitbitblocks piece.png

Discovery process notes

The game name was called out by a person imposing as the Sigil Master as a way to confirm his identity.