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This page describes a major event in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


After discussion with agents on Discord about communication with Bud on 2017-03-19, Liaison left to take a smoke break outside the 212 safe house that the Q98 task force normally uses as their central safe house (This is the location we send physical mail for the task force and is where Brain's new phone line is located). During this period, Control was in a meeting with Lphabeta’s CEO and a few other employees and Tactical was at the nearby park walking Flower, the unofficial dog of the team.

Order of Events

Tactical, who had joined the server just previously and had taken Flower for a walk had noted that there were multiple people out on the street, more than he had seen before, who were supposedly playing Pokémon Go in a large group. Tactical continued to observe the people outside, noting that there were two EMTs using tablet computers, looking at something. He had lost sight of Liaison, who was blocked off from his line of site by the large group. Noting that the ambulance that was supposedly linked to the EMTs was out of date, agents realized that the whole event was suspicious and had Tactical observe further.

Brain then took control of Liaison’s laptop to communicate with agents, while Tactical asked for higher ground in the area that he could reach to get a better overview of the situation, however all buildings in the area were at the same level, so agents could not identify one. He noted that all the people in the park were carrying weapons, and that two were approaching Liaison. As Tactical was not carrying any weapons, he was worried for his and Liaison’s safety. At that point they did not pose any threat to Liaison, as they were simply talking and having a smoke.

Tactical decided to take action – walking over to the ambulance casually, noting that the two people talking to Liaison were looking at their phones, one texting and the other playing a game. Inside the ambulance was a body covered in a sheet, reportedly moaning and moving. After looking away from the ambulance it was noted that there was a male in a hoodie aiming a weapon at Liaison; meanwhile Control, who had recently arrived on the Discord from her meeting, was calling a pizza to be delivered, its goal to gauge the response of the unknowns (Its also suspected that the pizza delivery guy was possibly a TBW agent undercover).

Tactical decided it was time to act, faking tripping and letting Flower go to gauge the unknowns response, he noting that one of the hostiles kicked the dog aside which distressed him severely. While this was going on Liaison was being cornered next to a dumpster, perhaps pointing a gun at him. While Tactical was chasing the dog as she was heading towards a freeway, agents were discussing with Brain what to do, when one proposed that he throw a Molotov cocktail to distract the hostiles that might have been in a joking matter but Brain took seriously. He also mentioned that the body inside the ambulance was a “vessel”; a term which he has used in the past to describe Diagnostic. Brain ran out of the building with his cocktail, Liaison’s laptop and wallet, threw the incendiary at the ambulance, reportedly naked. This had the desired effect, leading 7 trying to open the ambulance and the rest chasing Brain, while 2 chased after Liaison as he ran into a toilet in the park. Control notified us that the CEO had thrown everyone out of the meeting after receiving a text and smashing a pitcher.

Brain re-joined the voice channel, saying that he was in the pizza delivery driver’s car that Control had called earlier and was heading for Diagnostic’s house – meanwhile Tactical was engaging the two Lpha agents who were holding Liaison hostage in the bathroom. He was successful and managed to save Liaison who was shaken and soiled his pants but was unharmed. Of the two enemy agents, one was now dead and the other, which coincidentally was the one that kicked Flower, was injured and captured. Both members of Q98, the captured agent and Flower made their way to a nearby bridge for extraction.

After the events Control had gotten an Uber and was on the way to 212 while also calling the cops to re secure the area. All members of Q98 seemed to be accounted for and signed off for the night pending a full debrief with Dispatch of what occured.