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This page describes a major event in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Since 2017-01-12, drones have been active in the False Point region and possibly up as far as Albany, NY. The drones appeared to be fulfilling some sort of hunter killer role in hunting down rift entities but has also interfered with our operations in recovering transmissions from the moon. Since the run in with the CHRP.exe drive, an effort was made to determine the origin point of the drones to shut them down either for good or to strike a blow to the operation. On 2017-02-22, a compiled report was provided to Q98A66 which were investigated since then.

Order of Events

Progression of events provided by Liaison's report:

Site Alpha was Project Oceanology in Groton
Our observation team determined that a compromise here was allowing a third party to infiltrate and utilize drone asessts here for unusual activity
Coast Guard confirmed abnormal behavior in typical activity
We follow a suspect in van to Site B
Pine Island Marina
We identified three vessels early on that were operating with conventional masking of their purpose a civilian
They were not civilian
At this time we did not understand why they were stealing and misusing equipment from Site Alpha
Saturday, we observe the suspect, confirmed non-civilian travel to Groton New-London Airport, or site C
A strike was called early sunday morning
because it was confirmed that materials from the airport, transported as though they were emergency organs, were in fact non-human samples
Having taken control of the van at site C, our forces were already in place at site beta
Diagnostic and Tactical approached with Contraband, but some unknown method revealed our ruse
The enemy ships fled, and we allowed to think they had escaped before using sattelite tracking to observe their escape routes
High command determined that two of the fleeing vessels were dummy targets, neutralized by our own ariel drone capability, and the third vessel was briefly disabled before being boarded by Agency forces
The exchange was quick enough to offer little reason for enemy intelligence to suspect that we had gained control
The enemy agents onboard were privately hired and high command simply seized them
As hostages they continued normal evacuation to their rendevouz while our negotiating team quickly leveraged them against their employer, our enemy, whom they had no hard data on
Site Delta, the rendevouz point was here given to us as Mystic Shipyard LLC
This site was already in heavy purge/abandon mode when our agents arrived
Surrounded they released specimens to engage our forces from two larger boats, and from within a larger warehouse structure
More on the specimens later, as that is still being kept secure
I can confirm it is what Tactical (Prior) engaged in Albany
Air support delivered Diagnostic to the scene who had been placed in a blue light sealed cask with no oxygen since friday
Once delivered his cask was breached and a violent agitated entity (as was suspected) had emerged with him
Our forces were largely used to contain civilian exposure, but from the river a large group or unit of the same kind of drone we had previously engaged came to sortie
Diagnostic and his new entity had a profound effect on the specimens, and they began a engagement in the warehouse section, which had a very professional albeit non-permanent labspace
The engagement ended when Control, advised by both Medical and Brain, called for a full pull out or fall back from the delta site
High command followed this advice
The drone unit the enemy deployed surfaced after a brief sortie with our forces, and violently exploded releasing a still unknown biological agent
It is rift based
and highly toxic
At this point Brain used his connection to the hmong Spirit in Diagnostic to prod or call on the Sleeper
Which erupted and leveled the warehouse and several boats
Reports become inconsistent here
as different agents, and members of the strike force recall different events
more on that later
after roughly six hours the site was under our control
and the bio agent cleaned
Some enemy forces were injured, but the exposure to the toxic agent has killed most of them as of now
I believe we have three or four survivors in critical

Said survivors in the report have since perished but have some sort of unusual fungal like growth on their bodies currently. No further details have been provided at this time.