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This page describes a major event in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Incident reported the same day, by Medical, who was acting as temporary Liaison in his absence.


Copy from Medical's report in #ops_dawn_bloom channel follows.

Liaison and Diagnostic never checked into Albany's point. Control organized with Dispatch to search along their predicted route, and discovered through State Police Report that a vehicle matching their rental was found abandoned parked along I-90 Notrth towards Albany just outside of Hartford CT.

The car was totaled upon investigation, and the report assumes either it was removed and dumped from the crash site, or that an animal like a bear or moose had found the abandoned car.

Control, Specialist, and myself have been given a set of field agents and have setup in a commercial lease near Albany as our base of operations and investigation.
His collar [ED: Diagnostic's] was detonated when he failed to check in the evening of the 10th
The car was found on I-91 off of the Middletown exit
An explosing occured at 600 Northrop Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492.

Given the initial observations of the task force investigating, and witness reports: Liaison and Diagnostic entered the hotel unquietly, and reports on the appearance of Diagnostic are conflicting with reports of his person (I.E He had physical deformities inconsistent with his records). Things become confusing when a computer in a suitcase attached to a portable power supply is moved by either a security or service employee of the hotel. This lead to a large arguement where Diagnostic became unstable and violent about no one touching him or his personal belongings. Liaison tried to disuade him or plead with him, and several witnesses claim he was fearful or possibly acting against his will.

After, moving to a two bed room, Liaison inquired with the front desk about where he could obtain alcohol. It is not clear if they pursued that. Arguing is heard later from their room and complaints are filed from other patrons.

Liaison is seen on foot in video footage fleeing their room, injured severly (I believe actually his wound simply reopened), but camera footage by now has already begun to have interference. Witnesses report even in locked rooms hearing a high pitched whine just out of earshot at about 19:30 which many alluded to the noise a television makes when left on without input (a box tv I think they mean).

What occurs next is still not fully understood:

Liaison attempts to flee the hotel in a "Hysterical panic", and when he enters the lower lobby he falls down a set of stairs.

Reports vary, but something is chasing him that appears on any recording device as a remarkably bright light. Witness reports stated that it appeared to be a translucent figure that his varying reports on physical size, but all agree it was large. Anyone coming directly into contact was eviscerated or thrown violently with considerable force. An off duty EMT described it as similar to car accident victims being thrown through the windshield.

A child described it as "Cloaking effect with a nimbus of rainbow color, you know like in video games when something 'invisible' but it had like a rainbow around it."

It harmed dozens of people, most lethally, before heading to the pool area.

Anyone who attempted to flee the area was hunted down quickly by the phenomenal and aggressive 'unknown'.

Electronic devices only broadcast distorted noise, or did not function. Reports of this effect are in a one while radius of the event.

Hours later, we detonated the collar, and witnesses oberving the event claim there was a massive blast from within the pool, far larger then the blast anticipated from the collar.

The sound at this point becomes sharp and intense "Like low pressure or high pressure ear popping pain", before cutting out completely.

Electronics resume normal function almost ten minutes later, but the Agency had already mobilized to control the situation.
Liaison nor the car or any personal belongings are discovered on site.
Death and injury is around 58 and counting.
It is worth noting I am told this type of interference may have made the tracker signal unreliable.