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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.


Q98A66 became aware of an additional radio signal, emanating from the far (dark) side of the moon. This is the signal that Lphabeta is receiving in Pearl Harbor. Plans were made to utilize teleportation technology reverse-engineered from Triscane Labs (who the Agency encountered in Operation Prestige). A probe was eventually teleported to the far side of the moon.

Notably, Lphabeta was monitoring both the AM and FM spectra in Pearl Harbor, indicating that the Farside signals either span both spectra or there is one signal within each spectrum (similar to how we have a spoken-word and an SSTV signal).


Transmission 3 from False Point as well as transmissions 1 through 4 from the Farside transmissions are obtained by Q98A66. They're slated to be sent to Lexic_Meise on an encrypted drive to be decrypted and disseminated.


Liaison reported that Farside signal 5 was currently being received by our probe on the far side of the moon. In contrast to the False Point signals, we are positive that this signal is emanating from a point near the moon (more precisely, a field orbiting the moon). Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the SSTV signal (or a different 'sister signal') to go with the signal. Without a sister signal to align the random pieces picked up by our equipment, it's impossible to put them in the correct order. The current plan seems to be stealing the sister signal from Lphabeta.

Liaison also stated that the encrypted drive with Farside 1 through 4 would be sent on 2/8.


Control sent the Farside signals that she had stolen from Lphabeta to Lexic_Meise via email, as mailing them via the postal service was taking longer than anticipated.

Transcript 1:

mayday mayday mayday, service engineer Randall Churchill of the Faunus 2 expedition, faunus 2 do you read. I'm trying to reserve as much power as possible, (?) and my own energy reserves, I believe I have sustained severe injuries to my spine and legs, I might have a concussion. The (?) emergency response system is keeping me functional, I have standard tools and supplies with me. This night is never ending, the move stays in a fixed location which I probably could've used to direct myself back to the Faunus,could I not become so disoriented, There is something (?) just beyond the treeline observing me, nothing around here can mimic such a (Lake? Length?) so I refrain from calling out to it, FAUNUS 2 DO YOU READ! Please... I can't waste my energy on this, but I'll be tuned to channel four, checking periodically, always at 1600 hours.

Transcript 2:

Randall churchill to Faunus 2

Randall this is faunus 2

Ok I've almost reached the tip of the ship and I haven't found any damage extensive enough to account for the power outage, nothing more than anticipated impact damage


Affirmative, I'm going to try digging out the impact apex point, and return to the (??) though


Faunus 2, I-I can see something, it looks as if we've hit water, Faunus 2 do you read? I am at the apex and it appears that the ship is embedded into a lake of some sort


(Unintelligible) puddle (Lots of interference from here out)

Uh, I'm getting static, you're on the cusp of our (?)

(From here it gets more desperate) Mayday mayday mayday, HELP FAUNUS 2 FAUNUS 2 DO YOU READ I'M STARTING TO FALL INTO THE WATER MAYDAY (Water background noise)

Transcript 3:

Mayday mayday mayday, this is service engineer Randall Churchill of the Faunus 2, Faunus 2 do you read? I do not know my location, I am injured and separated from the rest of the crew, I need evac and medical assistance, I am alone. My Jurian Suit is intact, I will be tuned to channel 4, Fanus 2 faunus 2 do you read! I will be on channel 4 the agreed upon rendezvous channel at 1600 hours the agreed upon time, over.