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This page summarizes various investigations that were a part of the Dawn Bloom ARG. In some cases, more information about an investigation can be found by clicking the link at the start of each section.

Brain's List of Chores

When Brain was in direct communication with agents over the Discord channel on 26 Jan. 2017, he assigned them a list of chores.

Prepare a Dinner
Specifically, a roast, for his friends (Q98A66 and Adjective Alpha, the cat). When asked 'who are we roasting?', he responded: 'The Pentient(sic) Thief, the Comissioner(sic), the enemy of our enemy who is our enemy'
Ignore the Magistrate
Longer version: Ignore/fool/otherwise hide ourselves from the Magistrate. 'The Magistrate' was referenced to be Satoshi Kon, and several references to Paranoia Agent were given.
Find the Riomordial Sun
Also spelled Rimordial Sun, or Rodigal Son. Brain described him as 'a little boy with a very bit shadow behind him, a shadow that would consume the world.' Liaison later hypothesized that this 'rimordial sun' is a high ranking member of Lphabeta, who is the son of Oran Plaskett.

Diagnostic's Medical Status

See Also: Diagnostic's Medical Status

Diagnostic was exposed to a foreign material during an incident involving a drone attack off of False Point. The resulting symptoms and transformations are still difficult to interpret and describe.

Drones in False Point

See Also: Drones in False Point

Originally encountered on January 12th 2017, it was found that hostile UUDs (Underwater unmanned drones) were active in the area of False Point where we were attempting to receive the moon transmissions. According to a theory from Control, the drones in the area are acting as hunter killers and are hunting what is believed to be a rift entity in the area but no confirmation on what exactly has been gathered. There is no full confirmation as to who is in control of the drones but they are believed to be related to Lphabeta or SIGIL. 2 attempts have been made to capture the drones with varying levels of success but all material collected related to the drones have led to incidents of their own (see 1-18-2017 event and Turkey Mountain). One particular Agent has been noted in the operation as personally leading a vendetta against the drones and their operators and an official scorecard has been made for motivation.

Drone Scorecard
Round Drone Agent
1 W L
2 T T
3 L W
4 W L
5 L W
Score 3 3

False Point Signals

See Also: False Point Signals

The primary investigation in this Operation focuses on a series of aberrant signals picked up off the coast of Montauk, NY in the area of False Point.

Farside Signals

See Also: Farside Signals

These are the transmissions that Lphabeta were receiving from the moon that were slated to be sent to agent Lexic_Meise.

Lphabeta Infiltration

See Also: Lphabeta Infiltration

On 1-16-2017 during the observation outside the Beehive, Control had ran off and originally it was presumed that she had gone rogue. Recent events and questioning have revealed it to not be the case and was instead a chance she saw to infiltrate our enemy (who we now know is Lphabeta). Since contact was reestablished with Control she has been acting as Ms. Alma Oakley, a recent hire, within the Lphabeta company and has been leaking documents when she finds them such as the 3rd transmission we had missed. Her cover is currently still active and more documents will leak when she gets them.

Online Document Leaks

See Also: Online Document Leaks

Documents have been located online that are either cleaner versions of information that was transmitted to us in various signals, or appear to be directly related to the information contained within the signals. These documents appear to be automatically posted on the full moon across several platforms, and we have been unable to locate a vast majority of them.

Turkey Mountain Aftermath

See Also: Turkey Mountain Aftermath

Following the events of the Turkey Mountain incident, many questions have arisen about time travel, alternate realities, and kick drives. Tactical is (currently) still missing, although his arm has been found. Some members of Q98A66 believe him to be alive but in hiding, and the arm a signifier that he has been replaced by an alternate-timeline variant.

xXMoonMan420Xx Comms

See Also: xXMoonMan420Xx Comms

On 2017-03-07, Brain managed to establish an AIM account for agents to communicate with Bud on their own after being fed up being the middle man of communication. This has allowed a more direct method of communication with the expedition however the strange speech patterns and seeming lack of trust from Bud has made the effort a challenge.

Familiar Faces

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South China Sea Facility

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