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Control sent the Farside signals that she had stolen from Lphabeta to Lexic_Meise via email, as mailing them via the postal service was taking longer than anticipated. Below they are ordered in the assumed order of transmission.

Transmission 1

Randall: Randall Churchill to Faunus 2

Faunus 2: Randall this is Faunus 2

Randall: Ok

Randall: I have almost reached the tip of the ship and I still have not found any damage extensive enough to account for the power outage, nothing more than anticipated impact damage.

Faunus 2: Affirmative.

Randall: Affirmative, I'm going to try digging out the impact apex point and return to the influence zone. 

Faunus 2: Affirmative.

Randall: Faunus 2 I-I-I can see something, it looks as if we have hit water, Faunus 2 do you read? I am at the apex it appears as if the ship is embedded into a lake of some sort.

Faunus 2: Affirmative.

(Overwhelming static)

Faunus 2: Uh, I'm getting static your on the cusp of our point.


From here on out the transmissions were not a conversation, but merely Randall's pleas for help

Transmission 2

Mayday, this is Service Engineer Churchill of Faunus 2, Faunus 2 do you read? I'm taking shelter in a recycling center just short of 2.3 clicks north west from the original crash site. FAUNUS 2 DO YOU READ!? Time isn't passing very quickly like we did in the (rift?) I have been consuming far less supplies than the nutritionists have planned. I have four sustenance reinforcements, this is helping me hold out time. It has been night for what my chronometer says 6 days. But, based on my own biological means it would seem only 3 days had passed. Based on JRU's rhetoric I was knocked out for 12 hours following my head making impact with some object in the rapids. I have against my better judgement, grown hopeful that the Faunus 2 expedition's sphere of influence will head my way soon enough, I can't imagine I was thrown so far from the landing site. As always I will be on channel 4, over.

Transmission 3

Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is Service Engineer Randall Churchill of Faunus 2, Faunus 2 do you read? I-I do not know my location I am injured and separated from the rest of the crew, I need evac and medical assistance I am alone. My JRU suit is intact, I will be tuned to channel 4. Faunus 2 faunus 2 do you read? I will be on channel 4 the agreed upon rendezvous channel at 1600 hours the agreed upon time.

Transmission 4

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday Service Engineer Randall Churchill of the Faunus 2 expedition, Faunus 2 do you read? I'm trying to reserve as much power as possible, both the JRU and my own energy reserves, I believe I've sustained severe injuries to my spine and legs, I might have a concussion. The JRU's emergency response system is keeping me functional. I have standard tools and supplies with me. This night is never ending, the moon stays in a fixed location that I probably could've used to direct myself back to the Faunus, could I not become so disoriented. There is something far fluorescent just beyond the treeline observing me, nothing out of here could mimic such a light so I refrain from calling out to it. FAUNUS 2 DO YOU READ! Please... Sol Invictus, placere dimitte nobis. Sol Invictus, placere dimitte nobis. Sol Invictus, placere dimitte nobis. I can't waste my energy on this, but I'll be tuned to channel 4, checking periodically always at 1600 hours as agreed upon in case of emergency.