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This page details an investigation in the Dawn Bloom ARG.

Agents are encouraged to search for online leaked documents. A list of relevant search keywords, usernames and material can be found here.


These documents appear to be automatically posted on the full moon last moon across several platforms, and we have been unable to locate a vast majority of them.

December 2016

None of the December documents have been located, if they exist.

January 2017

We have located a handful of the January documents, all posted on 11 Jan. 2017.

Youtube Video: the kicker

Username: Chalchiuhtlicue bluegreen

Description: your buddy got out without a body

Imgur Post: Logan Aeronautic and Space Museum Presents: Faunus 2 a Piece of History

Username: Chalchiuhtlicue

Description: 38.30N 71.64W

Reddit post: 1005 nanometers by 29.55 nanometers

Username: femalemacedonia

Tumblr: Untitled

Username: femalemacedonia

Contains two images relevant to the Expedition, plus a link to password locked Tumblr documents relating to the Poltate Expedition. The password was cracked by NITE Team 4 on 6 Feb 2017. It was 'savethebiologist'. An additional image was accessed that contained a psych report for Kendrick.

Second Tumblr: Poltate Expedition Document