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Adjective Alpha is a barn cat that Q98A66 'adopted' when they moved into the secluded barn they use as a base of operations for collecting the signals off of False Point. She is a Nebelung or has an appearance similar to one. Brain is particularly fond of her, despite lighting her tail on fire when they first moved into the barn.

January 2017


Liaison was alarmed when he was told of Brain’s connection to Adjective Alpha while being briefed on the events that occurred in the Discord during the night of the 26th (See: Second Transformation), saying that he had ‘left something behind’ in her. He likened it to a demonic possession and said that it was dangerous. An exorcism of the cat was apparently planned.


Liaison told the Discord that Adjective Alpha was missing, but he seemed less than honest about it. He also took Diagnostic aside and made it clear to the agents in the Discord that he was telling Diagnostic what he was allowed to say to us about Adjective Alpha and what he wasn’t.


While checking in from the barn safehouse, Liaison spotted Adjective Alpha on a support beam overhead. The cat was subsequently captured and trapped in a glass framed shower. Apparently, she was singing somewhat loudly in a human voice, in a language that Liaison didn’t know. Liaison claims that Brain wasn’t bothered by these events.

February 2017


Agents asked for an update on Adjective Alpha, apparently, she is still singing.