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First contact

On 31st Dec. 2016, Agent madvillain reached out via email to Peter Moon, the author of the book The Montauk Project.

First email

Hi, I am writing to you because of your relationship with the Montauk Project. Recently, my organization observed very strange radio signals being broadcasted by unknown entities. The signal is not on a single frequency, but appears as increasingly larger bursts across a scaling frequency on AM spectrum. As this is not possible without a satellite in orbit, we determined that these signals were being bounced off the moon itself (a possibly irrelevant, although interesting, coincidence with your name). The age of the waves is always the same despite location, which indicates a spontaneous manifestation. Interestingly, as you approach areas in Long Island such as False Point and Hampton Bay, the signal carries more and more interference - the interference is strongest at Camp Hero, which is where your book comes in.
Your book describes the process of 'frequency hopping', where researchers at Camp Hero broadcasted signals that shifted between different frequencies incredibly fast. This is incredibly similar to the behavior of the observed frequencies. However, the observed frequencies are not in the range you gave as being experimented with - they are in the AM radio spectrum, not within 425-450 mHz. There are two messages contained in this broadcast: an elaborately encoded message which we decoded as being "HELLO YOU ARE THE MOST PERFECT WORLD", and an SSTV image describing the behavior of RNA retroviruses, with the text in the shape of Long Island.

My questions to you:
1. What, in your opinion, is the source of these broadcasts? Some in my organization believe aliens are the source, while others believe time travel is involved.
2. Would any alien lifeforms you may have encountered have sent messages of these types?
3. Is time travel likely, given the behavior of the broadcast?
4. Would researchers at Camp Hero, in any time period, have sent these messages?
5. Was any research being done at Camp Hero related to retroviruses?

Later that day, he received a reply.

Peter moon's reply

Thank you for your email, Victor. I've attached a recent newsletter about my trip to Romania last summer but only for the purpose of you getting the drift on "white noise". I'm working on a video which also addresses the subject but very briefly and not so much in the context of what you asked. The article should suffice. Aliens is a word I don't like but such a communication, according to my new vocabulary, would come from the 8th dis. mension where all potentials manifest. There is a constant effort in that dimension for different entities to communicate and/or empower themselves or even resolve situation. To reduce this to the lowest common denominator, yes, aliens and time travel would be involved....my guess. Plum Island has done most of the biological research and its connected to Camp Hero. It still exists. Can't say if Camp Hero sent them in the first place but I would guess not. There have also been signals from Europa and they are mentioned in the book "Secret Parchment". What you say is interesting and I wish I could be of more help. Above is the best I can do for now. Can you tell me more about your group?

The article mentioned in the email: Link

Madvillain's reply

Thank you very much for your time. Your help is sincerely appreciated. We may have more questions for you in the near future - I will keep you updated.
We are an independent organization dedicated to monitoring potential threats to global security and taking the appropriate responses when necessary.

Last reply from Moon

OK, Victor, and thank you. I'll be happy to hear from you.

Second contact

Agent madvillain reached out to Peter Moon again late in the evening on 6th Jan. 2017. The mail conversation follows.

Madvillain's e-mail


We have received another communication of the same type as before. You can listen to the message here, and a transcript is provided here. This message raises some very interesting questions.
1. The message starts off with "Hello Moon". Could this be in reference to you? Do you recognize this voice?
2. He speaks of "another place" that is very similar to ours, and later says "both worlds". In your book, Project Moonbeam was an experiment involving two separate timelines. Are these things likely to be related?
3. Do you have any theories on who "the others" he mentions are?
4. He mentions a cycle, and says that we must stop it. What could this be referring to?
5. "The moon you see is not the moon but a perilous device closer than we imagine." Any thoughts on what this could mean?
Thank you for your time.

Peter Moon's reply

I can't hear the audio that well. COmputer is in the shop. THis is clearly a lost soul who is "strung out" in space time. ALl sorts of theories including what you suggest apply. THis is another example of spirits being lost. FAiled time experiment? YES! We live in that realm. SOlution = grounding and breathing

Status update

Peter Moon has been vetted and approved as an outside expert for this operation. As such, Q98A66 is asking agents not to contact him directly.

Q98A66 however contacted him to gather more information, and said it would be possible to invite him to a Q&A session with the agents.