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This operation involves interaction with Special Task force Q98A66, which we have been told stands for Query 98, Admin 66. Q98A66 has five members, only four of which we have met, and only three of which regularly make appearances in the Discord channel. Those three members (Diagnostic, Control, and Liaison) are apparently able to do their jobs interchangeably, while Brain and Tactical are too highly specialized to 'swap out' with other members of the team.


Liaison handles communication between Q98A66, Division 66, and Division 79(the Division of the agents in the Discord). As a part of his job, he is sometimes tasked with disseminating information that may or may not be wholly true, at the request of Dispatch. His defining personality traits seem to be skepticism and adherence to rules and regulations. He is usually the one to come to us with new information, requests for more intel, or general commentary on the mission. Brain's name for him is 'Virgin Sacrifice'


Following the events on Turkey Mountain on 2/13/17, the Liaison that is present with us in this timeline/reality appears to be an alternate-reality Liaison from a slightly divergent timeline. Brain calls this Liaison 'Schrodinger' instead, because the original Liaison 'Virgin Sacrifice' is dead, therefore making Liaison both alive and dead at the same time.


Diagnostic has the job of handling technical and performance related testing. He seems more relaxed than Liaison, and openly states that he believes the signals we are receiving are a result of time travel. Liaison describes him as a hyperactive conspiracy theorist and a lukewarm scientist. (His previous employer has been heavily alluded to be one of the organizations in The Secret World.) Brain's name for him is 'Bitch Corivias'.

Mosin Wolf

Similar to Liaison, following the events on Turkey Mountain on 2/13/17, the Diagnostic that is with us in this timeline/reality appears to be an alternate-reality version of the same. Brain calls this Diagnostic 'Mosin Wolf', and that is the handle that he used when posting to 4chan /k/, emailing Agents for assistance, and creating a separate Discord account to communicate with Agents outside of official channels.


Control is in charge of Q98A66's operations as they relate to strategic decisions. Her personality is hard to gauge, as she isn't often in the Discord chat. Liaison has described her as duplicitous, and says she never looks the same two days in a row. She seems to be skilled in subterfuge and operating discreetly, unlike Tactical who is more interested in making a show of firepower. Brain's name for her is 'Hannah Montana'.


Brain was formerly called 'Specialist', but also goes by 'Uncle AiXXXXXXXXXXXXX'. He appears to be unstable psychologically and poses a threat to himself and those who surround him. What he contributes to the team isn't entirely clear, but he is ostensibly Q98A66's specialist in esoteric or unique information. Brain used to collaborate with the Oakvalley Sleep Center on a lucid dreaming method, called the "Glasswick Technique". He was also formerly a librarian, then a literature professor, and finally a dean at Yale in the 70s before whatever caused him to become the way he is now occurred. His identity has since been more or less erased. He has the ability to use subliminal messaging and hypnotism to essentially leave parts of his mind with people or in places so that he can monitor them. Liaison claims this is dangerous, because it leaves those who have these 'parts' with them open to other things taking advantage of the situation. Liaison has stated that Brain has used the internet to disseminate dangerous information in the past, and has expressed concern that in his contact with agents he will do this again. Because he isn't allowed online, Agents requested a mailing address to communicate with him. He can be contacted by mail at:

212 Showroom 68-10 58th Avenue Apt Nine Flushing New York 11378


Tactical is focused on 'in person' threats. If agents are contacted by Tactical, it means Q98A66 is under attack or otherwise compromised. Liaison has said that the rest of the team doesn't see Tactical that often. He apparently moves from place to place using a helicopter, and was the person to originally gather all the team members together. In the one interaction that agents had with Tactical, his demeanor was serious but he was still comfortable cracking jokes. When two women who Control had used to send a message to the rest of the team were found dead, with brain damage indicating that the Glasswick technique had put them both into comas, Tactical spent 12 hours applying 'advanced interrogation techniques' to Brain in the basement of the Barn. This has caused many of the Div79 Agents to become less than fond of him. Brain's name for Tactical is 'Manlet'. As of 2017-02-10, Tactical is listed as MIA after it was believed he encountered hostiles within water treatment tunnels at Albany. On 2017-02-15, what is possibly Tactical's arm and his clothing was recovered from the Hudson river with some unknown substance. The wounds on the arm indicate a weapon similar to the jaws of life was used. At this time it is unknown if Tactical is actually dead or simply out of communication due to conflicting information from Brain regarding the arm and a few attempts have been made to locate or contact him with no success.

War Watson

War Watson, the name that Brain had picked for the replacement for Tactical, is the replacement that was brought into Q98A66 on 2017-03-07 after a vote was conducted for Tactical's replacement on 2017-03-03. Currently an existing member of the Black Watchmen, he had an extensive background that most agents on the discord felt was the best fit, especially medical training, as listed below:

2 tours in Iraq. 44 1/2 confirmed kills. Close Quarters Urban combat experience, Medical trained, Only one fellow soldier under command lost on mission (Allergic reaction).

Originally War Watson was believed to behave similar to the previous Tactical but in actuality seems to be the complete opposite. One big example is on his way to 212 to join the team he picked up a stray dog he found at the side of the road and brought it with him and once he was situated he took the dog to the vet and got supplies to take care of it. Inadvertently the dog, named Flower, has become a member of the team after the original owners ended up giving the dog to Tactical to take care of as the original owners felt they were too old to take good care of her. He also tends to refer to kills as "permanent retirement" and he's alot more talkative on the Discord compared to previous Tactical even so far as to maintain private correspondence with a few agents. His weapon of choice appears to be the Wesson 715.


Archivist is Diagnostic's biological brother. He was recruited to the Taskforce when the Agency was attempting to contact Diagnostic's next of kin. His job is to record information about the operation and convert that information into Archive documents suitable for distribution across the Agency. Diagnostic cut contact with him about 8 years ago when he joined up with his previous employer, so their relationship is somewhat strained. He will be in contact with Archivist Wheeler at some point in the future to obtain additional information for the operation from the Agency archives.


Medical is also known as Dr. Talcom. He specializes in bioweaponry (both development and counteraction). Most of Q98A66 seems to dislike him, probably because he wanted to use Rupture Bone on Diagnostic during his episode on 1-26-2017. He appears to have a lot of pull in the agency, as Liaison mentioned him being present whenever unknown biologics were encountered. Before joining the Taskforce in person, he traveled to Scotland, and then to Toronto. He briefly filled in for Liaison during the Turkey Hill incident, and the Div79 Agents on hand at the time noted that he preferred to communicate in long posts similar to emails rather than short messages like what one would typically see in an instant messaging platform like Discord.