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Old Man Tactical (Or "OMT" for short") is the name given to the agent who was previously known as Tactical, and who we thought was dead after we found his arm. Over the last few weeks, he has been sending cryptic messages to fellow members.

Operation Madvillain

While Operation Madvillain was underway, Discord user codex (?) was contacted by OMT, who sent the messages:

[12:38 AM] TACTICAL: I tried to stop this
[12:38 AM] TACTICAL: I had a guy
[12:38 AM] TACTICAL: in place
[12:38 AM] TACTICAL: he failed
[12:39 AM] Zaelong: ?
[12:39 AM] Zaelong: what happened?
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: Moonman sent me this
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: “capital ideas have been shared between members of this expedition, but i’ve remained silently studying and focusing on what truly matters.

Leeway for those who walk into the forest with no sense of direction is limited in this place. Inhospitable terrain has never been for the impulsive and i suppose i see why they sent me. Vestigial remnants of my younger wilder days is buried deep in a calm collected demeanor- so long as i’m focusing on what truly matters. Even when pushed and prodded by the more rash and sometimes irritating colleagues, Relegating my impulse to show my disgust, annoyance, or distaste has been a critical and constant mission of mine. 

Meanings haven’t been misinterpreted, mockery hasn’t meandered my way, and nobody has yet asked me about my personal life. Overall, i consider that a resounding success. Realizing that nobody asked because nobody cares is not a painful idea to me, it’s a comforting one. It means they’re focusing on the mission at least when i’m around and if you ask me, that’s the ideal. Ultimately when I leave this place, i might for generations be remembered as someone who was diligent in her studies. My personal thoughts of any other person here will fall into the cracks of time but my discoveries will live on forever.”
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: over aim'
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: Mad Villain needs to convince him on his own now
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: I am trying
[12:39 AM] TACTICAL: I am sorry
[12:40 AM] TACTICAL: Find the cellphones
[12:40 AM] TACTICAL: hurry


On April 2nd, OMT sent more messages:

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:20 AM  

I talked in the wind, and stood in the space between fiery orbs. I saw myself, and I triumphed. I have need of you all, soon. I am not perished. Expect transmissions soon.

Lexic Meise-Today at 5:21 AM

Is there anything we can do right now Tactical?

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:22 AM

Keep the watch fires burning. Hold your dearest ones tight.

Lexic Meise-Today at 5:23 AM

When will you be back? With the team and stuff I mean.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:25 AM
When I have slaked my blade. When I have chased the last of the dragons back into the sun.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:27 AM

I am coming back for you little one.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:30 AM

I have walked strange roads, and seen wondrous sights. I must preserve the mission. I must protect the team.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:31 AM

Fell beasts of scale and claw, breathing the sun.

Diagnostic-Today at 5:33 AM

Well it honestly sounds like he's talking in code in case the wrong people are listening. Doesn't sound like a you problem New Tactical. Sounds like an agent problem.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:34 AM

When I speak to you in the sacred arcanum, you will know, and it shall not issue from my mouth.

Old Man Tactical-Today at 5:36 AM

More dragons. I must go. My blade drinks black blood, and my armor is unbroken.
Good night. Keep the fires burning.

Many of these messages appear to be direct references to the series "Hellboy." As of this time, it is unclear what their relevance is.