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Part 0: Codi

Trailhead the First

Pro Hackerz

On 2016-03-17, a post appeared on /r/gamedetectives saying that Teragon Group's website had changed. Six hours later, Discord user VintageKeith checked the page and found that it was hacked by an entity named Codi.

Four hours later, the site reverted to its usual look.

Baphomet Studio's YouTube channel was updated following the hack and uploaded this video.

The next day this video appeared on the channel, with the description saying it was "sponsored by Codi". The game shown in the video is *Stardew Valley*, and this channel was discovered through this hint.

A Warm Welcome

The video Hi There drew attention as it was the newest one and different to the others. The text said:

Hi there.
My name is Codi.
Do you want to know me?
Let’s see if you're smart enough.
Solve this riddle.
[Mirrored] See you on the other side.

The video itself is flashing images of asterisks.

More videos here and here were added.

The first video is the Star Spangled Banner (American national anthem), and the second one is Twinkle Twinkle.

Over the night multiple videos were put up and down on the Baphomet Studios YoutTube channel, but two new clues stayed here and here.


Constellations & Team Fortress 2

The constellation inside the video was discovered on 2016-03-18 to be the Camelopardalis constellation after many camel-related clues were given.

Using all previous hints this blog was discovered by spelling Camelopardalis backwards.

This post and this post were combined into a single image shown here and here.

Using TF2 themed posts and the hint about Tumblr, this Tumblr blog was discovered as an anagram of the images merged together.

This post on Tumblr also lead to this video. A solved version of the image in the Tumblr post can be seen here.

After many hours of suffering and chasing after wrong ciphers, Discord user Randomiser found this ask.fm account, which led us here.

However, the ARG was put on hiatus - read more here.

Don't Stop Me Now

Roughly eight hours after the ARG went on hiatus, nserubetclu was spelled out by Discord chat user VintageKeith from the first letters of the maps, leading to /r/turbulences.

On April 5th 2016, 15 days after the cancellation of Teragon 2/Codi, the reddit user /u/TonyWan started posting in the League of Legends and DoTA 2 subreddits. This is interesting because Tony Wan is a character from the first Teragon ARG.

The DoTA 2 post was a link to a Twitch channel called "thehiddenmessage". It showed the DoTA hero select screen with a robotic voice reading out Buddhist transcripts.

The LoL post linked to a website claiming to have secret information on certain teams from popular eSports games.

People's ARG senses were tingling, especially with the link to Teragon. More investigation was done on the website and Twitch stream which led to more discoveries, somewhat confirming an ARG.

Part 0: eSports Gossip

Trailhead the Second