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This page is about the character that appeared in EFS. For the part of the ARG also known as Codi, see the EFS timeline.


Gender Female
Location Unknown
Affiliation Order of the Crimson Temple
ARG appearances EFS
First appearance 2016-03-19

Codi was an 18-year-old hacker who was later revealed to be a fabrication by OCT, along with Malena. She ran a series of puzzles that were cut short due to a lack of interest. Her main sites were the Siladrapolemac blog and the Pyro is a Spy Tumblr, but she also hacked the Baphomet Studio YouTube channel.


Codi has a sister named Anna[1] who she despises and an ill mother who she cares for.


She claimed to be "somewhat good" at hacking and listed the Council for Foreign Policy, Teragon, and the McAllen Bank as her targets[2].