Emet's Crossing

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Emet's Crossing
Active since 2020-09-25
Type Unofficial
Discovered 2020-09-25

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On September 25 a strange website was found, appearing to be a newspaper site for a town called Emet’s Crossing, which didn’t show up on any maps. From the articles in the site, multiple of them focused on a problematic individual by the name of Alexander “Zander” Jones, who was involved in various illegal activities and currently on the run from the police. After looking for information on this individual, solvers came across the twitter page of Zander, which was clearly connected, as one of their tweets linked directly to an article on the Emet’s Crossing Gazette site. Upon further inspection of Zander’s twitter page, multiple twitter accounts were found to have a connection to Emet’s Crossing. This page documents all the people and entities connected to this seemingly fictitious town, and will be continuously updated as its mysteries are uncovered.


One of Zander’s tweets led to a YouTube video of an eccentric, Marxist-themed workout trainer. Their YouTube channel, named CRED TV contains 5 different series hosted by 5 different people. CRED stands for Creative Reality Entertainment Division. The 5 different series include: ‘Stu’s Got Beef,’ ‘How Long?’ ‘You Deserve This,’ ‘Tech Support,’ and ‘No Chains Mad Gains.’ Team Takedown supposedly hacked their account, although it was reclaimed by the next day. Link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeRealityEntertainmentDivision These are Twitter accounts connected to CRED, found through their interactions with Zander’s twitter and between themselves: https://twitter.com/CREDtechsupport https://twitter.com/gimmesomecred Note about the Alienation Workout video: the number of reps for each exercise are 45, 100, 100, 237 respectively. This fits the format of an IP address but I’ve had no luck reaching anything.

Outrage Nation Fitness

Not to be confused with CRED’s “No Chains Mad Gains”, Outrage Nation is a program led by Ashley Bancroft aimed towards helping people reach a fit state by channeling their rage. Found from a Twitter account following / being followed by Zander. She has an Instagram page, where she goes live seemingly every Friday at 7 PM. She titles these occurrences FineWineFridays. Website: https://outragenationfitness.com Outrage Fitness is interested in Maximum Required Effort as mentioned in a tweet and IG streams. They also want to be sponsored by Tormentors R Us, as mentioned in a tweet and IG streams Friday 9/25/20 Stream: Several members of the Game Detectives discord were able to attend the Outrage Nation Instagram stream on Friday 25th. There was a lot of casual conversation and chat interaction with the audience (most of whom are assumed to be from Emet’s Crossing). Ashley mentioned that she wanted a sponsor for Outrage Nation that fit her brand. Upon detectives mentioning Tormentors R Us in chat, she responded that she was a fan and would love to get sponsored by them. Towards the end of the stream, Ashley mentioned an interesting service called the Isolation Web, and left a link to it once the stream was over. The full recording of this stream is available on the Outrage Nation IG page. Clicking on “Join Us” on the Outrage Nation site takes you to a sign up page featuring Zander Ashley had personal information leaked by Team Takedown on 9/29/2020.

Maximum Required Effort (MRE)

A website discovered when it was shared by Outrage Fitness on their twitter. They also seem to provide slightly unconventional products and services, such as a “slap in the face”, or “telling your partner that you’re cheating on them.” The “Manifesto” tab leads to a page requiring a passcode to access. The need for a passcode was mentioned during the Outrage Fitness stream, and is the first sign of a concrete puzzle that needs solving. At the top of the page currently, there is Morse that translates to “THERE WILL BE USEFUL INFORMATION HERE AS SOON AS 35 PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER”. It’s possible that the passcode will be unobtainable until enough people have signed up for the newsletter. Those who signed up for the newsletter received a response in ROT cyphers, as well as morse. 1. Na narpqbgr nobhg jura lbh snprq nqirefvgl naq birepnzr gung nqirefvgl gb orpbzr fgebatre. Cyrnfr or qrgnvyrq jvgu lbhe qrfpevcgvba: ubj qvq gur nqirefvgl srry, jung jnf gur jrngure yvxr jura lbh jrer snpvat guvf nqirefvgl, jurer va gur jbeyq jrer lbh, ubj qvq guvf nqirefvgl pbzr gb lbh, jung jnf gur gbc guerr guvatf lbh yrnearq sebz guvf nqirefvgl 2. Pda jwiao wjz aiweho kb pdnaa kpdan bahhks dqiwjo sdk ywj ranebu ukqn dqiwjepu wjz skqhz wppaop pk ep qjzan kwpd ej w ykqnp kb hws 3: Vsxuc dy iyeb cymskv wonsk zkqoc, sxmvensxq Pkmolyyu, Sxcdkqbkw, Dgsddob, kxn VsxuonSx - --- / .- -.-. -.-. . ... ... / - .... . / -- .-. . / ... - --- .-. . --..-- / .-- . / -. . . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / - --- / .. -. -.-. .-. . .- ... . / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -- .. -. .. -- ..- -- / .-. . --.- ..- .. .-. . -.. / . ..-. ..-. --- .-. - / .- -. -.. / - --- / .- -.-. - ..- .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / .-- --- .-. -.- / ..-. --- .-. / - .... . / .- -.-. -.-. . ... ... .-.-.- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / ... ..- -... -- .. - / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .- -. ... .-- . .-. ... / .- ... .- .--. / .- -. -.. / .-- . / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / --. . - / -... .- -.-. -.- / - --- / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .. - .... .. -. / --... ..--- / .... --- ..- .-. … These translate to: 1. An anecdote about when you faced adversity and overcame that adversity to become stronger. Please be detailed with your description: how did the adversity feel, what was the weather like when you were facing this adversity, where in the world were you, how did this adversity come to you, what was the top three things you learned from this adversity 2. The names and emails of three other fellow humans who can verify your humanity and would attest to it under oath in a court of law 3: Links to your social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn TO ACCESS THE MRE STORE, WE NEED YOU TO INCREASE YOUR MINIMUM REQUIRED EFFORT AND TO ACTUALLY WORK FOR THE ACCESS. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS ASAP AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 72 HOURS Some of us were actually dumb enough to do this, god help us. As of October 6, the people who sent in emails received a coded email that serves as the starting point to a series of puzzles, eventually giving access to the MRE store.

Tormentors R Us

Found through their Twitter page as well as interactions with other characters. Their website sells multiple harassment services ranging from annoying Facebook debates to comprehensive identity theft. It seems possible to actually spend money on this site. On checkout, they have a space to enter a coupon code. This may or may not be relevant. They sponsored @outragenationfitness on IG on September 29 (product was called Cat Fight: For Her). A cat podcast ‘Frisky Talk & Tall Tails’ objected to this stereotypical depiction of cats. Upon attempting to buy an item, game detective IZYN received a message scolding them for attempting to utilize the website’s services. In particular, the website labeled them as an internet bully.