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Exagen is the prequel for [[Society_X]], by the same creators.
Exagen is the prequel for [[Society_X|Society X]], by the same creators.
== The Beginning ==
== The Beginning ==
On August 16, 9:05 PM UTC Time, A discord user by the name of Charles J. Cruz posted a link in the Game Detectives, and SCX discord with a message.
On August 16, 9:05 PM UTC Time, A discord user by the name of Charles J. Cruz posted a link in the Game Detectives, and SCX discord with a message.

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Active since 2017-08-16
Cutting Edge Research
Type [[List_of_Investigations#Independent|Independent]]
Creator Prime and ICallHax
Discovered 2017-08-16

Exagen is the prequel for Society X, by the same creators.

The Beginning

On August 16, 9:05 PM UTC Time, A discord user by the name of Charles J. Cruz posted a link in the Game Detectives, and SCX discord with a message.

Charles J. Cruz - Today at 9:05 PM
The Government needs to stop lying. http://bobbywatersconspiracy.ga/

The site had a contact email, and a bitcoin address.

(The bitcoin address was removed shortly after)

Upon contacting the email, Bobby Waters responds:

From: Bobby Waters <[email protected]> 22:37 (43 minutes ago)   

Hi *,

I have posted my website on many websites and social media platforms as a form of self promotion. 

And while I don't directly need help for my story on Exagen Laboratories, I would recommend for you to educate yourself on the issue. While Exagen has been pretty quiet for the whole 12 years that they have been allowed to operate on our tax dollars, they are slowly starting to become more public. I'm sure you'll be able to find more about them somewhere online.  


Looking for "Exagen Laboratories" on youtube brought this link.

A frame from the video showed another link, which as of now only reads "Coming Soon".

Upon contacting Bobby Waters again about the video and website findings, this is what he responds.

From: Bobby Waters <[email protected]> 23:03 (2 minutes ago) 

Hi *,

Good work! 

I was already aware of the website and the video however I wanted to encourage you to go out there and look for it yourself. The website has been up for a few days and it seems that Exagen is trying to launch a site as part of them becoming more public. It seems like the website is currently only a default coming soon page but, I would expect the site to come online somewhere within the next week or two. 


This gives the info that the Exagen Laboratories site is coming online "within the next week or two."

Exagen Laboratories

On September 8, at 8:03 UTC, https://exagen.org/ changed to say Website in developement, opening September 10, 2012.

On September 10, at a currently unknown time, the forementioned Exagen website fully opened. When on the site, there are four links. The home page, an about page, a page listing their projects, and a page for applying for a job at Exagen.

The home page lists the fields Exagen succeeds in, and why they succeed in those fields.

The fields Exagen is successful in.

The about page has what is called Exagen's Mission which reads the following:

Exagen's plan is to create a better future. We are working hard making revolutionary discoveries in medicine, technology, and general science. We want to make the world a better place by stepping on things such as cancer, down syndrome and other diseases and disorders that make life difficult. We want everyone to have a happy, long lived life.

Exagen has created over 20 different medicines, all making life a little bit better.

The projects page lists 3 drugs in production by Exagen, Amantensin, ZTil, and Decontynal.

Amantensin is a drug being developed to help level out cholesterol levels in men over the age of fourty.

ZTil is a sleep aid being developed to help people suffering from Insomia.

Decontynal is a work in progress brain stimulant being developed with the goal of alleviating symptoms of schizophrenia.

On the bottom of the home page lies the link to the Careers page. The page read the following:

Getting started with Exagen careers

We are looking for talented individuals with majors in the fields of Bio-Chemistry, General Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering. If you're interested in working with Exagen, please email [email protected]

On September 11, 11:49 PM UTC, users who emailed the careers address recieved a message back consisting of a link to a hidden page on the Exagen site. The page consisted of a white screen with a code on it.


As of this edit, the code has not yet been solved. This page will update as more is uncovered.