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Society X
You are not alone.
Type Unofficial
Creators Prime & ICallHax
Discovered 2016-10-26

Day 1

The Beginning

On October 26, 2016, at about 19:00 EDT, Discord user Prime came into the GameDetectives server, and said:

so i have a website, and it was getting DOSed (by one IP), I traced that ip and got to, I looked through the source code and found a link to a password page. i posted it to the ohnickel discord, then while i was looking around at my sites files, i found "lol.html" <<my website <<hacking site <<the file i found

The Homepage

The SocietyX homepage displays the text "" written in ASCII art, and displays a looping video in the background of the page. Clicking on a specific character in the "t" in society leads the user to a new page, which prompts the user for a password. The source of the password page contained the following text:

	     __     __                                        _   
             \ \   / /                                       | |  
              \ \_/ /__  _   _    __ _ _ __ ___   _ __   ___ | |_ 
               \   / _ \| | | |  / _` | '__/ _ \ | '_ \ / _ \| __|
                | | (_) | |_| | | (_| | | |  __/ | | | | (_) | |_ 
                |_|\___/ \__,_|  \__,_|_|  \___| |_| |_|\___/ \__|
                                | |                   
                            __ _| | ___  _ __   ___   
                           / _` | |/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \  
                          | (_| | | (_) | | | |  __/_ 
                           \__,_|_|\___/|_| |_|\___(_)

The Password

The correct password was found to be the string "Z8L0N2G," the characters of which are repeatedly displayed in the looping video on the homepage.

Once the password was entered, another string appeared, "gk1qk." When entered into the prompt, it revealed the text:

Caw Caw, Tweet Tweet c:
Together, but not together.

9a78211436f6d42~5ec38f5c4e02270801f3524f8 is a Sha1 hash for @9a78211436f6d42, which lead to a Twitter account that had made a single tweet:


c: <3

47425e4490d1548713efea3b8a6f5d778e4b1766 was found to be another Sha1 hash for "php." This lead to another page, titled "Love." The page then slowing printed text, which read:

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "You are here, and we are here."
You are here, and we are here.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "Your curiosity must get the better of you sometimes."
Your curiosity must get the better of you sometimes.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "I love SocietyX."
I love SocietyX.

~$ echo "<a href="qut1eLkzbp.php">Sometimes, the answer is you.</a>"
Sometimes, the answer is you.

Smart Little Butterflies

The last message from "Love" leads to another password prompt. The password is the user's IP.

Entering it gives the text Aren't you a smart little butterfly!. Additionally, the following appears in the source code of the page:

!--  _--_                                     _--_
/#()# #\         0             0         /# #()#\
|()##  \#\_       \           /       _/#/  ##()|
|#()##-=###\_      \         /      _/###=-##()#|
 \#()#-=##  #\_     \       /     _/#  ##=-#()#/
  |#()#--==### \_    \     /    _/ ###==--#()#|
  |#()##--=#    #\_   \!!!/   _/#    #=--##()#|
   \#()##---===####\   O|O   /####===---##()#/
    |#()#____==#####\ / Y \ /#####==____#()#|
        ()#y#/      ##\_#_/##      \#S#()
       ()#1#(__-===###/ _ \###===-__)#O#()
      ()#F#(   #  ###_(_|_)_###  #   )#C#()
      ()#K(---#__###/ (_|_) \###__#---)I#()
      ()#r#( / / ##/  (_|_)  \## \ \ )#E#()
      ()##Y#\_/  #/   (_|_)   \#  \_/#T##()
       \)##SO#\ -)    (_|_)    (- /#OY##(/
        )//##B.php|    / | \    |*OOOX#\(
        |/_####_/    ( /X\ )    \_####_\|
       /X/ \__/       \___/       \__/ \X\
      (#/                               \#)-->

The text in the bottom right of the butterfly leads to y1FKrYSB.php. The page reads Well, that's it. You've won. Congrats.

The title of the page is 8utt3rfl1, which leads to another .php link. Upon visiting the page, it begins to draw a butterfly. The background fades to white, revealing the text I <3 SCX. Viewing the page source shows this:

	     __     __
             \ \   / /
              \ \_/ /__  _   _    __ _ _ __ ___
               \   / _ \| | | |  / _` | '__/ _ \
                | | (_) | |_| | | (_| | | |  __/
                |_|\___/ \__,_|  \__,_|_|  \___|
                                | |
                            __ _| | ___  _ __   ___
                           / _` | |/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \
                          | (_| | | (_) | | | |  __/_
                           \__,_|_|\___/|_| |_|\___(_)


The butterfly page leads to a link, I<3SCX.html. After about twenty minutes, the page started to change. At first, the page changed from fading to white to fading to red. Eventually, the I <3 SCX changed to I HATE SCX.

The PM began to use the page to communicate:





At this point, the Discord users began to try to attempt to learn if the PM was in Discord with them. Discord user Lucario posted you know it :wink: , which was immediately posted on the page.

The PM began to post more messages:

I love you too Lucario

sorry my dad called me, which was another quote from a Discord user.

get off my website

Finally, the text went blank, and was then replaced with:

See you tomorrrow? You guys might get a surprise tomorrow <3 :)

Day 2

First discovered at 8AM EDT, the I<3SCX page had updated. The comment now read v=ObU98LCo_Xs , pointing to a youtube video.

A frame of the video contains a sha1 hash, ce91ec4cccd5ee41c080fa62d2bceb0b41a18445, which reads "ihatex," leading to a page of the same name.

A garbled text-to-speech reads You're smart, and I was not expecting it. I know you all, you cute little bugs. The metadata of the mp3 reads SMART LITTLE PUPPY ARENT YOU... 482bcddc8fe53ed1e68c77a95aab5f83

It contains an md5 hash for "discord," which leads to a page that redirects to an invite link to a server named "scx," with one channel, "#2-," with the description "you get two minutes."


After about an hour, a user (scx#7056) began to speak in chat. A full log follows:

Brendan: echo "I love SocietyX."
Brendan: I love SocietyX.
Brendan: oh yeah tru you can't have non-tagged bots anymore
Brendan: hm

scx: I love SocietyX

Brendan: I love SocietyX
B.: I love SocietyX

scx: I do too

B.: Why do you love SocietyX

scx: It is not that I love SocietyX, It is that SocietyX loves me.
scx: It exists
scx: And does not
scx: We are it
scx: And it is us

holyhearted: so
holyhearted: if it's a society
holyhearted: who is part of it

scx: It is a thing and it is not

holyhearted: well that's just
holyhearted: really weird

scx: The world is weird

holyhearted: no, just you
Brendan: savage
A4: what does "you get 2 minutes" mean?
A4: and how do we proceed further

scx: We are all it.
scx: Everyone is a part of it now

Brendan: spooopy

scx: Everything 

Brendan: okay now we getting creepy

scx: That is all you need to know.

“Everything screams in my dreams tonight”, is a quote from Suzanne Collins’s Mockingjay. It is unknown if that is relevant at this time.

After noon, SCX said something again:

TronLegacy1: wait...
TronLegacy1: scx mentioned something
TronLegacy1: it exists but it does not
TronLegacy1: It's like the elder scrolls in the elder scrolls
TronLegacy1: they have all ways existed but always never have

scx: It is not that someone created it, but rather that an alternate meaning is present

Later, SCX posted another message, 7a3gh64m. It leads to a page titled "It's Everywhere" containing a riddle:

What has no hands but grips you tight and squeezes out your grit? 
What whispers warnings in your ear and makes you lose all wit? 
What has no fangs yet bites down hard and causes valor’s bleed? 
What makes the indomitable spirit of man concede?

The answer to this riddle was "fear". Hashing this with sha1 lead to a new page with a hidden comment:

<!--Hey Babe, Wanna Chat at 5?-->

Hovering over the o in the A in fear gave a prompt: "They're Watching." Some users noticed the cheet module loaded on this page, without a call. However, this was quickly removed.


5 hours later, SCX came into #2- to chat.

scx: Hey babe.

Lucario: hey hey

scx: How was your day?

Tron: Good, how are you

scx: I'm good.

Prime: Who is watching?

scx: They are watching.

Tron: Who is?

scx: they are.

Tron: Who are "they"

scx: They.

Lucario: Why are you doing this?

scx: Why not.

scx: Who am I?
I am you.

Tron: Who is Society X?

scx: SocietyX is a revolution.

Lucario: what kind of revolution?

scx: A Society Revolution.

ICallHax: what is the next clue?

scx: babe, if I dont respond right away, im browsing reddit btw
whats the next clue?
I don't know.

Tron: K babe, but will we see you again?

scx: I don't know.


scx: You're quick. Props.
I must go now. Love you babe 😘

A player found a reddit post by the PM that reads:

hi guys!!! YQ== I'm new, I was bg== wondering what this subeA==reddit is for?????? aQ==I'm new to reddit and dont know how to ZXQ= use it! help meQ==??!

There are snippets of Base64 in his post, which decode to a n x i et y, which leads to another page titled "THEYRE AROUND ME," with text reading "THEY'RE ALL AROUND ME. HELP ME. HELP."

The page plays an audio file that contains a spectrogram that reads zUiAUtQ8. This led to another page titled ".", with text only reading "Yes."

Additionally, taking the B64 snippets and removing the "=" seemed to lead to a page with the text "What is life?'s never ending pain." with an HTML comment of:

Shortly after, scx came back into discord:

faa: scx, are you here?

scx: i am here.

B.: Would you like to talk

scx: Why would I risk my anonymity.

The Lone Mimikyu: How do you feel, @scx?

scx: Lonely.

Tron: Any good emotions?

scx: No.

PinkSkie1: Can we help you?

scx: No.

Mimikyu: Why don't you?

scx: Why do I not what?

Mimikyu: Feel any good emotions;

scx: Sometimes, I feel as though I am two.

Tron: The man with two souls. A ref to Doctor Jec and Mr Hide

scx: 'Man.'

Halke234: What are you?

scx: I am neither.
I am nothing.
I am Emptyness.
I am darkness.
I am alone.
I am fear
and I am feared.
Fear is everywhere.
But that's okay.
We all deal with it.

Pink: We have nothing to fear but fear itself?

scx: We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Yes.
But what is fear?
Is it the inevitably of death? A misuse of imagination?

Tron: Or is it Fear itself?

scx: That is a loop. It just does not check out.

Mimikyu: We are told to fear all our life.

scx: I don't fear death.

Pink: What do you fear?

scx: I fear myself.

The Next One

Discord user ICallHax's version of updated to show You're next on the main page.

Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that Hax's website,, also contains a "lol.html" page that mirrors Prime's.

On SCX's discord, both Prime and Hax have a role titled "Loved." Additionally, SCX has the role of "unloved."

Day 3


The video embedded in zUjAUtQ8 is called "null.mp4", and is 42 seconds long. Various words and phrases are in the video, and have different counts:

hOLD 1+2
(Lonely?) Unhappy 1
Sad 1
dREAMING 1+2+4
hELL 1+1+3
Anger 1
Unhappy 1
Depressed 1
12481631 1
Kill 1+1+1

In addition to this, a spectogram revealed "C," "JO," and "4" between the words.

This clue took a while to decipher, which made the PM impatient.

scx: I'M DONE
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: With what?
Prime: with what
scx: I
scx: AM
scx: DONE.
Fruitbread: no you’re scx
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: What are you done with?
ICallHax: ?
scx: I SWEAR
Yeti: nice 1 bread
Fruitbread: thx @Yeti
Prime: rood
TronLegacy1: ....
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: @scx  I am truly sorry for the memes.
TideSinger: Im offended
TideSinger: My memes are dank
CrystalShyps 💤: can’t even spell imbicile right, ironic
scx: SHUT
Shypwreck: LMAO
TideSinger: Shhhhh guys
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: I ruined this.
!!"Ą͝͝ńǫ̶̕r̨a͏k̨̢͜": I like your stuff It looks cool too bad I cant change audio to something legible
faa8146: Are you dying?
scx: IT
scx: OUT.
scx: I'm lonely.
scx: and Sad.
scx: I'm missing something.
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: Its ok, @scx
T͡he̸ Mimikyu: We all feel lonely.
scx: You're missing something.
TronLegacy1: I am missing a mind
!!"Ą͝͝ńǫ̶̕r̨a͏k̨̢͜": C    J0    4
scx: We're missing something.

On 29 Oct 2016, the source of zUjAUtQ8 was found to be different than the original non-HTML page, and it showed:

<body class="fade a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a   ">
    <video playsinline autoplay loop poster="#000000" id="bgvid">
    <source src="media/null.mp4" type="video/mp4">

In addition to this, the word "Anxiety" was spelled out in different pieces throughout the code.

From this addition to the code, we were able to find the next clue, which was at the URL. This was found by combining the letters found in the spectrogram and the first letter of every word/phrase repeated in null.mp4.

The URL leads to a timer, which counts down to approximately 18:00:00 on 31 Oct 2016. However, for Prime, the countdown ends at 21:00:00 on 29 Oct 2016. It was thought that this was related to Prime's role of "loved" in the scx Discord server. However, ICallHax, who also has this role, saw that the countdown ends on 18:00:00 on the 31st as well, so does not seem to be related to the "loved" role.


During the two days before the countdown ended, the PM, SCX, did not show up to talk to us at 17:00:00 PST.

After the timer was finished, the page updated to be titled sorry i'm late with a new string of sha1 hashes:


The hashes decode to read:

Remaining strong
Till the day
That the faith is gone

They are lyrics from a song by Arts the Beatdoctor & Bless of SHAHMAN, titled "Part of the Crow." The song's lyrics primarily deal with death. Players found the link to the next page by encrypting the word "death" using sha1. This leads to a page with a massive button that says "download death," leading to societyx.png. When societyx.png is manipulated, there is a string of data at the very top of the image:


When this section of the image is cropped and saved as a bitmap file, the string of binary is easily readable:

This binary translates to:


This passage uses multiple different encryption methods, including sha1,md5, md4, NTLM, and some others. Instead of continuing to translate this passage, a solver found the link, which is a sha1 of the word "darkness." This page shows a video called "Crow.mp4." In the metadata for this video, there is a strange string:


A player found that the string is part of a URL for an unlisted YouTube video, called "..................................," found at this URL. The text in the description of the video (7e6f31cfc162d6c21b116b6b0e1e3eb5718a6841) leads to another page on the SocietyX website. There is no content in the page, but the page itself is titled "soon," implying that we have to wait once again.

Day 12


On November 4, a player discovered that the "soon" ( page had changed again. In it, a video is now embedded, on which flash the words "STILL HERE" and the date "11/6/16," implying that something will happen on November 6.

Your Turn

On November 6th, at around 20:51:00, SCX came on again, after a week long absence, for 4 minutes.

Here is the conversation.

Towards the end of the conversation, SCX said "I miss you," but deleted it very quickly afterwards.

As of November 7, the Soon page changed yet again, into a prompt asking for a username and password. Using SQL injection, the credentials were found to be:

Username: SocietyX
Password: ' OR '1=1

Once this is done correctly, the text below displays at the top of the page:

Welcome User: SocietyX
Your next order of business is: 09bc7b2dcc9a510f4ab3a40c47f7a4cb77954356

This link leads to, which has a download button. When the download button is clicked, the page goes to a page for "scx.ova," which is 745 mb. The .ova extension signifies a virtual machine file. However, the file only opens in VMware, and not VirtualBox.

Within the .ova file players found the following picture as the desktop background:


In addition, there is a file on the desktop called "log.txt," which includes the text:

January 4th 1998:

	No progress yet, starting to think that this was pointless.

January 18th 1998:


January 24th 1998:

	WHERE IS IT??? I know it's here, I can hear you.

January 25th 1998:
	I had to hide it in here, I can't risk them finding out. I know they are watching.

January 26th 1998:

In addition, the recycling bin contains a shortcut called "59ea424568c393a39971aac664b73d9f" to a deleted text file with the same name. This is a MD5 hash for "somewhere." When the text file was recovered, it was found to contain the text "5e1b680f8a9c42f3d085628d63d80c26," which is a MD5 hash for "chase me."

On November 9, 2016, scx sent the following messages in the Discord:

scx: @everyone It is deeper then you think. No photos, videos, sounds. You will find it at the bottom of the ocean where you least excpect it hidden deep within the system.
scx: Look deeply inside what I gave you.
scx: The vm I sent contains everything needed in your journey. Look deep inside. That is all.

Within the registries of the VM file, solvers found the text:


This is an MD5 hash for the word "plague," and leads to the page on the SCX website.


This page has a title "." and contains the content:



















When put together, it says: "Im shriveled in my shell, lonely but ready, to become who I am, to become my real self." The solution to this riddle was caterpillar , revealing the page The title consists of an ASCII caterpillar, and contains the text "d8de455cd8129f6efc0a896419e2bcb6."

This was found to be a Snefru hash, translating to "you are getting 063c0217," leading to the page "063c0217" was found by solvers to be a snefru hash, and translated to the word "close." This, like the last page, has the same ASCII caterpillar as a title. The contents of the page are the text:


In addition to this hash, morse code seems to be playing on the page, from a file called "---.wav."

----- .---- ----- .---- ----- .---- ----- -----
----- .---- .---- ----- .---- ----- ----- -----
----- .---- .---- ----- ----- .---- ----- .----
----- .---- .---- .---- .---- ----- ----- .----
----- ----- .---- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
----- .---- .---- ----- ----- ----- ----- .----
----- .---- .---- .---- ----- ----- .---- -----
----- .---- .---- ----- ----- .---- ----- .----
----- ----- .---- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
----- .---- .---- .---- ----- ----- .---- .----
----- .---- .---- ----- .---- ----- ----- .----
----- .---- .---- ----- ----- ----- .---- .----
----- .---- .---- ----- .---- ----- .---- .----

Players translated the morse to say "they are sick."


By hashing the word "sick" in MD5 with the password "theyaresick," players found the page The title of the page is "more soon. close.," and plays peaceful music over a video of waves crashing.

Within the metadata of the audio file playing on this page, solvers found the following text:

HJTX3gAAAAM; Xe9Z3Oy+uTYXxmuJ+TPnqPfeS5GrESv9iagoJzGsdRyB8csabpkkkSXtr9468wXbPCaAarpfYCuZI5Mgs23EEvJZ; pje4KkfKkwau; dcSc4UogxB5SuP74eaB84certXYCfPgJN8xF2Y+dmI50K6CKdywyDnsO1FJvFnEon2MGQc6ZsfGiCakHFzZTXr6rsN3MYYNpQLfPJ63rZwnUJuxc; KF7HEdl8izxtecRb+5CndL9qT...; 

After a few hours of trying to crack the B64 hash on November 13, 2016, SCX came on and said:

scx - Today at 7:18 PM
It's broken. Wait.

While SCX fixed the hash, the author of the music was found by the participants:

Title: Across a Sea
Artist: oOoOO
Album: Without Your Love

After a little while, players found there to be text in a frame of the video, revealing another hash: N7dVsoI.png

This hash appears to be Base64, and consists mostly of Greek characters. The transcribed version of the hash is:


Some players tried to translate this into an English version:


On November 18, 2016, SCX gave another hint:

J'ai font un puzzle.

This prompted players to find the font of the Greek hash (, which was called "Greek Normal." Using this font, the AES hash was translated to be:


The password of this hash was found to be the artist of the music in the previous page "oOoOO," revealing the text "Y93sMgrOtD." This leads to the page, which has a title of "end it all," and contains the text:

Why have I done this? Why am I still alive. help me. help.

Day 20

After a week with no contact, SCX returned to the Discord on December 1st, 2016, with a single message:

scx - Yesterday at 1:22 AM
@everyone ...

This was found to be a farmHashFingerprint32 hash, and translated to say:

the key to waiting is patience

Later on the first, SCX posted another message:

scx - Yesterday at 10:47 PM
@everyone ...

scx - Yesterday at 10:47 PM
You know the drill.

This leads to this page on the website, which has the text:




In addition, the text "863a42a944c93a3dd793fa0d6f4ae8d52c1161b0" is a sha1 hash for "standby," and the page's title consists of three periods.

"I am the Anomaly."

On December 13, 2016, players discovered that the source had changed to contain the B64 "R3VyIE5hYnpueWwgdmYgam5ncHV2YXQuLi4=," which translates to "The Anomaly is watching." Anomaly is a character in the Lost Memories ARG, implying that the two are merged.

Later on the same day, SCX sent another message in the Discord:

scx - Yesterday at 10:52 PM
@everyone ...

Solvers found this to be an MD5 hash for "infinite." This leads to the link, which shows a looping video of the infinity sign, and several words repeated.


Recovered Files/The End

"The Final Moments" page updated with a "Recovered Files" button, which downloads a RAR file with a password. A player guessed the password, which was "1234." The file extracted is "--1.txt" which contains "a1ea5461c70014e5c7cb6ddff30988ca62142804", a SHA-1 of destruction is a page with a button labeled


Which downloads the file "logs.rar."

This rar isn't passworded, and contains 4 files:

    log - 2124.txt
  • ..txt contains the text "secret"
  • ....jpg is a blank black image, verified to contain nothing else
  • log - 2124.txt contains a long string encrypted with TripleSec, unknown password. An online decrypter for trying passwords can be found at
  • --------.rar is passworded with an unknown password. Looking at the file in a hex editor shows that the rar contains --------.txt

After bruteforcing, a player found the password of the rar to be "192345," and the contents of the text file to be:


Solvers found this to be ascii85 encoding, decrypting to a broken postimg link:

Not long afterwards, Discord user ICallHax discovered the page, which contained:


This turned out to be hex for another post image link: This leads to a gallery of the glitched SCX logo, and what players found to be an email, "[email protected]." However, this seemingly led to a dead end.

Solvers discovered that there was a 7zip file hidden within "scx29.jpg." This file was not passworded, and contained a 3D model of a plague doctor mask, and a passworded rar file. The 3D file has the name "b1c1d8736f20db3fb6c1c66bb1455ed43909f0d8," which is sha1 for "me."


The 3D model had 4 codes written on it:


This is binary for the word "kill," which is the password for the rar. Within the rar was a file called "scx.dll," which would not open in any version of windows, even though it was supposed to. After a week of trying, scx posted the following message:

scx - Yesterday at 9:11 PM
@everyone  cc88d6531c448e2b71d475f129ff0485245acaa9

This lead to the page, titled "I'm Sorry." In addition, a player found the page, which thanked everyone in the Discord for their participation, suggesting that the ARG has concluded. It is not clear whether it was supposed to conclude, or if it was unexpected.

Later on, a button titled "log" appeared at the bottom of the thanks page. This lead to the file "Log-2124.txt," and contained a series of diary entries:

Log Entries:

December-12-2124: It's over. They are launching the final bombs on North America today. There will be no survivors. The Decontynal keeps us relatively sane while we live out our last few shitty days in this laboratory. We all have our ups and downs, Rachel almost killed Adam yesterday out of pure rage which developed almost instantly. I checked our Decontynal reserves today and it looks like we have just enough left to be able to function sanely for another couple of days before we become mad just like those things on the surface.


December-13-2124: The bombs hit us yesterday. Everything on the surface is gone. Europe isn't any better either. From what the drones gathered before running out of fuel, everything there is also just fire and rubble. We lost Jannet today as well. Found her lying dead on the floor with a gun in her hand. I overheard John and Rachel talking about overdosing and leaving this wasteland together.
I guess this really is the end of the world.


December-14-2124: I sent the message. I was finally able to connect to the satellite and try to get the attention of what we now call "Delta E51". I know there is nothing I can do to save us or our world, but I can at least try and warn the others through all these openings. Ever since we first made contact we have been able to communicate with other worlds which we would never have been able to even see but now that we know how to contact each other I can warn them about what happened to us. 


December-15-2124: I am the last one left. John, Rachel, and Adam are gone and I am now alone. We also ran out of Decontynal. I guess today will be my last day. If anyone reads this please don't make our mistakes, we screwed up and now I have to live with billions of people dying and turning insane all because of us. I am sorry.



The End?

On March 5, 2017, SCX posted a new image, and wrote:

scx - Last Sunday at 12:26 AM
Please don't leave me like everyone else.

scx - Last Sunday at 12:28 AM
Please don't leave

This image was revealed to contain a QR code, which, when scanned, reveals:

[email protected]
I won't leave.

Multiple discord users sent emails to this address, each of which received a different response. If "I won't leave." is sent, the user will receive an email saying "Yes you will." a player received an email saying "You are the one. Xajin wants you," an email saying "they need you," and an email saying "they just do496e7475af3e4ca0fbe0e592ed807bfff1a50450," but the hash was not decoded. Finally, Another player received another email with a phone number in the header. When called, it typically went to voice mail, but for some, short breaths could be heard before it was hung up. Then, morse could be heard, which has yet to be decoded or recorded.

After this, scx said to join the voice chat on the Discord server. He did not speak, but he played the same morse from the phone number before leaving again. In the end, Discord user Prime entered the chat, and revealed that he and ICallHax were the puppetmasters of the ARG: Prime talked through scx, while ICallHax created the website. He said that the ARG was over, but they would do something similar again soon.