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Duskers is a tactical, roguelike, sci-fi, survival horror game developed by Misfits Attic, released on Steam on 18 May 2016. It's created using Unity engine.

The sigil was added on the release.


There is a secret menu in the game. It can be accessed by hitting F1, F2, F12 or DEL on launch.

In that secret menu, option number 3 reads %*)!@(#$@*#$(&&. Choosing it shows the sigil in the top left for a split second (0.05s to be specific) and opens this URL in browser:




In the game there is a game log (Log 29 on duskers wikia) that mentions both 0-)$(_]]@!!+@= and another similair string, 1@$6[[=))!8-$(=, which is garbled by the extra characters (this is common in the game's logs and is part of it).

By substituting this string in the url, you get a login form on the URL


As of right now, it's not known wether there are correct credentials for it.

The piece however, is just located in that folder as piece.jpg file, as discovered by Discord user dadpew.


Discovery process notes

While datamining, GameDetectives have found this log file:

Externally modified log detected
Note to self:
    1. Keep an eye on your resources. If you run out your only option is to soft reset.
    2. Figure out why everyone is dead.
    3. Before you reset, remember to write this note. 

    Password: duck
[end of file]
Saving Log to Drive... Save Complete.

For a while it was believed that duck is the password. This was later debunked by the developer saying that the duck password was a thing from the early iteration of the game.

Developer notes

The developer Tim Keenan mentioned in an interview for the Kotaku article that he received subtle assurances that [this ARG] is nothing he’d be upset about supporting. The way he was involved by the puppetmaster was also described as cryptic:

For me, it’s kinda like an ARG in an ARG, in a way, because how Duskers got involved is sorta cryptic too.

Data Mining

In the code for the secret menu the sigil image is referred by the word sigil:

public Image sigil;
private bool showingSigil;
private float timerSigil;
case 2:
  if (!this.showingSigil)
    this.logo.enabled = false;
    this.sigil.enabled = true;
    this.showingSigil = true;
    this.timerSigil = 0.05f;