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Investigative Resources

To aid in the search for sigils, members of the community have made various resources, which are as follows:

Google Docs Spreadsheet:

An on-going, up-to-date catalog of games that have been checked, games that haven't been checked, as well as information about each game. A form for submitting new games can be found here.

Puzzle Piece Archive:

An on-going archive of all the pieces found so far. An alternate version with labels can be found here.

Data-Mining Tools Archive:

An archive of software which can be used to data-mine game assets from many different engines.

Google Docs ARG Credits:

A work-in-progress document giving credit to individuals who contributed to the ARG so far.

Eye ARG Youtube Channel:

Archive of video demonstrations showing how to obtain each puzzle piece in each game.

Eye/Sigil ARG Meta-Timeline:

A timeline of announcements, releases, and sigil-containing updates for all ten games known to be involved in the ongoing Eye Sigil ARG.

MindMeister Developer Link Mindmap:

A visual representation of potential ties between developers, created in an effort to identify potential additional leads and/or games to explore.

Google Docs Developer Twitter Handle Compilation:

A document with the Twitter handles of many of the sigil-containing games' developers.